Old Navy… NO… New Navy!!

There are 2 weekends a year I look forward to the most… General Conference weekends in April and October.  My sister comes up and we all plan a girlie day while the testosterone holders are attending their meeting on Saturday night.  In the past, my girlie weekend role was to  sit in the car and sleep while the mom and sister did the girlie things… had to keep the car from being stolen by hoodlums!!  There are totally hoods in Logan… Shady Acre neighborHOOD, Crescent View neighborHOOD… quit sassing me.  Fine… the truth is I stayed in the car because I couldn’t walk as far or as fast as they could (without wanting to vomit) and none of the clothes fit me anyway (Shop-A-Holics-R-Us, Lindz and Ma… they have a meeting for that!)

What a difference a few hundred pounds make.  Yessiree Bobbette!  This weekend was different… not only did I keep up, but I seemed to still have energy to spare when they wanted to go home and take an afternoon nap.  Pish posh… y’all can sleep in the dagnabbed car while I do the girlie things!  Below is a walk-through of the things I could do on girl’s night out… that I’ve never been able to do before:

Go shopping at “New Navy” (No, I didn’t stutter… it’s “new” if the last time you shopped there was to hold the door open for everyone else) and walk out with purchases that actually fit… in sizes XL and XXL.  Sister Lindsay and Ma Dessa are quite the pair to shop with… they consider themselves fashionistas and I’m apparently the anti-fashionista, so everything I’d try on was either too grandma, too ugly, too short, the wrong color, too square, too crocheted… I swear I tried on the whole store and they only approved of 2 items.  Meanwhile, Lindsay was embarrassed that I used the whole store as my dressing room.  Here’s my theory… stay with me here.  Why bother going back and forth to the dressing rooms ALL the way on the other side of the store with 1 or 2 items when you can just try said items over your clothes IN the aisle ways.  It’s not like I was stripping down and putting on a free show only blind people would want to see… good grief.   Meanwhile… they would try on the same item they termed “too grandma” for me, and all of a sudden it was hip and fashionable on them.  Y’all… is there a manual out there… “Shopping With Fashionista Women For Dummies”?  Hook a clueless gal up… (P.S. preferrably the Cliff notes version… attention span the size of a fruit fly over here!)

Go to dinner at Callaway’s Bistro with ma and sister where I was able to sit in a BOOTH!  Booths were the evil in the past… evil and embarrassing and evil… and did I mention evil?

Whilst (yes, I just used the word whilst… it’s the word of champions… use it!) wearing my size XL, nonstretchy jacket in the EVIL booth!

Things they wanted me to do but couldn’t get me to budge on due to the Stubborn Horn installed in my skull… put these dag blasted checkered stickery things on my fingernails.  I prefer my fingernails ugly, brittle, and cracking… thank you very much!  I passed and finished another color on my cross stitching project instead… grandma is in style… ask my crochet team! 

Thank you, Ma and Lindsay (and dad and Shayne for allowing the girl’s night out).  Before you 2 get all excited… I would NEVER EVER EVER say I’m a full fledged shopping person… just a girl needing to buy new grandma clothes because the old ones are too big.

Question of the Day:  Do you like to shop?  What’s your favorite clothing store? 




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20 responses to “Old Navy… NO… New Navy!!

  1. Chantal

    I love to shop!!! My favorite clothing store is Pennington. There’s only 2 PLUS SIZE stores in Sault Ste Marie… there’s plus size clothing at Walmart and Zellers but I don’t really like the clothes there that much.

  2. Jen


    I am so excited for our next cousins girls weekend! I don’t like to shop either, but it might be more fun with you coming now.

  3. Chrissy

    Grandma Chic all the way! (I’m an avid knitter and I know how to play Mah Jong, which according to an online survey I took once puts my actual age somewhere around 72…)

    I recently went shopping with my sister and cousin to celebrate our combined birthdays and it was so fun to shop with them and not just be there to prop up the wall and hold the bags. 🙂 I really like shopping at Kohl’s, I think they have a good selection of sizes and chances are you can hit a great sale there at least once a week…

    • Chrissy! LOL! I LOVE it. Being a grandma is totally where it’s at. At least we are learning valuable skillz! Never stop your knitting and Mah Jong! I really like Kohl’s too!

  4. sandy

    Smile, smile, smile !!!!!!

  5. Laci aka pb2myj

    I ❤ to shop- but never have the $ to anymore. IDK what I'll do when all my clothes get to be too big haha. Ohhhh well. Thrift stores are my fav- but only the ones that actually carry plus sizes… gosh that's on my weight loss bucket list- to be able to fit into boutique and normal clothing store clothes- that'll be the day! 🙂 I <3<3<3 Old Navy! I buy all my work out pants from them- and soon I will need a size smaller because mine are all getting pretty loose! 🙂 Old Navy sizes run big- I love that. I can usually fit into a 2x shirt where as elsewhere it'd be a 3 or 4x. So exciting! haha

    • I hate how the plus size clothing community never gets together and makes up their mind about how big the sizes should be. They are different for every brand of clothing! My closet has XL to 3X right now… stupid clothing companies!

  6. You look beautiful in that awesome non-stretchy jacket! That smile is so genuine. You just seem at such peace with yourself. LOVE that. I think your mom and sister may just turn you into a fashionista yet.

  7. Lindsay

    Oh dear! SO the readers know the real truth! Our Girls night out has never turned out this smooth before, generally we always argue and fight with where we are going to eat and this time my mom mentioned 1 place and we all agreed! WHO KNEW! WOW that was great! If this had been like the last 30 years we all end up so mad at each other that we go back home and my mom goes to her room and cries chanting…”why can’t my girls just get along for ONE NIGHT!!!” I always go to the basement and cry, “why can’t we just all be happy for ONE NIGHT!” and last but not least Whitney goes to her room in the basement and cries, “Why doesn’t anybody love me?”

    By the time the men get back from priesthood they are fed up with these hormonal and awnry women! Who would blame them right?

    So there ya go that is how it has been the last 30 years so hopefully this new year has started a trend for the next 30 years! We will see cross your fingers!

    Your sis

  8. Louisa

    I am so happy for you Whitney ( as well as for mom & sis ) !!!
    What a wonderful time and great memories made.
    Looking great in your little denim jacket there!!
    Congrats on the booth too! I know you are loving these new changes and I am thrilled you are sharing all these moments with all of us. We are very blessed to call you friend.

  9. I love…Love…LOVE Old Navy!!! Especially when they have their huge clearance sales!! I once got a shirt for 50 cents and that was with taxes! They have such cute clothes and I love how their clothes fit. You look great in your jacket too!! I have never heard of Callaways Bistro, where is it? I live just over the mountain from Logan!

    • Oh my goodness… that’s pretty much the awesomest deal in the world! I LOVE those kind of clearance sales! I’m going to have to stop by Old Navy more often to catch those!

      Are you a Tremontoner? Small, small world!! Callaway’s is in Smithfield on Main Street… it’s pretty dang good. I love me some Italian food!

  10. Ally

    Well…. Unfortunately I traded one addiction for another( as many addicts will do) I traded smoking and food for shopping. Got to get a grip on that now.

  11. Liz

    Yay for good shopping days!! I do most of mine online (Sierra Trading Post holla!) since I’m not into the chic western clothes of the Hole. And you wouldn’t catch me dead with painted nails like that either. Blah.

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