Ruby’s Inspiration…

As Ruby Gettinger would say… y’all… I’m excited that Ruby is coming back to TV for a new season!  For those not familiar with Ruby, here is a brief rundown.  At one point in her life she weighed over 700 pounds and now she is on a mission to lose the weight the right way!  When we last saw Ruby (last year sometime), she weighed 300 and some odd pounds and was on a quest to find out the missing pieces of her forgotten childhood. 

I love me some Ruby… first of all, she is the definition of hilarity.  Confident, outspoken, and full of fire, she and her very supportive friends are taking this long journey together.  The show deals with eating, exercising, and the psychological aspects of weight loss.  Because it is an all inclusive thing.  She reminds me of me in a lot of ways and in other ways not so much.  Somehow, she manages to be confident no matter what size she is.  I haven’t mastered that skill.  The larger I got, the more I hid in the basement… you’ve all heard about monsters in the basement… right?  Nice to meet you… now you can say you’ve met one!   

Y’all should really tune in if you need that extra bit of motivation/inspiration.  She airs on the Style Network on Sunday nights… but I’m pretty sure they reair the same episode 8 bajillion times during the week.  The new season started Sunday, March 6th (yesterday)!  Check her out!

Question of the Day:  Do you Watch Ruby? 


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6 responses to “Ruby’s Inspiration…

  1. Deanna

    I watched it for the first time last night. But I am addicted to weight loss shows–Biggest Loser, Heavy, I use to be Fat–so I’m sure I will continue to watch Ruby.

  2. Oooo… I, too, ❤ the weightloss shows. However, I've never heard of this one so thanks for letting us know 🙂

    And pfft.. monster you are not. But I do remember wanting to stay in my room and not have to interact when I was a teen because I was huge. Fun times, not lol

  3. I’ve never seen Ruby, but I’ll have to check her out!

  4. Laci aka pb2myj

    Thanks for sharing, wish I had cable… I hate how the shows aren’t available online… such crock!

  5. Never heard of that show. sounds really good!

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