Exercising: Has it Only Been 5 Minutes!?!?

For the longest time, my view of exercise consisted of some form of ugly grey, rigid gym equipment with a view of a wall in bad need of a paint job.  That should be how gyms advertise… “come pay us too much money and we’ll lock you away in a dungeon with bad lighting, broken air conditioning, and a view of self-loving Mr. Muscle Dude ** drooling at himself in the mirror.”  Every gym in the country would be empty (well… except for the aforementioned muscle dudes… where there’s a mirror… they will pose.)  Let’s get this out of the way.  I exaggerate… BIG TIME!  Of course no gym resembles the inside of a penitentiary, but that’s how my mind viewed every last one of them.  And I’ve been to my share of gyms… even sprung for my own personal trainer muscle dude (fired him when he was focussing more on his deltoid spread than spotting me on the weight bench.)   I just don’t enjoy gyms (there are other reasons too, which I’ll get into in future blog posts). 

(** This comment was definitely not meant to stereotype “muscle dudes!”  I happen to be related to a handful of “muscle dudes” who are the hardest working, sweetest, humblest men/women I know! )

This time around, I found out that exercise does not have to be this boring chore of a thing.  You can mix it up… find things you enjoy doing.  I found I really loved walking… especially outdoors with a playlist on my iPOD.  I also love messing around with photography… mind you, I’m a not a great photographer… I just love nature and trying to catch that on camera.  This past Wednesday… aka the only day of the week that did not have a huge-mongous snowstorm predicted for it… I grabbed my tenny runners and camera, drove to a nice country road, and did my exercising there while taking pictures of my favorite mountains!

So, take the road less traveled when it comes to exercise (see how I tied that in with the last picture… tee hee hee… yah, that was bad).  Find something you enjoy doing and make it into exercise!  It should be fun… not a chore!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite way to burn the calories?  Let me know in the comment section!



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8 responses to “Exercising: Has it Only Been 5 Minutes!?!?

  1. Love your photos! So beautiful and wintry (even though I am completely done with winter at the moment)

    In the summer I love swimming in lakes, but that never gets to be a daily or even monthly thing. Circuit training is also fun because you’re never at one thing too long. Keeps it from getting boring.


  2. Lola

    I love to bike!! I love the wind in my face and I also love the slight feeling of cheating when you go down hill. For some reason going up the hill never seems as bad when you get to go down it.

  3. Dorothy

    Right now it is the elliptical, but when it warms up, I love to do water aerobics. Something about not weighing as much in water has to be a good thing. This spring I am going to buy a pair of roller skates (The old fashioned kind, not Blades!) and see if I can find the love I once had for them!

  4. Excerising (esp in gym) is difficult for me 1, cos I have 2 twin boys now, no time and not that motivated to flaunt my fat butt around all the skinnys there.

    But I do love to walk or bike. I usually now take my boys out in their strollers for nature or power walks. I’m currently doing about 10k a day now — but obviously need more … since I’m 245.

    Great progress … keep it up!

  5. Crystal

    I’ve got a new love to “dance cleaning”. See, I’m doing Power 90 and working out on the elliptical, and I just dread cleaning the house….That was until I decided to crank up the tunes and blast the music and seriously dance as I swept, mopped, dusted, etc. It was so much fun acting all silly and goofy like I’m at some young trendy club….and before I knew it the house was clean and I had been bopping my slowing fading bum around for well over and hour!

    Good times!

  6. Laci

    haha mattress mambo!!!

  7. Tia

    Half Whit,

    I am in love with your blog. I am impressed with your motivation and your clever writing skills. I am pleased to report that my favorite form of exercise is RUNNING! I should create my own blog about running!

    You can do this! You will reach your goals! And when you do, and if you want to run a 5K then, I am with you every step of the way.

    • You rock, TKA!! Thank you for the support. As for the running blog, I think you probably have the most expertise in the world to run such a blog, marathoning miracle worker, you! I’d read it!

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