TKOs and Stress Relievers!

Y’all remember when I talked about buying boxing gloves and then plead with y’all blog followers to become my free punching bag?  Even after I specified that I aim for the noggin, I did get a couple of volunteers (thank you Seth and Dad… hope the brain damage isn’t permanent!)  While they dealt with MRIs and CT scans… it was time for me to find another less alive punching bag.  After I managed to  punch 2 holes in the basement wall… I went right back to where I purchased the gloves… Ross, Dress For Less if you like Floral Dresses in the Fat Section and I found me a punching bag!!  Regularly $50 smackers, marked down to $25 smackers, but then I guess they were so desparate to get rid of one, they had a sticker on it that said $3.99… um, yes… that price right there is for this cheap wad.  Even if it fell apart on day 3, it would be worth the 4 buckaroos I shelled out for it.  Here’s what he looks like… I like to call him Gunther:

Gunther, the Vunder Ball

Gunther and I don’t get along at all!  I basically punch him all day and he hates me because I never take the crusts off of his PB&J sandwiches… temperamental ball anyway.  The base has water in it to weight it down, and then there’s a BIG spring attached to the bottom of the base so if you hit Gunther hard enough, he flails back and forth like the wussy boy that he is!  Of course I move it away from the wall before I hit at it… learned that lesson the hard way… but now Gunther is learning to fight back… last night I hit him so hard, he sprung back up and hit me square in the chin!  Give a ball a home and 3 square meals and he walks all over you!  I get no respect!

Boxing is a stress reliever for sure… and much less against the law than actually punching a random person on the street in the head.  I found that if I had a picture in my head of a person who’s wronged me, a trouble, a trial, a frustration, etc., then I got to beat that away and exercise at the same time.  For those naysayers who say boxing isn’t an actual workout, I came across an article in a magazine that says boxing burns as many calories per minute as jogging does… plus you are working your arms, abs, legs, etc.  I scanned in the article below (stop with the, ‘you need to become a professional scanner’ talk… I know my scanning is totally even and not crooked and all readable, but just STOP!) with some ideas on a routine to do as well (For those of us without eagle eyeballs, click on the picture to make it bigger for reading purposes):

Gunther… I’m calling a truce… you stand there and look all red and ball like and I’ll punch you at least twice a week (2532 times during more stressful weeks).  To sum it up… I’d recommend boxing as an exercise masquerading as a stress reliever.  It’s been a fun alternative now that I can’t get outside because Mother Nature has decided that we will be a bad weather town from now until eternity.  Great… now I have another thing to picture when I get to punching!

Question of the Day:  What do you do to relieve stress/anger?


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13 responses to “TKOs and Stress Relievers!

  1. Avster

    Now this is something that I’d like to see in action! =D

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Great deal on the punching bag by the way!
    Had to LOL at “last night I hit him so hard, he sprung back up and hit me square in the chin!”

    I knew that was going to happen…( still giggling )
    We used to have one of those growing up and my brothers used to like to lay into it. I don’t remember it having a name though. That is all you, Whitney.
    It came back and whacked them more often than not and that made them mad and want to hit it harder…
    You know the result…lol. Actually rather amusing for me since I was too small to mess with it at the time.

    Punching is a terrific workout!
    I do Tae Bo videos for my indoor workouts and there is a lot of punching and kicking type exercises involved. Yes, I like to have a face /trouble /frustration to mentally take it out on also.
    Those exercises kick my butt and they are a terrific stress reliever.
    Today, for example, I just didn’t have a very good attitude when I got up this am and my kids were in “i want” mode and it just rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t feel like working out either. I don’t know why…old habits or something like that.
    Instead of plugging in the 30 min video, I plugged in the 60 min video while the kids ate their bfast and did their chores and got started on their schoolwork. I was huffing and puffing and sweating and about to scream and then it was all over and I had gotten through it. I was suddenly in cool-down and it felt SOOO good. I started to get that proud of myself b/c I accomplished it feeling and I sure have a lot better attitude now for the rest of my day.
    Sure turned me around.

    Question of the Day: What do you do to relieve stress/anger?
    Walking fast,
    Tae Bo video,
    Cleaning – cleaning- cleaning,
    (used to bake a lot for stress relief but I have had to stop that and exercise instead)…
    Ride our horses
    Lose myself in a GOOD book

    Those are just some of the ways I deal…

  3. makingitperm

    OMG How fun would this be! I love Wii boxing it’s super fun…I actually plan on taking a few frustrations out on it in a few. I’d LOVE to have a real boxing thing like that. AWESOME. Lol @ Gunther…reminds me of friends <3. Great blog.

  4. cl2

    Eat–what else?

    • Haha, Colleen!! Unfortunately that there was/is my number one stress reliever! Stupid calories! They need to invent something that tastes like cake but does not make your rear grow!

  5. Jen

    I believe it when you say boxing burns a lot of calories. I remember the few kickboxing classes I’ve been to, and they were intense. Gunther sounds like lots of fun. I wish I could get my “boxer” Jaxon to exercise with the punching bag when the weather is bad. Instead I get to enjoy the Sprinter weather, walking him everyday.

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  7. Laci aka pb2myj

    That’s an awesome deal you got there! woot woot! I can’t wait to get some boxing gloves and a gym membership soon so I can start boxing- I’m definitely into it- and damn it’s such a great burn!!! 🙂 I know it’s great for stress relief- I can’t wait! lol Have fun with Gunther!!!

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