And the Winner Is…. and Other Ramblings!

I’ve drawn the winner of the bag of Chip’Ins and bottle of Fuze!  Y’all can’t even handle the suspense, can you?  Did I forget to mention that hidden inside the bag of Chip’Ins was a $1,000,000 bill?  Ooops… my bad.  Of course I’m lying… the day I find that amount of money ANYWHERE is the day I take off for the Bahamas.  See you, Sprinter!!  More on that later. 

What were we talking about?  Oh, yes… the winner of my first giveaway.  I used a very scientifical method to pick said winner, all of these logarithms and Einstein equations and…  Forget it… I’m not fooling anybody.  I made a numbered list, put all of your names next to the numbers (the people who entered on both Facebook and the blog were entered under 2 separate numbers) and then I went to and typed in for them to pick a random number between the numbers 1 and 23 (oh my laws… can I please bore you any more?  Y’all set your alarm clock for 30 more seconds and I should be done with all of this boring crap… power nap!)  The lucky number picked was number 10!!  Person number 10… step forward and claim your prize…  What’s that you say?  You have no idea how to read my jumbled mind?  The winner… drumroll….


Woo hoo!  Go, Ericka, it’s yo’ birfday… we gonna party like it’s your birfday!  I will send you a separate email to get your info, Ericka!  Thank you all for entering.  Stay tuned because I plan on having more giveaways… I think the next giveaway will be a doozy… my favorite pair of underoos purchased in 1997…  KIDDING!  I would never do that to you all.  You ever wonder what’s wrong with those people who give away used underwear to goodwill?  Seriously!?  Major brain malfunction. 

Next up… the weekend… this is how I spent most of my weekend: 

WEEPING!!  Only because it’s been snowing every day all day since Thursday.  Oh, the humanity!  Picture this… you’re a kid and your mom tells you that you will be going to a party… a party filled with all your friends and candy and pillows made out of chocolate pudding and genies that pop out of lanterns and grant you your favorite wish and you just so happen to be best friends with Donald Trump… and then when you get to this magical party land, you spend the whole time waist deep in cow manure.  That’s pretty much what a week of snowing during spring is like!  My mom told me I needed to count my blessings and be grateful that the sun poked it’s head out of the clouds and fog for approximately 1 hour last evening… you know what I said to that?  Cow Pucky!!  I’ll be grateful when I get 2 days in a row of no snow/cold/rain.  Take that and serve it for dinner!  Grateful my rear femur!

Meanwhile, I’ve been numbdumb eating like it’s New Year’s Eve 1999 and all the computers are about to explode in that whole Y2K catastrophe some computer geeks made up after they finished solving logarithms on their computing systems.  I was walking around in my state of anger and frustration and depression over the craptastic weather, eating everything within arm’s length.  I know I’m an emotional eater and I usually can curb that when I think long and hard about what emotion I’m having… but at this point, I haven’t cared to think about it.  I’d just rather numbdumb eat it away.  I got out last night during the 1 hour of sun peeking out of the clouds, and even though it was frigid, it gave me a chance to clear my head and remember what I’m doing here.  My brain yelled at my mouth… STOP… and hopefully that was enough to jolt it out of it’s stupidity.  I tell you what, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) ain’t here to make friends… she’s here to take prisoners!  No worries, though, I already have a plan…  I plan on calling my good pal Donald Trump to bail me out of this mess.  Donald… you hungry for some leftover Snickers? 

Put this into perspective, Whitney.  The spring fog will clear… there’s never been a time when it hasn’t!

Question of the Day:  What do  you do to lift your spirits during neverending Sprinter (aka Winter masquerading as… Winter)?



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22 responses to “And the Winner Is…. and Other Ramblings!

  1. seth

    haha, every time I think about winters in Idaho I want to kick mother nature in the shin:-)…but then again when I hear about the 100 degree weather my friend is getting in Arizona I relent and apologize to mother nature

  2. Ally

    Hey Whitney! I don’t have a clue about what to do during Sprinter, I live in Georgia. Not really a problem here. Sorry. I can relate to the numbdumb eating though. A day like yesterday would have ended my success in the “before time”. But No! I refuse to let myself slip into that oblivion! Back on my horse this morning and I am not looking back! Sorry about the Sprinter! Cheer up!

