The Day I Got Kicked Out of Golden Corral!!!

Sacrilege!!  I just got kicked the heck out of my former place of worship… an all-you-can-eat buffet!  I aim to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to!!  You bet your bottom dollar, Annie!  Thou shalt not tear they Whitney away from thy dessert buffet.   I’m guessing that I maybe need to back the gravy train up here before I call my attorney and everything (Robert J. DeBry and Associates).  

It turns out that some of this season’s Biggest Loser peeps were coming to Logan for a meet and greet type of thing.  This would totally be way unusual for a small town like ours, but it just so happens that 2 of this year’s contestants live and have a gym in this town, Rulon and Justin.  We just don’t get things like this in Logan… Salt Lake City, maybe… but Logan usually gets the 2nd cousin twice removed of the uncle’s dog’s friend’s sister’s neighbor’s pet parakeet who just happens to live next door to Oprah Winfrey (what up, Oprah).  So, we obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gawk at people from reality TV. 

Of all places to hold a stinking meet and greet for people trying to lose hundreds of pounds… how about Golden Corral!?  BRILLIANT, SHERLOCK!  Now, go put in an order for extra lard sauce!  That’s like holding an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting at the State Liquor Store.  STEW – PID… give the team member who came up with that idea a raise!  Being the uber responsible (and frankly mega uptight) person that I am, I called Golden Corral in advance to get the 411 on the event.  I asked very specific questions… does it cost to get in… the answer was no… not unless you want to eat.  Obviously a bonus for this girl because I’m sure I could do some calorizing damage at a buffet!

I went with 2 friends (what up, Oprah… errr… I mean Karrie and Rachel) and the Madre.  We get there and it’s pretty much packed… like fire hazard packed.  There is no signage anywhere at the entrance about this Biggest Loser Meet and Greet… so, we just mosey on through the exit hallway into the throng of people.  Kaylee is the first one we come across… we just sort of make small talk and ask her the same questions I’m sure she’s been asked approximately 3 billion times by now… but she seemed nice enough.  Then we wander (by wander, I really mean stand still until the throng of people moves an inch) around and see Courtney (LOVE Courtney)… we make some more small talk with her and get a picture… sadly the camera person (Oprah… errr… Madre) didn’t know how to work my camera and so Courtney stood there for 5 minutes with her arms around us smiling at the camera… totally got in her workout for the day. 

 Then we move 2 inches more and find a corner that isn’t as thronged.  An uptight dude wearing a GC shirt comes up to us and asks if we bought dinner there.  Uh… no… Then he proceeded to flip a lid about how this wasn’t a free outing and that if we wanted to talk to the contestants, we’d have to buy dinner for $20.  We proceeded to tell him about my previous conversation with one of his employees the day before where I was told it was free… and then he proceeded to spout steam out of his ears and tell us that no one told us that.  Okay… yes… you are right… I am dumb and deaf and you are obviously a man of superior intelligence.  I felt sorry for him because it was like someone kicked his trike in the ditch, peed in his Cheerios, and gave him a wedgie all in the same day!!  Can you even imagine!!?!? 

So, we had to leave… but on the way out, we ran into Arthur (who just happened to be blocking the exit) and got a picture and autograph from him!  Score it!  We also saw Sara, Justin, Austin, Moses and the new trainer Bret, but weren’t about to pay money for Lard City Central just to talk to them. 

Picture time… (I may be sued for these pictures because I got them without eating a tray of fried chicken)!

The curly-haired dude is Austin... he was looking super fit!

Rachel, Courtney, and I... I was obviously trying to instruct the novice camera person... thus the wierd face.

Rachel, Arthur, and I... my shoes only added 4 inches to my already monstrous height!

Extra bonus… the card Arthur gave us with his before and after pictures!

Golden Corral… you just lost your former best paying customer!  Take that and smoke it for dinner.  Also… GC dude with the perma-wedgie… would totally like to invite you to my dinner party next Saturday… main dishes will include cow dung coleslaw and chocolate-covered cockroaches!  Call me! 

Question of the Day:  Do you watch Biggest Loser this season?  Who is your favorite?  Also, what do you think of Golden Corral?   😛



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23 responses to “The Day I Got Kicked Out of Golden Corral!!!

  1. Donna

    As usual, I laughed.
    LOVE the picture of you and Courtney:) You look awesome and of course she looks amazing and super pretty as well.
    Curly haired dude, does NOT look at all anything like Austin how crazy is that!!! Arthur look GREAT! Even lighter then 340 my goodness. So proud of him. 🙂
    My favorite of course is Courtney. I totally thought she would win, but she totally looks awesome. SOO JEALOUS I DIDN’T GO!! BALLS!!
    Glad you had fun:)
    Oh and I like how you didn’t get a picture with Kaylee, I can’t stand Kaylee 🙂 haha

    Well I stayed up far to late waiting for your ass to post pictures so I could intrude on privacy and be excited for myself even tho I didn’t go. haha.


    • HA!! Donna… you are on my same wavelength… Kaylee was ai’ght until she started complaining about being there and wanted to go home but then changed her mind! STOP!!

      You should have come… next time! Hope you get to feeling better!


    I love biggest loser and watch it every week. I also was hoping Courtney would win. But I’m confused. Did you just see them and at what point of the show was this. I’m assuming before she was kicked off. The show isn’t “live” (I don’t think) but I’m your madre age and have a hard time figuring things out. Love your blog.

    • Hey, Aunt D! I think they filmed this season mid last year (I believe I read an article in the summer about the camera crew going on strike so they had to delay filming). So, all of the contestants are home now and are losing weight on their own until the finale, which will be the only LIVE show in May sometime!

