Fluids… Drink Up, Friends!

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink…  No clue what literary work that comes from… it just sounded real smart like.  You can leave my honorary Yale degrees on the table.  Fluids are essential for weight loss… but tasteless, colorless, odorless, boringless water all the time?  Gadfrey gurney, I’m a square.  So, I found me an alternative!  It’s delicious, it’s colorful, it tastes like something, and if I drink enough of it I automatically turn into the world’s BEST disco dancer.  What could be better!?  What is it you ask?

Heck yeah it is!!!  I’m talking about me some whiskey… the kind that puts hair on your knuckles and curls yer toes!  I usually have me a pint for breakfast and then a couple more pints as a midnight snack when I’m at the karaoke bar.  I do a heckuva rendition of “Staying Alive” when I’ve knocked back a few pints.  For other health benefits clickey clickster: 


Like I wasn’t going to do anything lame on this pointless holiday… the whole rest of the web does lame April Fool’s jokes… why not the Whitmeister?  I also was hoping to give my folks a hemorrhage.  How ya’ doin’ ma? 

I did want to talk about fluids today… but I’ll stay away from good ole Jack for now.  I usually only drink water.  Ice water… I put my water bottles in the freezer until they are a nice icy texture and then I drink them… lukewarm water doesn’t taste the same.  More often than not, though, I forget I put my water bottles in the freezer and then 16 hours later go to get them out and find an iceberg big enough to have sunk the Titanic… “I’m the Queen of the World!” 

When I was shopping at Sam’s Club the other week a lady was giving out samples of a drink I’d never heard of.  (FYI, my family only goes to Sam’s Club for the samples… they walk around the store 4 times, trying to blend in and pretend they’ve never been at that sample station before and then are like… free lunch!  It’s like a badge of honor for them!)   This lady was giving out samples of a drink that had Slenderize on the bottle… of course, I drank it right up… hello… slenderize is what I be trying to do!  It was actually pretty tasty… for a no sugar, no sodium, 5- to 10-calorie drink (per serving… I think there are 2 servings per bottle).  It has no carbonation, so if you are addicted to that stuff (again, Hi Ma!), this particular drink won’t do anything to quench that craving!  Say hello to “Fuze”!

I tried the Tropical Punch one the other day and I quite liked it!  Of course it’s more expensive than water would be. I’m going to venture to Sam’s this weekend to see if their mega-sized box costs any less than the single ones did at the grocery store.  Plus, according to the label… it has CHROMIUM!  Everyone needs their daily supply of chromium… almost as much as riboflavin!   Fuze… I give you 8 stars out of 10!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite go-to drink?

NOTE:  Hope you all have a fun, SAFE, and happy weekend.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do at the karaoke bar… and make sure you come back on Monday for another week of whackery!  Thanks for reading, pals!




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18 responses to “Fluids… Drink Up, Friends!

  1. Karen

    Definitely pepsi with lots of ice–one refill /day. Probably addicted! Have a good weekend, it is suppose to be nice and and warm finally.

  2. Karen

    Definitely pepsi–extra ice, one per day. Probably addicted. Have a nice and warm weekend.

  3. Dessa Wade

    You got me Whit! I was beginning to say “what the heck is she talking about” and then surprise! Not true about walking around Sams 4 times, once maybe. However it is true that I REALLY LIKE diet Dr. Pepper. Probably addicted too Karen. But it is sooooo good.

  4. Donna

    Haha. I was thinking, I can see if she was drinking here and there, but why drink EVERY MORNING, and THAT MUCH!! I was like..WOAH LUSH!! haha. Totally got me big time.

    I will agree, walking around sams club is like going to a free buffet. SIGN ME UUUUP! They passed out cheesecake around Christmas….girl please, best cheesecake known to man.

    • Oh my gravy… I LOVEEEEEEE when they do desserts at the sample par-tay! I must have missed the cheesecake display, but I had brownies one time… holy maltballs them things were heavenly!

  5. Jen

    I don’t like soda, but sometimes I need caffeine to stay awake at work. The hospital cafeteria sells a drink called “Minute Maid Natural Energy.” I only like the Mango Orange flavor. Or if I don’t want caffeine and just a good thirst quencher “Honest Ade” drinks are tasty and low in sugar and calories.

    • I am not a soda fan either, Jen… we are the same in that regard. Have not heard of Honest Ade before (did they get their name from Honest Abe?) Will have to check it out!

  6. Laci aka pb2myj

    I tried the slenderize Fuze before I started my journey and HATED the aftertaste. It tasted ok cold at first but it seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth… so you can have them all you want! lol

    I stick to my H2O- and i have an occasional SoBe Lifewater- the 0cal kind- I love the Yumberry pomegranate, the mango melon and the acai fruit punch! I just tried one of the vitamin water zero’s this last weekend and they are even sweeter- the life waters are like watered down koolaid- but I love em- something other than water haha. Luckily I’ve never been a soda addict- but i do have the occasional diet sodas- just because well I like the fizzys sometimes! lol and one here and there will not hurt me! 🙂 Love to TREAT myself nowadays, makes me work harder!

    • LOL!! Maybe I just tried the best flavor of Fuze! I best just stick to the one flavor… because I’m big on after taste too!! Am writing down the SoBe Lifewater flavors… must try those!

  7. Katie Berger

    I have a problem with just “plain water,” also, but I’m too thrifty (cheap!) to buy the flavored ones. I find I quite like it if I mix a bottle of COLD water with small amount of fruit juice – – -like cranberry, pomogranate, or blueberry – – just enough to add a bit of color and flavor. I can guzzle several of those in a day. If I need the fizz (which I sometimes do) I’ll add a bit of Diet 7-up as well. Nothing very earth-shaking, hmmm?

    • Katie… how smart is that? I bet that’s all the Fuze people do… pour some juice into water… it essentially tastes like watered down juice to me. I’m going to have to give your way a whirl… and the diet 7-up add is genius!

  8. Louisa

    I am with KatieB & Jen on this one…
    I am not a soda drinker, coffee drinker, or any alcohol either.
    I am terribly allergic to ALL alcohol. Weird…I know but what can a person do, right?

    I love tea and milk though.
    I do get bored with just water sometimes and do the 1/2 cranberry 1/2 water to mix it up.
    When I need a treat – then I might get a big unsweetened tea w/ lemon or a Cranberry Lime-ade at Sonic.
    Seriously, I could count the number of sodas I drink in a years time and still have fingers left-over…lol
    Ew and diet ?? – no way!
    That aftertaste is horrible and totally not worth it.
    My sister likes that water zero stuff but I won’t spend that kind of money.

    • I’m with you Louisa. I’m not big on sodas at all!! I think it’s because I don’t like the way the carbonation goes down… it burns! I prefer my drinks noncarbonated!

  9. I love nice cold water from the water cooler! Something yummy that has tasted good to me recently has been diet strawberry limeade at Sonic and I’m like your mom! Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the gods. I’ll have to check these out since 8/10 stars is worth checking out.

    • I’ve only tried the one flavor, so I might change my mind with the other flavors! You know how it goes! Diet strawberrry limeade sounds pretty heavenly. I might have to give that a whirl sometime.

  10. Ally

    You had me at whiskey! For a second I was ready to welcome back my old friend Lord Calvert! Lol

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