Plateau Scaling, NSVs, and Hookers…

Put the phone down, Ma… I ain’t becoming a hooker… but boy was that an attention grabber or what!?!?  I know how to bring in the crowds.  From now on out you all might want to just take a nap… WARNING:  Major nonsensical babbling ahead… watch out for mind numbing boredom and the urge to turn off your computer!  Commence! 

I talked about a weight gain I had of 3 pounds about 3 weeks ago.  Since then I’ve been recycling those same 3 pounds week in and week out during plateau number 4 billion 85 million 620 thousand 2 hundred and 22 (that’s the way they wrote the numbers back in the olden days when my folks were born… KIDDING!!!  Put the phone down again, Ma!)  I’m learning to just ignore a plateau and press on… put my shoulder to the wheel and push along… because like I’ve said 8 billion times before… this is a lifestyle… NOT a “die”t!  Counting calories, moving, eating chocolate, punching Gunther in the gut, eating more chocolate, and did I mention watching the Food Network 5 hours a day?  Mmmmmm… food….   Meanwhile… how would I go about just moving into Rachael Ray’s refrigerator… because seriously… girl pulls out all sorts of food from that thing… I’ll trade her for my moldy bag of lettuce and Energizer battery.  Meal idea… Energizer salad… a salad that keeps going and going and going! 

I’m happy to say that as of yesterday the plateau has been scaled (take that and smoke it, Reginald!)… took 3 weeks of pushing along, but when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I’d lost the 3 pounds I’d gained 3 weeks prior PLUS another 2.6 pounds… almost 6 pounds.  What did I tell you… sit down, shut up, and keep on walking… the plateau will eventually right itself if you are watching calories and moving.  It’s simple math, people!  No rocket science here… just a lot of patience practicing. 

Meanwhile, in my new found world of stopping to savor all the little moments, it’s NSV (nonscale victory) time!  This weekend I met up with some long lost cousins (what up Oprah… bwahahahaha, that joke never gets old in my noggin… errrrr… I mean Jacque, Meg, and Tanner) and we lunched it up!  I picked the place and since Logan has approximately 3 restaurants that aren’t named McDonald’s, I picked the one that had just opened and I’d never been to! 

Obviously, y’all… just from the name alone I know they have pizza… and that’s about it.  So, we get there and it’s a BUFFET!  Like an all-you-can-eat buffet (dude, why didn’t they have the Biggest Loser event at this joint)… but it’s totally okay… no freaking out on my end because I’m a pro and I can handle this.  My buffet menu before would have been 20 pieces of each of the 10 different pizza flavors, a sample of each of the 8 different pastas and sauces, and one of each of the desserts… oh, and the salad bar would have been 3 sprigs of lettuce, 2 tons of ham, 3 truckloads of cheese, and enough Ranch dressing to change the name of the Sahara Desert to the Ranch Dressing Lake.  I had a plan this time… it’s a plan that has been set in advance for any surprise eating environment… load up on vegetables at the salad bar first, vinagrette dressing on the side… you can pick ONE entree from the main dishes and one dessert.  Easy peasy.  I had me a big ole veggie salad with raspberry vinagrette on the side, whole wheat penne pasta with marinara sauce, one sliver-like cheese breadstick, and half a piece of their peach/cinnamon pizza.. and BAM… I’m out of there for under 600 calories… didn’t even have to use the wheelbarrow to wheel my butt out the door this time.   

For those who live in Logan… I would totally recommend the joint.  The food was really good and for $6.99 per person for all-you-can-eat… how can you go wrong?  Get up an eating plan first, though… otherwise, the help will need to roll your rear out the door.  I’m ready to go again… who wants to join me?

Oh, I almost forgot… I have yet to talk about hookers (children 16 and under… AVERT YOUR EYES!):   

This here is the sign that I drove by on my way to school every. single. day…. 6th grade through 12th grade… and every single day I laugh to this day… because I still have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old girl (please… like I’m the only one).  Who knew the hookers here in the Valley were so friendly?  I’m just saying I could hook y’all up!

Question of the Day:  What’s your plan when you go out to eat or to a potluck? 



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16 responses to “Plateau Scaling, NSVs, and Hookers…

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: What’s your plan when you go out to eat or to a potluck?

