The Kardashians and Their Rear Receptacles…

My mom told me the word butt wasn’t a classy way to start a blog post… so I’ll butt out and never use the word butt ever again… but not if I really need to use it… butt is totes better than some of the alternative words… so, rear receptacle it is.  Will you put me back in your Will now, Madre? 

Now that I’m a regular walker, instead of a regular butt sitter (Fragnabit… didn’t even make it a sentence yet), I’ve been having problems with my feet.  An annoying constant ache in the heel area, which gets worse the more it gets inflamed… but that’s nothing like the time when I tore the plantar fascia and had to use crutches to maneuver around for a couple of days.  I self-diagnosed myself (I try to avoid paying a doctor money when I can Google the issue for free… less waiting room time, less chance for a drive-by doctor visit… you know the ones… the ones where you wait in the waiting room for 2 hours, only to see the doctor for 25 seconds on his way to lunch), and came up with a condition called plantar fasciitis.  The definition according to this website is:

Plantar fasciitis is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.

The plantar fascia is a very thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. This band of tissue is what creates the arch of the foot. When the fascia is overstretched or overused, it can become inflamed. When the fascia is inflamed, it can be painful and make walking more difficult.

Risk factors for plantar fasciitis include:

  • Foot arch problems (both flat feet and high arches) – CHECK
  • Obesity – Uhhhh… DOUBLE CHECK AND A HALF
  • Repetitive loading on the feet from long-distance running, especially running downhill or on uneven surfaces – What is this thing called running?  Never heard of it? 
  • Sudden weight gain –  Well, I wouldn’t call it sudden… more like gradually over the space of 32 years… but it suddenly sucked every year!
  • Tight Achilles tendon (the tendon connecting the calf muscles to the heel) – Achilles has always hated me…
  • Shoes with poor arch support or soft soles – So, you’re saying my duckie slippers do not constitute good arch support?
  • Usually affects active men ages 40 to 70 – I chose to ignore this one… last time I checked my “active man” card was still in the mail…

DISCLAIMER:  I do not condone diagnosing one’s self… I just happen to be really stubborn and cocky and cheap with my pennies… Scroogish… if you will.  Tiny Tim had plantar fasciitis too… I’m pretty sure. 

So, the plantar fasciitis pretty much sucks (though, definitely not as sucky as broken limbs… hi Karrie) and it’s frustrating to me to have aching feet/heels when I want to get out there and walk.  I got a recommendation to try Skecher’s Shape Ups shoes as they were supposed to take some of the pressure off of your heel and redistribute the weight to other parts of your feet/legs.  It was worth a try… short of getting my feet cut off and buying me some new fangled dangled Barbie legs (which I did consider for approximately a quarter of a fifth of a second!)  I’ve read that Shape Ups are a controversial shoe… some woman is trying to sue the company claiming that she was injured by her shoes… LOLLLLLLL… no, honey… that just means you was born with the clutzitis disease.  I have it too, sweetheart… ain’t no court system in the world (oh, I forgot we live in the U.S.,  Sue Country Central).   

I started out with a pair of walking shoes that looked like this:

Which helped my poor feet immediately… there was still a dull ache there, but this helped to redistribute the ache and not make it as noticeable.  Pretty soon, I bought me a pair of everyday shape ups (which are totes the UGLIEST things I have ever seen and immediately cause my fashionista sister and mother to do convulsions over their ugliness… I don’t care… this girl has ALWAYS been about comfort before fashion… ALWAYS!)

Lindsay… LOOK AWAY FROM THE UGLY SHOE!!!  I’m already 5 feet 8-1/2 inches (do not you dare try to round it up to 5’9″), and wearing these shoes makes me approximately 6 feet 13-3/4 inches… but I’m willing to live with looking like the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk to have less painful feet… despite how unfashionista I look!  Take that, Project Runway!  I’m afraid I won’t be able to be a contestant next season. 

I know these suckers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you find you have my same foot problem, these are definitely worth checking out.  Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot complaint, so I’m betting a lot of you have it as well (even if you don’t own a male card)! 

For those interested in trying these out, has an AMAZEBALLS deal on them.  I bought my walking ones above at Shoe Carnival for $100.00 (NOT cheap), and the casual ones at Ross for $70.00 (again, not cheap).  Though, if you get this heckuva deal with a special code, they are offering half off the already marked down price.  I just ordered some extra ones for when I wear the other ones out and with shipping, it cost me $33.53 (ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?!?)  Make sure you use the half off code at checkout… Half Off Skechers Shape Ups   That link brings you to the page with the information and code on it… the code will work for any pair of Skechers on the site, they just happened to link you to the least expensive pair… so use the search function to find other options.  Also, if you are interested, you might want to jump on it… these sales go fast!

Oh, almost forgot… why am I talking about the Kardashians in my title?  Because I found out that apparently, Kim Kardashian (ye of the large rear receptacle), advertises these shoes… so if you want a receptacle like Kim’s… get you some!  (I, however, do NOT want any form of receptacle… I’m just using mine as a self-diagnosed pain reliever!) 

Question of the Day:  What brand of sneakers do you like the best? 

Walked down Champ Drive in my Skechers the other day... totes felt like a champ... you be one too, friends!



