Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday…

Music is my lifeblood.  I live for music (and Cadbury Mini Eggs… and bread…. and… oh, forget it!)  If I’m having a bad day, powerful lyrics can boost me up.  If I feel like being sad, I turn on my “sad tunes” playlist and bawl for hours… oh, it’s glorious.  Y’all should join in sometime.  I’d recommend doing it during “woman time”… (I banished that actual word to the beaches of Hell remember?)  And when I feel like dancing, I put on my strait jacket, close all the doors, pull the shades, and immediately nix the idea.  I don’t care how much weight this chic loses… she cannot dance!  I’ve been told I resemble Bambi at the ice skating rink… and sometimes Frankenstein… depending on the song choice.  “Dancing With the Stars”  HERE I COME! 

Anywho… before I got onto talking about dancing Bambis for 24 hours (totally thinking about changing the topic of this blog to Disney characters who dance… whattya’ think?), I was talking about inspirational music.  I thought it would be fun to post one of my favorite exercise playlist songs once a week… with an explanation of why it’s “inspirational” while I’m exercising. 

Today’s song choice is “When I’m Old” by The Wilkinson’s:

I don’t wanna be the girl at the dance
Who holds up the wall as she silently stands waiting for someone to ask
I don’t wanna see the years pass me by
Spending my time just wondering why I never took the chance
Say just what I’m feeling
Scream when I feel like screaming
See the world through my own eyes

When I’m old
Wanna know I flew my highest
I wanna feel like I was not afraid
I wanna know
I said I loved you enough
That I never gave up, oh no
When I’m old

Every emotion, every smile and every tear that I ever cried
I wanna feel it deep inside
I wanna laugh at myself when I trip up and when I get lost in the little stuff
I wanna take it all in stride
Touch the world that surrounds me
The beautiful around me
I wanna hold it in my hands

No wondering what life has been
No apologies, no regret

Of course they’d be talking about dancing in my inspirational song of the day… way to kick a gal when she’s down on her dancing skillz… whatever.  I actually teared up when I was out walking today, listening to these lyrics… they need no explanation… so I’ll just add AMEN and HALLELUJAH!  Oh, and this was a pretty “inspirational” thing to walk into:

Question of the Day:  What song(s) get you moving?



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19 responses to “Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday…

  1. Jenalee Berger

    Last night I was walking and listening to Pandora and Usher’s DJ got us falling in love again came on! I had to start running because the beat was not for walking!

  2. Lizard9800

    Utah always has amazing sunsets! I could never workout without music. It can really pump you up!

  3. Beautiful picture!!!

    My sister has a remix that uses the lines from good fellows. It always gets me moving.. great beat.

    I also really like working out to calvin harris

  4. Melisha Junco

    oh my goodness that picture is GORGEOUS!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SONG!!!

  5. Lauren

    Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Beddingfield.

    it gets me every time

  6. Fireworks by Katy Perry. ‘nough said

  7. Jacque Hunt

    Every time I hear the song “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas I just want to dance. And like you Whitney I feel that nobody wants to see that. So I’ll just continue to dance at home in front of my children and listen to them beg me to stop.

    • LOL, Jacque! Maybe you and I should get together and hold a dance party at your house… in exchange for us stopping, the kids could pick up some extra work around the house! 😛 Win-Win!

  8. Dessa Wade

    Nobody, especially my daughters, would want to see me dance to my favorite song by Pink called “Raise Your Glass”. It’s one of the songs we do in Zumba class and it really gets me going.

  9. MJ5898

    I have a “Walking Playlist” that includes Katy Perry, Black-eyed Peas, ABBA, Madonna and a bunch more artists, all with fast-paced music to keep me moving. When I was walking last night, one of my favorite ABBA songs – Waterloo – was on and even though the Walk Away The Pounds DVD ended, I kept walking so I could hear all of that song!

  10. Joanne

    “I like to move it, move it!” from the madagascar soundtrack- not sure who sings it! The madagascar version is a little less racy I think.

  11. Joanne

    Also most of the songs from the Rocky IV soundtrack! If you haven’t ever seen it you should, then get the soundtrack!

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