Reporting Live From Russia…

For royal purposes, I really think they meant to say gettest pumpedest!  I missed my flight to England for the royal wedding, so Russia will have to do… either that or Prince William didn’t want me stepping foot on British soil.  No matter… I have me a nice pair of binoculars and I aim to give you all updates throughout the night.  These are the updates no one ever talks about… the toilet paper in the official Loo… over or under?  The palace drunk… underwear or no underwear?  Westminster Abbey… is it really an Abbey?  All the things that we here in the US have been dying to know since the news people here have hardly EVER talked about this wedding… It’s not like for the last month and a half straight we haven’t had a steady stream of invaluable information about cakes and foot wear and grooming habits.  I am fortunate enough to know what the people really want to know… hold onto your derbys, folks… Cinderella is about to get her pumpkin on.  Will Kate’s wedding dress train cause a ruptured disk in her back?  Will William trip over his royal clodhoppers?  Just about an hour left before the suspense will be over!!! 

I really do think this couple is a darling couple and I wish them the best of luck in their kingdom of happily ever after with their gold-encrusted cereal bowls (do important people eat cereal) and their silver-plated riding knickers… but I’m ready for some different coverage… perhaps about more important things like Charlie Sheen and his house of broads or OJ Simpson… what the heck ever happened to him?  I never see his charming face on my TV screen anymore… oh, they don’t have cameras in Prison?  I beg to differ… ask my cellmate Big Bertha… she knows… and if you don’t believe her, you best not be too attached to your nostril shape.

Since my binoculars don’t see past the end of my nose… in other news… product review time!  These muffins are my new addiction (when I say new… I really mean about 6 months).  I can’t even stand how delicious they are and all it took to make them was to unwrap a wrapper and pop the sucker in the microwave for 15 seconds.  Voila… warm, delicious, gooey, blueberry goodness with FIBER!!  Fiber is good for your intestines… Oprah said so and when Oprah speaks, people need to get to listening. 

Fiber One blueberry muffins… in the freezer section by the breakfast foods.  Sure, you could probably make a batch of muffins for less than you could buy these, but unfortunately I failed my June Cleaver Apron Wearing class in college… plus, did I mention these babies have FIBER!?  Because they do.  Imagine that.  They also come in a delectable banana chocolate chip flavor, but I am more in love with the blueberry… I KNOW… SHOCKING… chocolate and I go for the other one!  For the calorizing folks, the info (per ONE muffin… not all 4 in the package, unfortunately):

Calories:  180    Fat:  4     Fiber:  7

Hopefully June Cleaver or Marcia Brady will show up on my doorstep here soon and I’ll find my inner don’t go burning the muffins mojo… until then, I’ll eat these babies on occasion.  I only burnt them that one time I accidentally set the microwave timer for 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds… but pretty sure that was microwave error. 

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a splended weekend and make sure you do something fun for me!  See you all back here on Monday… bright and bushy tailed!  Thanks for all the sweet comments and support! 

Question of the Day:  Did you watch the royal wedding?  What did you think?  Also, which flavor of muffin flips your dress in the air?




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7 responses to “Reporting Live From Russia…

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Happy Friday everyone! Have a splendid weekend and make sure you do something fun for me!

    Happy Friday Whitney!
    My guys are going camping this weekend with their Cub Scout Pack. While they are doing the male bonding thing in the great outdoors, my daughter and I are going to have a “girls weekend”.
    It will involve spending time with some girl friends of ours on Saturday and a nice long ride ( horses ) on Sunday.

    Question of the Day: Did you watch the royal wedding?

    No, but I am sure I will still see every little detail on every stinking channel ( like we have seen for the past few wks – UGH).

    What did you think?

    I am so ready for it to be over and tv coverage go on to something else.
    I wish the royal couple all the best, honestly, but there really are more important things ( the tornado in AL and the flooding and power outages come to mind).

    Also, which flavor of muffin flips your dress in the air?

    When I was eating muffins, I liked blueberry and triple berry a lot. Of course I liked the chocolate chocolate-chip as well. I like my banana nut muffins of course. Ok – to be honest I don’t think I have met a muffin I didn’t like.

    Guess what Whitney!! I got approached yesterday to walk in the 5K Walk/ Run in August as part of our county fair and it benefits Relay For Life. I am giving it some serious thought.

    Keep on keepin’ on….

    • Hey Louisa… sounds like a fun weekend you have planned! Enjoy the girl time with your daughter and friends! As for your opinion on the royal wedding… AMEN… pretty much all I can say about it. They are a lovely couple and I wish them well… but moving on!

      I totally think you should do the 5K… will give you something to work towards and a huge sense of accomplishment after it’s done!!

  2. cl2

    I did watch. I have avoided watching much of anything about the wedding all these weeks–and I just happened to be awake at the time she was riding up to the abbey in the rolls–so I kept watching. Now every channel has it on and I get to watch recaps. I liked her sister’s dress the best–and so did my daughter, though we loved her wedding dress. (My daughter just watched the recaps–she is home for 10 days between Tennessee and Alaska.) I have to tell my daughter about these muffins.

    I like banana nut muffins. I’m not into berries in anything unless you chop them up so I can’t feel the texture in my mouth and I’m fine. Any berry. I don’t like chocolate chips much in anything either???? So the muffins won’t be bothering me much.

    I actually ate well yesterday–kept from binging–which is very difficult to do right now. I have to keep telling myself one day at a time. I still didn’t get out for a walk. Maybe today.

    Have a good weekend. I’ll be, guess what??? Working! Are you the weekend on-call this weekend?

    • Oh, I’m sure there will be recaps of that wedding from now until at least next December! If you missed a second of it… never fear! I bet you have loved having your daughter home for a few days before she is off to the next adventure again. Will you go visit her this summer?

      That rocks that you ate well yesterday… did better than I did. I found a stash of chocolate chips and had a go at them… now I feel gross… but tomorrow is a new day.

      Don’t work yourself too hard, Colleen! I do not work this weekend… a couple weeks until my next proofing/pager weekend.

  3. Dorothy

    I watched the recaps and highlights reel that took 3 minutes. I did not see or hear of any of the planning over the last few weeks that people have been talking about, but my TV is rarely on.

    I think people get excited to see someone have an unlimited budget for a wedding, and get to become a “princess”! Personally, I think everyone is a “princess” on their wedding day!

    As for muffins, my absolute favorite are zucchini nut muffins and my close second would be pumpkin spice! We freeze a lot of zucchini during the summer from the garden just so I can use it to make the muffins year round! Lately I have been playing with the recipe to make them more calorie friendly without losing all the great flavor!

    • AMEN!! I’m jealous that you managed to miss most of the coverage leading up to it… I guess I could keep my TV off, but then who would use my remote control? 😛

      Mmmm… zucchini nut sounds delicious. If you come up with a good calorie friendly, good tasting muffin, I’d love the recipe. That way I could eat more of them! 😛 I’m all about quantity!

  4. Jen

    I totally watched the wedding at 3 am but only because I was at work, and my patients were sleeping. We all piled into an empty patient room, I rolled out the chair the also makes into a bed and got comfy for the event. I loved Kate’s dress. I’ve never tried Fiber One Muffins but I will have to now. As for favorite flavors? I’ve always liked banana nut.

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