Yo yo… Who Wants Free Chip’Ins!?


So, I have a new secret lover… shhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone.  Personally, I think that it’s the perfect brand of secret lover… A) It never sasses back… 2) It lets me do all the talking… and C) It never yells at me after I’ve bit it’s head off during “friendly woman hormone hoarding” week.  That’s my kind of pal… I tell you what!  They’re called Chip’Ins and are made by this newish company named, Popcorn Indiana.  Basically, Chip’Ins are popcorn flattened out by a bulldozer and fashioned into the shape of a potato chip by little gremlins wearing recycled Lady Gaga outfits… and oh my laws they are tasty!  Okay… so I lied about the gremelins and the Gaga outfittage… but the popcorn chips thing is totally the truth. 

They were handing out samples (during free sample lunch) at Sam’s Club the other week.  The sample gremelin lady kept going on and on and on about how this was a limited time offer and that they wouldn’t be selling them forever and blah, blah, blah, blahblahblahblah!   So, of course I panicked and bought approximately 67 cases of the stuff!  Yes, I’m fully aware that that was a ploy to get people to buy the product… and yes, I’m fully aware that if the company isn’t stupid, they wouldn’t be pulling their product out of stores willy nilly.  But, I’m also as gullible as a guppy… and on the off chance that the world is to crumble into pieces tomorrow morning, at least I have my lifetime supply of Chip’Ins!  I genuinely feel sorry for the rest of you! 

My mother offended me the other day when I made her try them and her reply when I asked how awesome they were was… “Eh…”  Eh… EH!?!?!  What are you, heartless!?!?  Here I was going on and on and on about them and she can’t even muster a full word!?  Eh… my rear pancreas!  But, I also made my sister, brother-in-law, and dad try them and they all really liked them (maybe not dad, but that would probably be because there was no ‘Rare Steak with Oozing Blood and a Bell Around It’s Neck’ flavor).  

So, here’s the deal.  Since y’all have been awesomitis readers, I aim to give away one of my 72 packages of chip’ins (and no it’s not because I ran out of places to store them… okay, maybe it is).  Just because I’m in a giving mood and I want to help build up your crumbling earth food storage.  For the calorizers, here are the facts:

Calories:  130 for 18 chips    Fat:  4 grams    Fiber:  1 gram

And just because you probably need a drink to wash that down with (and I bought the mega lifetime supply of these drinks too), I’m throwing in a bottle of Fuze Slenderize…

No, I am not related to Mr. Popcorn Indiana, nor do I live in Indiana and make Fuze drinks out of my basement crack house on the side.  I’m just a gullible psycho shopper with no place to store things.  By the by… for those of you who don’t win and still want to try the Chip’Ins… aside from Sam’s, they also sell them at Wal-Mart in the chip aisle (SANITIZE your shopping cart handles, people!)  Not that I would know or anything… and not like I didn’t just go there yesterday and buy 2 more bags to add to my collection. 

There are 2 ways to enter and you can have up to 2 entries. 

1.  You can post a reply on this here topic introducing* yourself to me (I don’t care if we’ve already been introduced… introduce yourself again!)
2.  You can go to the Facebook page link on the side of this blog, like the page, and then post on the wall introducing* yourself to me. 

*Introducing yourself means tell me your name (first is fine, I ain’t from the Witness Protection Program) and how you found my blog.

I will pick the winner by random draw on Monday and then you can get your shipping information to me!  By the by… this giveaway is only for US and Canada addresses… sorry further away friends… I still love you, but you live FAR!!  FREE stuff is totes the coolest.  Also… bring on the end of the world… I’m fully stocked and ready!  😛

Note:  Have a great weekend, friends!  Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment… as another heads up, I do reply to your comments (most of the time), so don’t think you are talking to yourself!



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43 responses to “Yo yo… Who Wants Free Chip’Ins!?

  1. Deanna

    Am I the first to comment? I’m up way early– working at the temple this morning. Let me introduce myself. I’m your aunt from Idaho and just so darn proud of your success. Keep it up and have I told you–I LOVE your blog!

  2. MJ5898

    Too funny Whitney—again!!!

    Hi, my name is MJ (Melissa) and I am a crunch-o-holic. It has been 12 hours since my last crunchy snack – 1 oz of Rold Gold Pretzel Twists and I would like to get my nosh on with some yummy popcorn “chips”. 😉

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Kale

    I’d like to quote a great introduction from Austin Powers, “allow myself to introduce…myself.” Myself is Kale, your cousin. I read your blog every day and enjoy the witty narration of your journey. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me and many others!