  3. Amy

    I have to take Sprinter by his collar now n then, “Listen up buddy! I WILL enjoy some Spring before July hits!” Logan canyon’s speed curves, some good tunes, n snowcapped mountains get my spirits soaring everytime. It’s nigh unto your Candyland party only I don’t have Mr Trump shotgun trying to fire me for driving n singing like that. (Gonna sing my heart out before he’s the next Presidente) Anywho, golashes, a poncho, n Second Dam will stop your cursing of Mother Nature for at least a couple hours… honest Abe.

  4. Liz

    There is a reason why our school district has a 2 wk spring break… Sprinter. I usually break out my never ending To Do list. Or we just leave town for a week. But the crappy part is coming back to the same weather. My husband gets SAD so he just works out a lot and goes for walks like you do! Hopefully we aren’t getting snow in June again this year. That REALLY blows.

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Fortunately, I live in the Midwest and Spring has officially come in and we aren’t having any more Sprinter ickyness. Not really a word but still one I like to use – ickyness. lol
    We are green and lush and blooming here.
    We had a high of 84 the other day and I actually got pink mowing the grass!

    Your pics of the cold and wet nasties are very depressing and I don’t blame you one bit for feeling the way you do.
    I am glad you took advantage of the one hr that wasn’t raining to get outside.

    Personally, I like to crank up The music is great and they ALWAYS have a positive and encouraging messages ( even their news is positive ) and frankly when I forget my joy, they are there for me and boost me back up and remind me of my J O Y.
    Not trying to preach here, just letting you know what works for me (whether I am in the car or at home – it gets me moving).
    THIRD DAY just came on while I was typing this with “You Are So Good To Me” and I can’t help it …I get to chair-dancing/grooving.
    “You are beautiful my sweet sweet song” ( singing along )

  6. Ericka

    YAYAYYAYA! So awesome! I sent you an email back! 😀 thank you again!

  7. Ericka

    The pictures sure are beautiful. I wish I could live where it snows but at the same time I could imagine myself becoming a hermit so fast I’d be smacked sideways. You should move to Cali! lol…Sunshine! Although it’s been cold the last few days but our cold is like your warm lol

    • Yes… I would recommend just visiting here during winter… you would get tired of the constant snow! I’d love to move to Central CA… not too hot… not too cold… just right!

  8. Enjoy the sunshine today, girlfriend! I say the next time it snows, you buy yourself some flowers so at least it’s cheerful and colorful in one spot of your world.

  9. Jen

    I like to go for a good run outside (only when the sun is shining, or it is a light, warm drizzle of rain). Exercising helps me burn up any anger or frustrated energy I have.

  10. Laci aka pb2myj

    Oh bummer- I missed the drawing- must have skipped over my emails that day lol- see here in AZ we have the opposite problem- winter is beautiful- but 5 months of hell keep us locked indoors with the a/c blasting… boo. Let’s not get started on the highway robbery for the electric bills…owy vey- it’s not good. lol

    • Stay tuned for the next drawing, Laci! What we need to do is figure out a way to have the best of both worlds… you can visit me during the summer and I’ll visit you during winter and Sprinter!

  11. Andrea S.

    So, totally off the subject (I have had my say about the weather, too many times, I’m just ignoring it now.) but I wanted to share with you the book that changed my life and thereby, my weight. It’s called “The Weigh Down Diet” by Gwen Shamblin. It is right up your alley as far as the changing the lifestyle. If you are interested, I have it and would be glad to loan it, or it’s at the NL library too. Great read, great perspective, great motivator.

    • Hey Andrea! Thank you for the book tip. I will have to check that out… that might be what I use my Amazon credit for. With my slow reading, it might take me 2 years to finish, but I’ll get it done!

  12. cl2

    I want to be able to read all the comments, but I’ll have to do that when I get home.

    Like I’ve said, I’m in California. I wasn’t going to come down here because I needed to work and had no money, but I came along anyway and worked in the hotel room. It hasn’t been a perfect trip by far, but AMAZING how the sun and “fresh” air–(not that winter drudgery air) can improve your mood–which I needed BADLY after my bad month of March.

    I hear you on the emotional eating. I was watching Intervention one day about a girl who was a cutter and I realized that the minute I stuff something bad in my mouth, I get the relief a cutter gets or an alcoholic or . . . That was quite an eye-opening realization.

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