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18 responses to “The Kardashians and Their Rear Receptacles…

  1. Amy

    Saucony sneakers are the best! Once you do, ya never go back. Awesome arch support and cute too. I got shin splints once upon a time (when I actually ran) and the Hubs has had heel pain for decades till I married him n suggested Saucony. He put in a real nice alternative sole. Altogether came to about 80$ which is much less than brand-x Nike with the inherent dose of whine n crackers. No more shin splints n no more foot pain. Hallelujah! He’s real happy he found me, if for no other reason. Getcha some 🙂

    • HA! Amy… LOVE it. I’ve heard a thing or two about Saucony sneakers… and the real nice alternative sole would probably be a must for me! It was destined to be… he finding you and you recommending Saucony! 😀

  2. cl2

    Hate to tell you this, but my daughter got some sketchers shapeups for $50 at Christmas at Kohl’s. They were $60 Saturday (before the extra 15% off).

    BUT been there, done that with plantar fasciitis. Back in the day when I was too poor to buy myself shoes and had to wear my daughter’s castoffs, I wore some slipper to walk in. It was leather and I went to the track so nobody could see me. I got plantar fasciitis BAD and I quit walking because I thought there was something horrible wrong. I even had this feeling in one of my heels that I had a piece of glass in it. My older brother had seen a doctor about it and the doctor said to buy heel supports for my shoes–and I did. He also said to take naproxen sodium on a regular schedule for 6 weeks. I wasn’t as faithful with that. I haven’t had plantar fasciitis since. I haven’t used heel supports since I bought a halfway decent pair of walking shoes–nothing fancy. It has been 7 years since I had it.

    And those of us who work with you know why you don’t go to the doctor unless you absolutely have to–NEITHER DO I. And we tend to be extreme on the end of diagnosing ourselves . . . easy enough to do.

    I’m glad to know that your shoes have helped. PF is very debilitating!

    • I am cringing for you right now, Colleen!! I could practically feel your PF pain when you were walking in slippers. It’s a painful little bugger. So glad to hear that it’s been so long since you’ve had it… KNOCK ON WOOD! I’m thinking and hoping mine won’t be as noticeable as I get lighter… HOPEFULLY!

  3. Jen

    That is funny you just posted about these shoes because I just got suckered into another infomercial by Tony Little for his amazing “Cheeks” shoes. They are slip on walking shoes that are supposed to tone your backside too. I haven’t received them yet but I will let you know how I like them soon. PS It also comes with a 1 year magazine subscription and 1 year of a free personal trainer by phone.

    • HAAAAA! Jen… that made me laugh… and quite ironic that it would happen to both of us around the same time. You’ll have to tell me what the verdict is when you get them… buns of steel here you come! {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Jen-Jen!

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: What brand of sneakers do you like the best?

    I bought my Champion Trance Sneaker at Payless and I really liked them but they didn’t have a lot of arch support.
    This shows the blk & wht one but mine are wht & light blue…. Aren’t they cute??

    I went back to look at their Tone Up sneakers ( like Sketchers Shape Ups but A LOT cheaper) and tried them on. I liked them so I bought a pair. I got the white blue ones and I have had them over a year and I still love them. I wear them most everywhere ( walking, cleaning my building, to Scout activities etc…).

    I really need to invest in some more sneakers…

    Keep on, Keepin’ on…

  5. dessa

    I am a fan of Asics shoes but I know that the same shoe won’t work for everybody. I do think you have to pay a littlle more money to get a good pair. I could never wear the skeechers because I am 5’10” tall and with the platform they have I would look like a giant. To each his own.

    • Join the giant club… it’s only a couple of inches more height… I have a pair of Asics too (on your recommendation) and I wear those when I ride the bike or hit the vunder ball.

  6. seth

    Jen, we need to talk…I think you may have a problem with info tv.

    Whit, orthotics work great too!

  7. Thanks for the review of the shape ups. I am also fearful of looking like Herman Munster with these shoes on but if I have any troubles I could be coerced.

    I wear plain old nikes and have for a few years now. Due to my giant feet issues I have to get mens but would love me a pair of pretty pink or purples sneakers one day.

    Loves your blog:)

    • Thank you, Sarah!! Yes… if you happen to get the fasciitis problem (KNOCK ON LOTS OF WOOD!) I would totally go with the shape ups… fashion goes out the door when there is pain involved!

      I’m in your giant feet club as well! I’ve normally had to buy men’s, but lately I’ve been able to find some women’s size 11s that fit. Yay!

  8. Lindsay


    Your right I won’t approve of your wierdy lookin sneakers! But I honestly don’t have room to talk because I wear Brooks Addiction 9 for its serious pronation control. Plus inside of them I have to wear $200.00 orthotics made by a podiatrist! My feet are also a mess maybe it runs in the family.

    My problem is too much step classes and pounding up and down on the floor and running! Now my knees don’t work and my feet are flat and in pain and my feet always fall to sleep when I am working out!

    CAN IT GET ANY WORSE??? WTC! I am only 31 years old where did my youth go?

    Later sis!


    • You are just jealous that mine have a rocker on the bottom of them… like a rocking chair but with shoes.

      We probably do have the same bad feet genes… at least your feet aren’t as monstrous as mine and moms!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the shoe deal. I am going to give these suckers a try! I normally wear New Balance shoes to exercise in, but I do get a weird pain in my feet sometimes with them. I don’t think it’s PF since it goes away, but foot pain when you’re trying to exercise is no bueno.

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