  3. Chantal

    I’m so jealous right now!!! LOL I wish I would live closer… I’m so happy that you had that opportunity! I love the pictures! YEEEEEEEEES! I do watch Biggest Loser and my favorite was Courtney… Oh well! Hopefully she’s doing good at home! The thing is they all have something that makes you want each one of them to win! Can’t wait to see the finale… well no because that will mean no more biggest loser for a while….

    Thanks for sharing your funny story! Loved it!(as usual)

    • Chantal… Courtney looked great to me! One of my friends overheard her talking to another group of people and she was saying that when she got home from the biggest loser, she gained 11 pounds adjusting to the lifestyle change… but then she got to work and lost a bunch more.

  4. Holly

    LOVE Biggest Loser! What an awesome experience (not the getting kicked out by one that enjoys that thorny stick shoved up his bum)! Courtney is one of my favorites this season! And you are amazing!!!!! Oh, digging the jacket! 😉

  5. Liz

    I don’t have tv channels, so no Loser for me. Maybe that makes me the loser! Not really. My grandma used to always suggest either the Corral or a chinese place when I was in town. Hmmm – chinese will make me hungry about 1 hour later and the Corral will make me not want to eat again for 2 days…. So we found an all you can Indian buffet (score!) and I’m in heaven 🙂 Decent salad bar at the Corral though, and the deserts are tasty (too tasty).

    • Liz… I hadn’t tried much Indian food until this year when I made a vegetable tikka masala (spelling?) with naan bread. Holy that was good. I’m going to have to branch out more and try some other dishes!

  6. dessa wade

    I didn’t realize I was going to be the photographer or I would have taken a flash course in how to run your camera but I didn’t do all that bad.
    Don’t like going to buffets because I always eat more than I should. There’s no such thing as portion control in those places. However, it smell pretty good. Maybe it was because it was dinner time. Thanks for letting your madre tag along!

  7. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Love the post and the pics, Whitney!
    Hey, the photographer is MUCH better than my husband…he takes off your head and gets quality pics of the floor and wall corners.
    Seriously, my youngest child takes much better pics!

    I haven’t ever watched Biggest Loser but I know a LOT of people that do and they love it & talk about the contestants like they really know them ( first name basis ).

    I have only been to Golden Corral once when we were on a trip and needed a place to grab some grub.
    It was ok – I don’t think any of us are in a big hurry to go back.

    Funny about the guy with his tighty-white-ies in a twist…you still got to see it all and get pics so HA!

    • Ha!! Sounds like your hubby needs to take photography lessons from your youngest! I agree with you about GC. The few times I’ve eaten there I haven’t been all that impressed.

  8. Thanks for coming with me! It was definitely an inspiring experience to meet them and to see their success in person. Courtney is my favorite. She is so down to earth and positive, even about her road blocks. I think she’s a good example. The GC dude was a tool. If it was that big of a deal to him, he should have had Arthur and Austin working as bouncers since they’re all lean and tough now. I can say with all the confidence in the world that GC will not be getting my business anytime soon!

  9. Jacque Hunt

    I have to laugh because while I’m reading your blog I’m watching “The Biggest Loser” that I DVR’d this week. This year I have so many favorites because there doesn’t seem to be as much game playing going on. They are more of a team and try to help each other succeed and I think that’s what it should be about.

    Now really, who hosts this type of event at a Golden Corral? I mean really!!! There must be a connection there of some sort. I’ve been to GC a few times but their salad bar sucks and that’s the main reason I would go to a place like that anyway. If I’m going to blow my calories on a buffet it’s certainly not going to be GC. Now the “M” in Vegas is another story. That’s worth every calorie.

    • I like that about this season of Biggest Loser too… Other seasons there have been contestants that were big backstabbers… save that for Survivor, people…

      Isn’t that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? GC for a weight loss meeting! HA!!!! I love a good salad bar. My favorite salad bar in my neck of the woods is definitely Sizzler. I like fresh and variety! Have not been to “M”!

  10. Tia McGregor

    Oh, Half Whit! I now see what I missed! Truly, this was a memorable outing for you and yours… one not soon to be forgotten. I appreciate the recap, however, and will just have to live vicariously through you.

    On a side note, hair in the well did this snow come from? Does your calendar say December? Didn’t think so.. neither does mine. See what you can do ’bout it, okay?

    My best as always — sunny side up!


    • Thanks T…

      As for your side note… hair the stinking well is right!? Ree-donculous is what it is!?!?! Don’t look now, but I hear it don’t look good for the rest of the weekend either. Tell me again why we don’t live in the Bahamas?

  11. ko

    Thanks for inviting the gimp on crutches along for the stroll. I’m just sorry I didn’t think faster and whack that dude in the knee cap with one of my crutches for being so rude!

    I have been watching this season as I have been holed up on my couch with a bum knee after thinking I was headed for Olympic skiing glory and finding out the snow snake will humble you in a hurry. I have learned a lot from watching BL. Mostly that you have to embrace the lessons you learn from getting pushed down and find a way to work around obstacles that come your way and get right back up over, and over, and over. It is an inspiring show and seeing Whitney (I know you’re not actually on the show, but WOW talk about impressive!), Courtney, Arthur and all the others change their entire lives and stick with it makes me know that anything really is possible when you are ready to commit to the course, come what may.

    Here’s to overcoming challenges (and mentally smacking idiots who try to tell you, you can’t do something)!

    • See how nice my friend Karrie is even when she thinks blogs are annoying? 😛 It wouldn’t have been the same if the gimp didn’t come along. I might have to bring crutches with me everywhere from now on just so I have a weapon. Learn to master yours, grasshopper… but not for much longer!! 😀

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