Calorizing… Warts and All…

I think it’s important to blog about not just the successes, but the failures as well.  Never, ever has this journey been smooth sailing.  It’s come with it’s fair share of frustrations and heartaches and then some more frustrations.  I look at this journey like it’s a long road.  I’m driving along this road in my convertible with 4 hot guys named Sven in my trunk (shush… it’s my road and my analogy) and we’re in Fiji… and sometimes along this road I hit a speed bump.  At the time, it’s a tragedy fit for a Greek play production… but if I were to get out of the car, don my binoculars and look at the overall picture, that’s all it is… an insignificant speed bump. 

Because I like to think of it as a long road, I try not to put too much emphasis on what the scale says.  “Try” being the key word.  Since this is a lifestyle change, as long as I’m changing my life through exercise and eating, the weight should eventually come off.  I think that was part of my problem with “die”ts.  I only focused on the immediate results and if I didn’t get those results week after week, it was goodbye “die”t… obviously this ain’t working so I might as well go back to living in the Chuck-A-Rama parking lot.  But this isn’t a temporary thing anymore… this is how I’m going to live my life until the day my body climbs into a satin-lined box and rots amongst the earthworms. 

Because I’m so used to focusing on results, I’m still disappointed when I do my weekly weigh in and see a gain or a maintain.  Now you know… I’m human (family… ALL alien comments can be left at the door)!  I’m pretty sure it takes years to rewire a brain… and my particular brand of brain has been shorting out quite a bit with all this thinking it’s had to do over the last few years.  Call the Fire Department, Bertha!  I think the ole brain misses it’s daily task of staring at a wall and/or counting the ceiling tiles… anything past tile #10 was a stumper.  Durrrrr…  Where does one buy a good quality NEW brain?  I tried Sears and they are backordered indefinitely… all the best ones were given to Charlie Sheen and Madonna!

For example… I weighed in on Friday morning… did my usual routine… use the bathroom, don’t have wet hair, put the scale on the exact same spot on the floor, pray, do the downward scale dance, etc., etc., etc.  I was nervous for some reason… like I was making my debut at Carnegie Hall or something… nekked.  My heart dropped to my toes when I read the weight… 3 pounds gained since last Friday… THREE!  And I didn’t even have the excuse that it was my ‘woman’s best time of the month hormone hoarding’ week.  It’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened.  There are a vast number of variables that can cause weight gain… even if you have stayed within your calorie range, i.e., water retention, not enough bran in the ole diet (oh, quit it… it had to be said), too much sodium, etc.  I’ve had plateaus a plenty along my road… my longest one was this past summer for a month and a half… a month and a half of losing and gaining the exact same 3 pounds.  Had that happened in the olden days… the days of “die”ting and not calorizing, I would have quit the whole “die”t right then and there… but this  isn’t a “die”t anymore and I can’t quit my life.  I guess I could quit my life, but I hear they don’t give you a full refund without a reciept… might as well stick it out until they ship me off for parts.

So… onward and upward I go.  No more stumbling over these speed bumps and driving backwards down my road.  Let me just pick my heart up from my toes and install it right back where it belongs.  Hope to see you all at the next bend in the road…

Question of the Day:  What was your last calorizing frustration/stumbling block?



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14 responses to “Calorizing… Warts and All…


    I found I chart I had been keeping from 5 years ago. I’ve been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds for 5 years–so I know what you are saying. I love your blog–I can so relate to it.

  2. Avster

    Whit, those three pounds are some muscles you toned while you were clothes shopping. =)

  3. cl2

    Just want you to know I’m here reading. I’ve got a lot of reading to do to catch up.

  4. cl2

    That would be Colleen–I go by cl2. Sorry!!!

  5. Dessa Wade

    Whitney is always my sounding board when I am trying to lose. She has all the right answers to make me feel better about myself. However, when I turn those same answers back on her it doesn’t work as well. Go figure!?!?! You have the right attitude and outlook Whit! Keep it up!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Hey Whitney!
    Another great blog.
    Yes, I can relate.
    I am still in the early stages of my wt loss journey so I have my issues with the scale.
    Actually, I was getting obsessed with it so now I am on a no-scale weigh-in for 30 days. I don’t get to weigh in until the end of this month! I can do measurements though and I am down there so I know I am doing ok.
    Some can do it daily and not get obsessed.
    Some can do it weekly and not let it become a stressor.
    Me? Well, I am one of the ones that does make it a stressor so monthly is where I need to be right now.
    It really has taken the pressure off for me but it isn’t a free ride to relax and wander off track. I still have to watch portions, calories, water intake, and the amount of exercise.

    I did have a set back this past weekend though but I am pushing through.
    My husband pushed me to go farther and harder than I could on a family bike ride until I injured myself. I blame myself ( and him for being such a jerk about it ) but I mainly am upset with myself for listening to him. He doesn’t know my limits and I do. He can just think what he wants ( he said I was just making excuses ). Yeh !! I know… J E R K.
    I was in pain all Sunday night and finally my hips relaxed, readjusted, and my muscle pain left. I thought for sure I was going to miss out on Mondays field trip with the kids and have to go to the chiropractor.
    Monday, I was going to walk to get the muscles back to being used but I never got the opportunity…dang it! I did keep my cals under control though so I am happy about that.
    I am back on it today though. I did my workout this AM. I feel good getting back on track. I had to take it slow since I still had some soreness and pain in the one leg but I am happy with how much I was able to do.

    I am more determined not to let ANYONE interfere with my progress & positive changes. It isn’t about him. He doesn’t know what I am going through or what I need.

    I am pretty sure the scale will be good to me when the weigh in comes b/c I didn’t give in and quit when the times got tough. I admit I did think about it but that isn’t the person I want to be and I won’t be!

    I plan to start the 60 min Advanced workout next week!

    Keep on keepin’ on….

    • Ugh… injuring yourself during exercise is frustrating. I’m glad that next time you know your limitations and will stick it to the hubby next time! 😛 In the meantime, I hope you get feeling better!!

  7. I wish I had a bull dozer to take out life’s road blocks, but unfortunately I feel like all I’m armed with is an ice pick. You definitely have the right attitude about it and you will conquer.

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