Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday – Best Days!

How do you spell procrastination?  Eh… I’ll figure it out tomorrow.  Bwahahahahahaha… I slay myself!  Today’s song choice is Best Days by Graham Colton (his name makes me crave graham crackers whilst riding a colt… just me?  Okay then…)  So, in this song, S’mores dude (mmmmm marshmallowy chocolatey grahamy goodness) is talking about not putting things off until tomorrow… because then tomorrow turns into another tomorrow and another until before you know it you’re gumming your food and laughing at Lawrence Welk reruns from the comfort of your Jazzy.  I’m the guiltiest of the bunch.  Back in the olden days, whenever I’d start a new “die”t and I’d mess said diet up approximately 10 hours later, I’d always say things like… Monday… I’ll start over on Monday (can’t start on the weekend because that would TOTES ruin my whole weekend).  Then, Monday would come and it would be, maybe next Sunday around 11ish… after the all-you-can-eat donut buffet.  Another reason “die”ts don’t work… there’s never an opportune time to start one… there’s always going to be something coming up that will derail the “die”t.  Don’t “die”t, just live life… live it in moderation and don’t wait for the next convenient starting day… there isn’t one. 

TANGENT ALERT!!  Maybe I should buy like a  big flashing bulb for this here blog… every time I start rambling on and on about the wrong topic, I’ll put up the flashing bulb and you can head to the fridge for a nighttime snack… or more like 15 by the time I’ve quit jabbering.  STOP THE INSANITY!

So, anyone watching the Celebrity Apprentice… Gary Busey, right?  What planet is he on… probably the same one Donald Trump bought his hair from.  SEE… There I went again!  How was the bologna sandwich? 

You want to do something?  DO IT!  Do it now… don’t wait until it’s too late or you’re too old or you’re too poor or you’re too ill… just do it!! (Nike is totes smart!  Yo, Nike… I need me some new tenny runners!)  I have certainly not mastered the “living in the now” kind of thinking.  I have literally frittered away a good chunk of my life… at least 10 years of my prime 20s… gone… and I have NOTHING to show for it.  Not a thing… unless you count 300 plus extra pounds of fat and a permanent butt-shaped indentation on my couch.  I’ve done nothing… had minimal fun… accomplished minimal accomplishments… BUT… I did basically single-handedly keep the fast food industry in business (you are welcome, Ronald McDonald).   

That kind of living can wear a person down.  A person subsists on accomplishments and success and if you aren’t getting those things periodically, you can end up feeling worthless.  I’m glad I’m changing that… I have things I want to do, places I want to see, people I want to smack upside the head, donuts I want to eat (whoops… wrong dream)… No more using my weight as an excuse to not do those things.  Tomorrow is too late… do it today!! 

Best Days by Graham Colton

And it’s a winding road
And it’s a long way home

So don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s too late
Cause these are the best days
There’s always something tomorrow
So I say let’s make the best of tonight
Yeah let’s make the best of tonight
Here comes the rest of our lives.


Question of the Day:  What have you always wanted to do that you have put off until a more “convenient” time?




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15 responses to “Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday – Best Days!

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Good song and gorgeous pictures of the mountains! I haven’t seen the mountains in years ( the last time I went to CO to snowboard).

    Question of the Day: What have you always wanted to do that you have put off until a more “convenient” time?

    The obvious answer is to lose ALL this excess weight, right? LOL
    Well, after that I would learn to play the acoustic guitar

    Take my family to Disney before my kids get too big.
    To see the Shuttle launch with my family.
    Take my family snowboarding in UT and/or CO.
    To tour Europe by train with my family.
    Explore Hawaii.
    Ride horses in Iceland.
    Take an Alaskan cruise ship tour and see the whales.

    • What a great list, Louisa! Write them down and then mark them off one by one!

      • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

        I have done some of these things prior to marriage and kids and would LOVE to take my family to experience them.
        I would like to experience the others first hand with them…

  2. Lindsay

    Hi Whitty PoohPooh!

