What I Learned From the Little Lady in the Pink Coat…

This was my exercising mountain this past Saturday afternoon:

Stairs… I hate stairs.  First of all, I’m self conscious about them… I huff and I puff and if there was a straw house in front of me, I’m sure I could blow it down… that is, if I’m still alive by the time I reach the top of them (me and the big bad wolf are likethis!)  Secondly, my knees aren’t the best… you try carrying 4 billion pounds around for 32 years and see how well you work.  Thirdly, where’s the escalator?  You can’t install an escalator… I ain’t interested in seeing what’s at the top of your stairs.  Fourthly, I’m a certified and registered CLUTZ with a capital all the letters (more on this in future blogging postages).  I could think of a fifthly through two-thousand and fiftiethly, but I’ll spare you the bore. 

See the pink dot in the picture above?  That pink dot was my stair-climbing inspiration on Saturday.  Small, bent over, and in her 80s… moving at a snail’s pace, she climbed up those stairs… she climbed down those stairs… and when I returned to the same spot 20 minutes later, she was climbing right back up those stairs.  I figure anyone who can make it past 80, deserves to be carried around on a throne of chocolate-covered pretzels by 4 buff guys named Sven… she was surely entitled to that, but instead, she was out climbing my arch nemesis and putting me to shame! 

I wish I could say that when I passed her on the way down that she stopped and uttered life-altering words that would forever change the course of my future… but instead, I  huffed and I puffed and I smiled and she smiled, and that was all I needed.  Little lady in the pink coat… if you’re reading this… thank you!  Thank you for teaching me that perseverance can get you wherever you need to go.  

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.
– Author Unknown



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4 responses to “What I Learned From the Little Lady in the Pink Coat…

  1. Laci aka pb2myj

    ❤ it! & I completely know that feeling. The first time my friend & I went hiking together- we got passed by 2 elderly women in their 60's/70's and I'm always amazed at the retired community climbing those hills better than me. lol I just keep pushing on! They're definitely inspiration- if they can do it- so can we!

  2. Lindsay

    WOW Whit that is a great workout! I am happy that you are challenging yourself so much! Good things will come from all this challenge!


  3. Karen

    Thanks for letting your mom share your blog. It is humorous and well done. I want you to know that I broke my knee on a crack in a sidewalk in Heber City — surgery and crotches for six weeks. Not fun. Since I have always thought you and Lindsay were special I love to see your progress! Enjoy the journey! Be in touch. Favorite food: good bread, Favorite activity: sewing a quilt. Continue to share! Love Karen

    • Karen…

      I am in good company if you also have had issues with the sidewalk cracks… those pesky things anyway! Thank you for visiting my ramblings. You were always one of my favorite Young Women leaders back in the good ole’ days!

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