Business Managers and Egos…

My sister, Lindsay, and I are complete and total opposites… OPPOSITES!  Like, if someone were to ask what was the direct opposite of Lindsay, the answer would always be Whitney.  I still think one of us is adopted… I have pictures of me in the delivery room, Lindz, so you might want to check the Genealogy charts!  I KID!  This is when my Madre pulls out the, “I can show you my C-section scar” argument.  NO Ma… no one wants to see that!  

Why are we complete and total opposites?  For one thing… Lindsay is a fashionista… she enjoys clothing and shoes and jewelery and is not afraid to wear something out of the ordinary.  Me, on the other hand… do I need to pull out my Whitney “the growing up years” picture montage again?  Horizontal stripes and dickies ring any bells?  She is also a fashion forward hair maven… Lindsay has had every hairdo in the book… faux-hawks, short boyish spikey hair, blonde hair, black hair, skunk-like hair (Lindsay… seriously, you have to admit that time a few years back when you were sporting the dark hair on the bottom and patch of light hair on the top… that totally screamed skunk!)  Lindsay is outgoing… I am not.  Lindsay was an aerobics instructor for 10 years in her late teens and early 20s… they wouldn’t accept my application.  Somehow a 530-pound chick doing scissor kicks was not going to cut it!  The list is endless!

I can say, despite all of our differences, Lindsay has always been unfailingly supportive… especially now in our adult years.  She is encouraging and kind and always has a new idea up her sleeve.  This here blogging adventure was her idea… and now I’ve termed her my “business manager.”  She is already asking for 60% of the profits… which I’m totally willing to give… 60% of ZERO dollars I can swing.  Look for the check in the mail, Lindzeroni!  I hope everyone has someone in their life as supportive as Lindsay has been to me… it really does make a world of difference!   

Bestest buddies... seems I was practicing my gag reflex skillz.

Merry Stinking Christmas... Lindsay got the gumball machine and I had to wear glasses that caused a ruptured disc in my back... you can see why I was so pissed!

Thank you, Lindz.  Thank you for sticking by me and believing in me and for making me feel like I’m a worthwhile person.  I love you and I hope that your 31st birthday is filled with happy things!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  And a special shout out Happy Anniversary to Lindsay and Shayne, who is a pretty great brother-in-law.

Question of the Day:  Who do you rely on for support? 





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6 responses to “Business Managers and Egos…

  1. MJ5898

    Great post Whitney!!! You always crack with up with your story-telling!!! What a nice tribute to Lindz!!!

    My sister is also my source of support. She has been there for me as I gained the weight, lost the weight, regained the weight…you get the picture. I probably do not tell her often enough how much I rely on her and appreciate her always believing in me, esp when I do not believe in myself. I should rectify that post haste!!!

  2. Dessa Wade

    Aw, that was the sweetest post I have ever seen. Don’t I have fabulous daughters!?!?!?! My support are my daughters. I am always looking to them for support, advice and encouragement, and fashion tips (maybe not you Whit, haha). Knowing that someone genuinely cares about you makes all the difference in the world.

  3. Bret Berger

    You two sisters are both cuties! I am a liking your blog a vary much!!! How did you get so clever with the prose? Keep on writing.

    • Thanks Bret… I think it is in the Berger genes! By the way… I’m going to have to visit down south to get in my vitamin D levels! You guys are hogging the sun down there!

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