    Great Blog post I am glad your seeing your future there is so much to do!

    I have been waiting for a more convenient time to finish school and then I said what the HECK I am already old so why not do it now? So now that I am finishing school I am the oldest in class (minus one other lady) and now that MONDAY Is my last day of class it is time to look to a MASTERS degree why not? It has always been a dream and education is not something I have ever or will ever regret spending time doing!

    Love your sis!


  3. Jen

    The thing I always put off till tomorrow is going to the temple. Something always comes up on the day I plan to go.

  4. cl2

    Excellent post! Just what I’ve been thinking about.

    Being here in SUNNY California (it was warmer on the day I went to Disneyland than any day while here and my face shows it). I was looking to see if my face looked better in those pictures they take on the rides since I lost weight since I was last down here 2 years ago and one of the pictures did look better. The rest, all my hair was blown back from my face so it was just a fat face with no hair.

    I have to admit that there are SO MANY things I planned on and still put off UNTIL. I always said I’d get back in touch with the one who got away WHEN–but when he got divorced, I called anyway. Somehow, some way I stuck out the relationship for the past 6 years without losing more weight until the last year (slowly losing 40 pounds). I have always wanted to go to Alaska and I went last year before I lost the last part of the weight. The pictures are HORRIBLE, but, oh well, I went.

    Now, how about allowing people to take my picture before I die? There are years and years that I have very few pictures of myself.

    • Go, Colleen, Go! That rocks! I’m glad you were able to get to the park and enjoy it! And I hear you on the picture thing. I have very few pictures of me from about 13 to 30.

  5. Liz

    Espanol. I need me some Spanish lessons. Travel is such a huge part of my and hubby’s life and I don’t like to travel without learning some of the language. Spanish is so obvious considering how many countries speak it. Or I could walk into my Kmart right now and find at least 10 people from Mexico (that comment was not meant to be rude, just true). I think we are still planning on Ecuador this fall (or Mexico to be cheaper), but either way “Yo quiero estudiar en espanol pronto.”

    • Yo hablo es Whitney! I agree… it would be a good thing to learn at least some of the language if you plan on traveling. I took Spanish for several years in high schoo, so I know the basics, but don’t get me in front of a native speaker… I’ll be lost on word #2!

  6. Not to wax too philosophical on you, but life really does seem to be made up of these small choices. One thing I have learned the hard way is that not doing something is also making a choice. You are either progressing or regressing, never just gressing. Most of the big things we do (the college degree, losing over 200 pounds, etc.) are comprised of the little choices that we make each day. Doing that homework assignment, finishing that lab, choosing to eat a lot of veggies and a little chocolate instead of the other way around, etc. The little decisions we make can add up to a major accomplishment over time. It’s just a matter of making them. I like the quote about the definition of insanity . . . doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I have lived a lot of my life choosing to put off making necessary changes and expecting different results. Does this make me like Gary Busey? (Tangent: He is like the poster child for why one shouldn’t do drugs and should wear a helmet whilst riding a motorcycle!!)

    • Absolutely… regressing was my specialty for most of my life… I guess I best even that out from now on out… progressing here we come. And yes… Busey is ODD! I keep saying I wonder what he was like BEFORE the brain surgery.

  7. Avster

    Snow on the mountains!

    Procrastination W-H-I-T-N-E-Y Procrastination

    Does that help? 😉

  8. Laci aka pb2myj

    First of all- I am in awe of all your snowy day pics, just gorgeous!

    I’ve always put off school- and currently looking into online community college courses- because well there isn’t ever going to be a convenient time, just like with this weight loss journey, we have to change for it to change! I’m a huge procrastinator and a project starter – but it takes me forever to finish a project- lol I’m learning that I just need to do it and get it over with. The weight loss has been a lot easier than I ever thought it’d be- it ain’t easy, but obviously it’s paying off! Tomorrow isn’t promised, so we have to make the best of today! :):):) You’re awesome chicka!

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