  4. Nellie

    Um, hi…It’s Nellie. Pretty sure you know me 😉
    Pretty sure I love chips, and pretty sure I love free stuff…so…hope I win!
    Love ya! 🙂

  5. cl2

    I just want to run out and buy some–but here I am in California with limited transportation (everyone else is at Disneyland and I’m working–and that’s okay at least I’m in California and not Utah right now). I love chips and that is one thing I hardly ever eat anymore. There is a bag in the room right now.

    So–I’ve been thinking of what questions I would ask you–and I haven’t had time to read all the posts yet. I’d be interested in knowing what you eat at least one day. (I’m just amazed at your success!!!) and how far you walk, etc., PLUS some questions that always plague me ARE why do we gain weight? Do you think we do it to keep people away from us? So that we can be invisible (I know, crazy, but have you noticed how we are invisible?) AND one thing that is hard for my mind to get around is how do WE DISAPPEAR? (If you know what I mean!)

    I love your blog. You inspire me!

    • Hey, Colleen! Let me give you some advice… do not come back to Utah until at least May or so! It has been snowing for the last 2 days and is supposed to snow through the weekend. Enjoy the non-snowy weather for me!

      Some great questions, Colleen. I am going to have to think on those and add them to my list of topic ideas. I do know what you mean about trying to “disappear” when one gains weight. Thank you!

  6. Dessa Wade

    Hi Whitney, I am your mom, remember me? But don’t enter me in the contest, I’ll just steal some of yours next time I see you! I agree that they are tasty.

  7. Kim

    Hello! My name is Kim and I am in Olympia, WA. I found you on mfp…loving that site and read your blog every day! Keep up the good work!

  8. Samantha Powell

    Hello Whitney!

    I am an alien from the planet PX395330Y…

    Oh wait… wrong message… AHEM…

    I’m Samantha and I found you on MFP which you always post links to your amazingly funny and inspirational blog posts on. I love chips. Especially new chips that I have never had before.

    Also, though I am not related to Mr. Popcorn Indiana either, I DO live in Indiana (feel sorry for me!) 😀

    • LOOOOLLL!! This is a first… you win the award for first alien to visit my blog! congratulations! 😛 I’ve never been to Indiana, but I’m sure it has to rock some since they make Chip’Ins and have a song about it… Gary, Indiana anyone!? Thanks for rocking!

  9. Deanna

    I love your blog! I would also LOVE to try these. I haven’t even seen these before.

    So, my entry…Ahem.

    Hello Whitney! My name is Deanna. I am one of your MFP followers, as well as your blog readers. You have been inspiring to me and I love your writing. I found your blog by following you in MFP. By “following” I don’t mean stalking. Well, I guess it is borderline. 🙂

  10. Kristie

    Hello my name is Kristie & I found this blog because you posted it on MFP! Your blogs are always soooo interesting & your progress is inspiring! I definitely hope to have as much success as you. And I’m starting to think blogging can definitely help in the whole new lifestyle change journey!

  11. Ericka

    I’m Ericka (eeeekie on mfp). I met you through Laci (pb2myj). She’s one of my good friends in real life and moved away to AZ. We made a trip out there to see her and she inspired me to join MFP. I remember when I was there she was showing me on her laptop all the people who have inspired her and your picture/story popped up. My mouth was on the floor at your success and I’ve stalked you ever since ( 😛 haha ). I got on MFP originally just to track my food because I felt like I couldn’t commit. Then before I knew it I was using the site and had multiple friends…including you. I came upon your blog through your posts! I love your blog. Your stories have inspired me as do you on a daily basis (as I’ve told you before). I hope to be as successful as you have been on your journey!

  12. Bill Bedard

    Hi Whitney ,
    I am Bill from Edmonton Canada. I found you on MFP when I read your story and was amazed, inspired, touched… (you get the idea). I have followed you since and once I found out you had a blog I have followed you here and friended you on FB. OK maybe I am starting to sound creepy! I am inspired by your progress and use your stories to keep me going through my own speed bumps!

    Thanks and keep it going!

  13. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Hey Whitney!

