You’ll probably hear a lot of “Whitney word inventions” on this here blog.  When I can’t find an acceptable word that describes what I’m thinking, I make one up.  Y’all stay posted for when the 1st Edition of “Whitney Blathers Aimlessly About Nothing Dictionary” (or WBAAND for short) hits the shelves.  I’m aiming for a release date in the year 2049 (fingers crossed!)  Mark yer calendars, folks! 

So, since I’ve banished the word “die”t and no one else has come up with a suitable word to describe what I’m doing, I came up with calorizing!  It’s sort of like a conglomeration of calories, downsizing, and exercising all rolled up into a tiny little ball… if it were any cuter, I’d have to tie a bow around it and call it thumpers!  Now to come up with the definition… downsizing calorie intake while still eating chocolate and moving more… and then eating more chocolate!  Y’all… stamp that sold and send it to the printer! 

Now that I’m calorizing, restaurants have become trickier, but not impossible… gracious providence, no.  Save up my calories by eating sensibly during the day, and I can splurge a little at night (and if you exercise at some point during restaurant day, you have those extra exercise calories, see… and my Kindergarten teacher wanted to hold me back a year!)  Tonight, I cleaned up the mother and we headed to dinner.  After 45 minutes of the following conversation:

Indecisive Madre:  Where do you want to go to dinner?
Indecisive Whitney:  I don’t know… where do you want to go to dinner?
Indecisive Madre:  How about… I don’t know… where do you want to go?

You get the picture… them indecisive genes that woman provided really do stick!  We finally ran out of gas in the parking lot of “Firehouse Pizzeria,” so that made the decision for us.  Thank goodness for small gas tanks or we might have made it to the McDonald’s in Washington D.C. 

After finally picking the place, the menu selection had to be easier, right!?  Thankfully, the menu writers provided me with a handy dandy tool: 

See that fancy little heart in the bottom middle… that’s pretty much a win for we calorizers! 

I finally settled on a selection with a little heart AND a little fire next to it… does that mean it guarantees heartburn (bwahahahahaha… I slay me)?  Only time will tell.  Marinated Pinoli Pasta… no heavy creams, meat, or cheese overload, so guaranteed to be lower in the calorie department.  I also had to indulge and order some of the cheese foccacia… because, seriously… it’s a crime to go to Firehouse Pizzeria and walk out without the Foccacia! 

The glorious foccacia bread... oh laws... I can't even!


Main dish... the white stuff is bird droppings... KIDDING... it's fresh mozzarella

I gotta say… heartburn aside, I did enjoy my heart healthy meal.  While it was still more calories than I’d normally eat for a dinner, you gotta enjoy the LONG journey and splurge every once in a while… keeps you somewhat sane (family… you can keep the when were you ever sane comments to yourselves!)

As I was walking out of the restaurant, I had to snap a picture of what my order would have been 3 years ago:

Yes… that does say 36 inches… Yes, that does say MONSTER pizza… and yes, you do get free pizza for a year if you and a friend can eat the whole dang thing!  We Americans do not have a problem… goodness gracious, no… what gave you that idea!?   Meanwhile… I wonder how many years that thing would last in the freezer… if I ate a piece a day, I could still calorize and eat my pizza too! 

Question of the Day:  What is your biggest challenge when “calorizing” at restaurants?




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14 responses to “Calorizing…

  1. Laci aka pb2myj

    OMG Whitney- ur post made me so hungry- and it’s almost 3am- time to go bed after this! lol

    Love that a lot more restaurants are catering to health conscious customers nowadays by putting those nifty symbols by healthy dishes- or better yet a healthy SECTION lol The dish you got looks DELISH- and you def deserve it!

    As for the 36 inch pizza- are you effin kiddin me? Holy COW! (literally right?) I absolutely love comparing my “calorizing meals”(yep I used your word) to the foods I ate just 50 days ago. INSANITY. How much were the cals on that yummy dinner- it looks soooo worth it. hehe 🙂

    • LOL, Laci! Amen on the cow comment and comparing calorizing dishes! It’s a wonder we could eat all that crap before! As for the calories… it didn’t have a nutrition fact next to it, but all the sauce was was balsalmic vinagrette, so I just added it up myself, and it was near 500 calories for the dish… not bad for a restaurant! 🙂

  2. You’re dialogue reminds me of every night between me and my boyfriend. Me: What do you want for dinner?, Him: I dunno Me: Me neither… pause 1 min. “Did you think of anything yet?” Him: I’m not sure what I want. Me: Grr Nevermind I’ll figure it out

    Love your blog btw and I look forward to getting to read it 🙂

  3. Jacque Hunt

    OK the next time I come to Logan will you go with me to that pizza place? It looks fabulous and I could use the company of you and your Madre. You are such a kick in the pants. I wish I could put my life into words the way you do. My family would make a great sitcom.

    • Jacque… I’ve already written it down on my calendar in permanent marker… no backing out now! Plus, it will be a bonus that the place has already been decided for us… you know us indecisives! You should do a fam blog… I’d love to read the sitcom!

  4. Calorizing is the PERFECT description! I love it. I’m going to tell my kids that’s what mommy is doing.

    They get really weirded out by the whole “diet” thing. It makes them feel like I am living differently than them.

    So calorizing is the perfect solution.


    As far as challenges for calorizing when going out to eat: I honestly wish that they would post the calories for each meal choice right under it. Because then I could get what I REALLY wanted and maybe only eat half or 1/4 and pack the rest away for later.

    “Yes, I’ll have the 1200 calorie meal, but with a To Go box on the side. Thanks.”

  5. Cary Taylor

    I think the worst thing about calorizing at a restraunt would be the portions. I hate to leave food behind and they seem to just keep piling it on! “But that was a 36 inch pizza, but I have to eat it all, for the good of all those starving Ethiopians!”

    • LOL, Cary! Those starving Ethiopians… how I remember that excuse to get me to try to eat my veggies as a youngster! If the starving Ethiopians saw the 36-inch pizza, I’m pretty sure they’d die of fright on the spot!

  6. Avster

    After a day of work I think that my brothers could eat a pizza that is a mere yard long. :b

    During Valentines we get in a huge chocolate cake. Each piece weighs a pound and is about a foot tall! :O

  7. Calorizing at restaurants is hard! I love it when indecisive people can be decisive by choosing a restaurant allowing you to plan ahead. It makes all the difference in the world to know what you will be eating when you get there and you can shock your friends with your decisiveness by knowing what you’re going to order without even looking at the menu. PS. Thanks for making me crave the foccacia bread now!

    • Amen, Rach… I use the internet to pick what I’m going to eat before I go, usually… but yes, that only works with decisive folks! As for the foccacia! It’s only about 300 calories for 2 breadsticks… 😛

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