    Well, I just posted about this yesterday on MFP.
    I really don’t have a plan. I am a little freaked out to be quite honest.
    This weekend, Easter brunch, will be my 1rst buffet test. We have been to this same Country Club restaurant several times, so I know what they will be serving. At least I have that in my favor…right?
    I know they have the breakfast bar, the omelet chef, the fruit bar w/ chocolate fountain (Ack!), the sweet breads / pastry bar, and the drink bar ( soda, assorted juices, teas, and coffees).
    I am thinking that if I get ice water with lemon in it ( keep these coming), and a cup of hot tea, then load up at the fruit bar (minus the chocolate fountain) and grab some protein at the bfast bar…
    Then I can have my Dh & kids run a double block to keep me away from the pastry bar…
    I might be ok.
    Thank goodness gracious my weigh-in date is Saturday…lol

  2. Chrissy

    Seriously, you had me at hookers. I was laughing before I even clicked on the link. 🙂

    This is a great post, it really helped me think about getting a plan together for surprise eating environments. As I just found out last weekend, not every place provides the nutrition information for their food. (Which I can’t help but feel is rather suspicious…) I ordered a sandwich with the dressing on the side and a salad in place of fries and was able to keep my dinner at the reasonable end of the calorie spectrum. I guess in a potluck setting where you don’t know what is in every dish you just have to be really aware of portion sizes? I am learning to be satisfied with a taste of something instead of an entire bowlful.

    • AMEN!!! I seriously think that all restaurants should just have a nutrition information booklet stapled into the menu. COME ON! It would be so much more helpful than trying to guesstimate what was in it. And yes… I too am learning that a little bit goes a long way! Thank goodness for that!

  3. Jessica

    I have frequented the Big ‘n Friendly Hooker many times in my lifetime….ha! ha! I guess I have a 13 year old sense of humor also. What would we do without our valley Hooker?…have nothing to amuse us on the way to school I guess? Although have you seen the “computer wise” building with the lifesize mural of employees? Looks like a Big ‘N Friendly Hooker ad…..

    I need to form a plan for the buffet….and the buffet I call home. My plan right now is “whatever I see first…eat!” Sometimes it is small children….just kidding….my children are all in one piece and thriving….the neighbor children however….just kidding….I really need to tame my appetite because so far all I can wear are my pregnancy pants and as cute as they are….I am NO LONGER PREGNANT and therefore should not be wearing them!!!! Thanks for your ideas….off to eat my veggies so I will not become the official spokesperson for Big ‘N Friendly Hooker (the oven section)

    • Bwahahaha… love it, Jessica! I have seen that freaktastic Computer Wise sign… seriously? For a conservative town, we sure do have a lot of weird advertising signs. What’s next, a local strip club!?

  4. cl2

    I just went to the new Chuck A Rama on Saturday. I don’t have a plan–although I did have a plan when I’ve been to the Golden Corral with my aunt when she comes up here in August (her son rides in La To Ja and he has to eat high carbs). I stuck to high protein. I didn’t over-stuff myself at Chuck A Rama Saturday. No plan. Don’t k now why. I did have to have chocolate yesterday when I went to see Rio (I hate animation) with friends. Lots of drama in my life–so I had to have chocolate and wish I hadn’t.

    Oh, all night I couldn’t forget about your “baring your soul” about your binges on fast food. That was very brave of you to do and I can only imagine the pain you were in while doing it.

    Love your blog!

    • I’m curious what you thought of chuck-up-a-rama when compared to Golden Corral? Which one was the more quality eating. I will have to go to chuck-a-rama… I’ve never been to one and curiosity is going to kill this cat! Thanks, Colleen… it was good free therapy to purge my soul of that burden… better than bottling it up, I suppose!

  5. Deanna

    I have never had one and always struggle with buffets. Especially the pizza buffet we have in town too. Thank you so much for sharing! I like your plan!

  6. Jen

    Did you know Pizza Pie Cafe originated in Rexburg? And its original name was Craigos? You will have to come up and eat some original pizza from the original franchise!

    • I did not know that. Ironic! Craigos, eh? Are they thriving? I’m not sure how long this one will last down here since it didn’t look too busy when we were there and every restaurant that has been in that building has gone out of business. I hope it does, though, because I liked it!

  7. Laci aka pb2myj

    Be-Geezus woman! Congrats on beating that plateau!!! You are the wisest woman- who needs to write a book when you have a blog- you really need to start charging for this entertainment & advice! lol I love that you just keep on keeping on- it re-assures a lot of us, so thank you for sharing!

    Anddddddd OHHHH em gee! Buffet crazy woman?!??! Thank you though- I definitely think I can handle one now that you laid it out the smart way! hehe I still haven’t eaten out very often, but when I do I feel more and more confident in my choices… it’s a great accomplishment, you should be uber proud of yourself! 🙂

    • Definitely, Laci! It’s all about the plan and the confidence in your new found food smarts! I think it’s good practice to go to restaurants now. It’s a real world thing and we need to know how to eat out! You are awesome… keep rocking!

  8. I don’t have an “eating out” plan. Perhaps I should make one?
    Your entry was exactly what I needed; I’ve been on this stupid plateau for almost a month, I’m going NUTS!
    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one and that it will go away.
    Thank you!!

    • SO Frustrating, isn’t it. I had one for nearly 2 months at one point. But yes… just keep on keeping on… if you’re eating the right amount of calories and exercising, the plateau will be scaled! Good luck!

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