Grossmeal… aka Oatmeal…

Who came up with the word “oatmeal”?  Seriously… doesn’t it sound like some sort of food you throw over the fence to horses or pigs?  A meal of oats for you, Mr. Ed.  If I was President of Webster’s Dictionary, I’d have named it grossmeal or pasty-meal… and for goodness sakes, I’d put a WARNING LABEL front and center… may cause glue-like consistency in mouth!!   It’s pretty obvious that I’ve never joined the Pasty-Meal Fan Club… although, I did once petition to be treasurer for it’s cousin Malt-O-Meal (aka baby food masquerading as adult food).  But, oatmeal contains fiber and hearty grains and rocks and oat fleas and unidentifiable objects dropped in by factory machinery, and it’s supposed to “stick” to your stomach and keep you full longer (DUH… it’s the consistency of wallpaper paste!)  So, I’ve persisted in eating the stuff. 

One day I was walking through the freezer section in the grocery store and a glorious light came and shone down on the Rocky Road Ice Cream shelf… wait… whoops… that was in my dreams.  In my reality, the light was shining down on a packaged oatmeal in the FREEZER section… FREEZER!  I KNOW… my thoughts exactly.  So, of course I picked up a couple of boxes (and then 10 cases of the Rocky Road Ice Cream… I figured if I mixed the 2 together, the pastiness would be more rubber cementy and I’ve sniffed my share of rubber cement fumes as a kid.  Durrrrrr… dIdN’t EfFeCt Me NoNe!!!!!)  Okay, the rocky road ice cream thing never happened… that was my subconscious talking… she has been put in the corner for timeout. 

Tangent aside… the stuff was GLORIOUS!  I actually craved it, rather than dreaded it each morning.  It had a slight chewiness to it with the steel cut oats instead of a mushy paste-like consistency and throw in a few thawed frozen raspberries or a banana (or any member of the fruity family), and you’d have yourself a nice lil’ breakfast (not as good as the rocky road… but, seriously, what is!?)

Anywho… if you want to check it out… here’s what she looks like. 

They have at least 3 or 4 different flavors… calories range from 150 to 210 depending on the flavor for a full cup of delicious-meal.  It is more expensive than the normal dry packaged variety of pasty-meal, but it’s worth it for me.  Steel Cut Oatmeal… you’ve converted me!  Now, make me a Rocky Road flavor and I’ll be one happy girl!

Question of the Day:  What brand of oatmeal/cereal is your favorite?



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12 responses to “Grossmeal… aka Oatmeal…

  1. deanna

    I love this. I’m glad your mom shared

  2. MJ5898

    Great Value High-Fiber Cinnamon Swirl 🙂

  3. Randy Williams

    Whitney–You crack me up! I love steel cut oats too, but never new I could buy them prepared in the freezer section. thanks for the great tip!

  4. I second that! Thanks for the tip about the freezer section…I will have to check out that brand of steel oats. Seems more convienent than boiling the oats, etc (especially since I eat b-fast @ work!)

    PS…You reminded me of how much I miss Rocky Road!

  5. Laci aka pb2myj

    LoL Whitney! I am an oatmeal fan, but I tried the weightsmart or whatever its called kind and OMG it was nasty… the texture was horrible!

    I’ll have to look for these at the store, I don’t think I’ve seen them before! I did however find those fiber one blueberry muffins u talked about before! 🙂

    I havent found a healthy oatmeal I like yet.. I kinda gave up, but alas WHitney to the rescue! lol I have to try it now!

    As for dry cereal, I love Special K Fruit & Yogurt or Chocolatey Delight 🙂

    • Hey Laci!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I sooooooo agree on the weightsmart crap… DISGUSTING! I’m not going to eat something if it’s not going to be worth my calories. I LOVE Special K too!!

      As for where I bought this particular oatmeal… I got mine in a store called “Fresh Market” used to be Albertson’s. I haven’t checked other stores, but I’m going to go to Wal-Mart this weekend and see if they have any.

  6. Laci aka pb2myj

    WHat store did you find these in?

  7. Lindsay


    You are this oatmeal companies best marketer they need to start paying you!

    Just so you all know everytime I am in Logan visiting Whitney asks everytime before I leave, “Lindsay your welcome to take home some frozen oatmeal if you’d like!”

    Wierd I know . . . like it is her way of saying I LOVE YOU LINDSAY without having to get mushy mushy and actually saying the words!

    Oh well I will take what i can get



  8. Thanks for the oatmeal tip! It is officially on my shopping list.

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