Mindless Eating… My Brain Is BROKEN!!

Literally… my brain is broken.  You know those days when you feel like your head is attached to your neck by a piece of string?  No?  Just me… okay, then.  Like the only purpose your brain is serving is to keep your skull from caving in?  No again?  Moving on. 

I went grocery shopping today.  Yay me.  Except, I went without a list and ended up buying totally random things that I’m sure to never use in my lifetime…  hi chip clips that will stay in the package stuffed in the back of the junk drawer until I’m forced to throw them out when the junk drawer will no longer close… (what did I tell you about my absent brain… I just typed “drunk” drawer 2 times in a row)!   I also bought junk.  Mind you… I am not restricting myself on this diet.. errr… I mean, lifestyle change… heck no.  If I want to eat something, I’m going to allow myself to have a serving of it… So, junk for me, is not a no-no!  What is a no-no, though, is buying said junk and eating the whole package in the space of a day.   Brainlessness!

What I usually do is as soon as I get home from the store with my “treats,” I’ll separate them into single serving baggies using these greatest invention in the world snack baggies:

Right on, Whitney… there’s the ole brain!  When I have them in individual snack baggies, I’m much more likely to stick to eating just one serving… instead of the BFG’s (Big Friendly Giant) serving size of half the bag.   Today, though, I walked through the blasted Easter candy aisle at the store… chocolate.  I can eat chocolate… it is one of my favorite food groups… right up there with bread!  My first mistake was not using my tried and true method of the snack baggies.

But these things… Just look at them… LOOK at them!  All, colorful, and crunchy, and milk chocolatey, and did I mention freaktastically delicious!?  So, I didn’t separate them into separate baggies and before I knew it I had eaten half the bag… just one more… just one more turned into 8000 more and now the rest of the bag is sitting over on my desk calling my name… “Whitney… EAT US!  We’re milk chocolatey goodness and freaktastically delicious!”  And do you know how my dagnabbed worthless brain is answering?  “I’ll be right over fellas!”  So, I’m typing… distracting myself until the desire passes…  I already feel like this:

Harley, my sister’s 20-pound wonder cat… I wonder how many Cadbury Mini Eggs he ate today? 

Tomorrow I’ll use my brain for more than keeping my skull from caving in… I’ll also probably take out stock in them handy dandy ZipLock Snack Bag things.  My brain will thank me later. 

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite “mindless eating” food (aka:  brainless food)? 



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12 responses to “Mindless Eating… My Brain Is BROKEN!!

  1. kim

    Awesome!! I love those freaktastically delicious mini eggs too but their big brother, the cadbury cream egg..well that is my brainless food!! I can actually taste them as I’m typing this…ahh..a cadbury cream egg and a hot coffee..what could be better????

  2. Jen Jen

    Hey Whit! This is the first time I saw your blog. It is really good and I am proud of you for being so dedicated to the changes you are making. Hope you get lots of followers for your blog and then you can turn this journey into a major movie, and then become a millionnaire, and then invite me and my dogs to come live in your mansion with you!

  3. Great idea Whitney! I started using the mini plastic containers (the ones for dips or kids LOL) … and also measuring out my food (so I know how much a cup or half cup instead of eyeballing over)
    And wow that is a huge cat LOL!
    Love your blog – keep up the good work on this blog and your wieght loss!

  4. Lyndsey

    Love your blog! Hilarious and full of truth. I love it. Three words: chocolate, bread, and cheese.

    I’m also anxiously waiting for your next blog post. You are phenomenal.

  5. Melisha Junco

    I LOVE cherry sours.. omg , i feel so sad because I haven’t had them in so long, but EVERYTIME I get them, I eat the entire bag!!

  6. Mine is popcorn! Air popped with lots of butter. I can eat mixing bowls of it.
    To stop myself I just make it a few cups worth at a time.

    Also, any sort of warm cheesy dip. There is no stopping myself

  7. Lindsay

    Well well well! What a great blog! I enjoy reading it everyday it is such truth!

    My mindless eating treat is . . . Chocolate covered Ju-Ju hearts they come out at Valentines day and they are sinfully delicious! The calories are 170 for only 6 pieces! BAD NEWS but I have to say worth every bite!

    Keep up the posts we need the inspiration!

    Love, your sister 🙂

  8. Lisa

    Whitney..I love your whit and honesty. We’re all so much alike! Ugh….thos darn chocolate eggs..yes..they call my name as well.

    My mindless eating food is peanut M&Ms and Cheetos! Or, for that matter, anything crunchy..chippy.

    Keep posting..love it!

  9. Hi!

    I’m Lindsay’s friend, Emilie. I think we’ve met before.

    I am loving your blog. Seriously loving it.

    I have so done the all-of-the-sudden-half-the-bag-is-gone-and-there-is-NO-way-it-could-have-been-only-me that-has-been-eating-these….but-it-was thing.

    My brainless food?

    Anything I can just grab a handful of, and then another handful, and then another.

    Nuts, chocolate, dried fruit. You name it, I’ll be brainless about it.

  10. Ericka

    Mine is anything sweet (chocolate, cake, pastry, ice cream). I love it all! Too bad it doesn’t love me as much as I love it…

  11. Avster

    Umm… was that store sold of Peeps? You know, Peeps are fat free… and definitely low on sugar. 😉

    Harley needs a hug!

    • You don’t say… Peeps! You mean the chocolate-covered ones!? I’d like those best if they removed all the chocolate from the outside and thrown the Peep in the garbage can! 😛 KIDDING! I don’t mind Peeps. As for Harley… he’s been waiting all year for his hug from you!

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