    I am Louisa from the Midwest.
    I found you on MFP also.
    I was new and trolling for some friends that are on a similar journey as my own.
    That is what it felt like (trolling) anyway…lol.
    You must have taken pity on me and accepted my friend request….
    You linked me to your blog.
    I have to say yours is the 1rst personal blog I have ever read – I really like it.

    I really felt inspired by your story and your journey.

    I like your sarcastic-self and you crack me up.

    I am not wanting to be in the run for the drawing or anything since I don’t like these kinds of foods. I just wanted to introduce myself since I see many of your MFP friends have too.
    I am glad you found some yummy snacks that don’t wreck all your hard work!
    You are such an inspiration!

    Keep on – keepin’ on…

  14. Whitney! I’m so telling Kyle Chandler that you’re cheating on him with your Chip’Ins! Thanks for sharing the find. I will be checking them out after I sanitize my cart at Wally World of course.

  15. I just have to say these are the best!!! I like you tasted them at sam’s and went and bought a few cases! They are so yummy and the perfect little snack. And fuses are my drink of choice if I want something besides water! I think everyone had gotten sick from those darn walmart shopping carts this winter, I swear walmarts out to get me!! I’m not going to apply since I have my own food storage supply of them, but I will introduce myself. I’m Sharon, I found your blog from your post on MFP! I check it daily because your post are always so good and funny. I think you are such an inspiration to everyone!! Your weightloss is absolutely remarkable!! Thank you for all your post and the comments you leave on MFP, they always make my day!!

    • YES! A testimonial on the awesomeness of both chip’ins and Fuze!! Y’all… Sharon here has good taste… listen to us! Thanks for being so nice and for reading. You rock!

  16. Chantal

    Hi Whitney!

    Directly from Dubreuilville in Northern Ontario Canada, I’m Chantal yes a SNACK-O-LIC… or JUNK-O-LIC… doesn’t matter how I call it… I love junk food… well to be honest any food… One day I decided this was enough… this is why we met in MFPland. I’ve been impress since I first read about you… You are a true imspiration to me…. I’m so proud of you! When people ask me what I do to lose weight I show them the MFP web site and after I show your page as a great exemple of people doing it… They are all impress by your progress…

    Hopefully I’m able to lose as much as you…

    That’s too bad that I live too far from a WM to be able to buy some CHIP’INS…My next trip to Sault Ste Marie is not plan yet 😦 so maybe If I win I will be able to try it!

    Keep those blogs coming… I can’t wait every morning to open my browser and YES your blog is set as my home page so this is the first thing I do when I go on the net…

    • Wow, Chantal! How awesome are you? I am flattered! I soooo hear you on the snack-o-holic… I think I’m still a snack-o-holic but now I have to limit it to stay within my calories! Added your name to the drawing!

  17. Jen

    Hi Whit, it’s me again. But don’t enter me into the contest. I am sure you will share some with me when I visit in May. I just wanted to say hi!

  18. Jen berger

    Hi whitney! I am jen I started reading your blog when lindsey posted a link to it on facebook. I really look forward to reading it. You’re so funny and really a talented writer! I tried my fitness pal cause of you and I’ve started running. You and the biggest loser are my inspiration/motivation! So thanks! I’d love some chipins and I love fuse 😉

    • Jen… we best be doing some kind of sunshine dance so we can get out and do our jogging/walking in decent weather. What is this snow nonsense!?!? Seriously now? Come on, Old Man Winter!

  19. Ally

    Hey Whitney! This is Ally, aka Ihatefat! I found out about your blog from mfp. I love your blog. I look forward to it daily. I love that you write like, I’m assuming, you talk. I can really relate. Keep ’em coming!

  20. Janice

    Hi, Janice here… big snackoholic and chocoholic from Cali. 😛 I found your blog from wordpress actually and the magic word chip caught my eye. 😉 Haven’t seen this product before, but now that I know about it, I’ll keep an eye out for it in my local Walmart 🙂

  21. Hey, Whitney! You don’t know me, but I know you! Well, I really only know you as the gorgeous voice that I have heard sing at Christmas. Anyway, when I mentioned to my cute mom (Laurie John) that I had started MyFitnessPal last week, she showed me your blog. I love it! I might have to stalk this wonderful and entertaining blog of yours. Have a lovely day!

    • Jami… I’d have to agree on your cute mom statement! Thank you for having the patience to read these here ramblings! Don’t you just love MyFitnessPal? It has been a lifesaver for me!

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