Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday – Take My Life

Today’s song brings me back a mixture of emotions.  Back when I discovered the song (years ago), I’d put the CD in my geezerific CD walkman (those old ones from the 90s the size of my head) and I’d sit outside under a summer night sky and listen to this song with the volume all the way up… and I’d weep… and I’d pray… and I’d scare the cat… and when the song was over, I’d press the rewind button and do it all over again.  It was like a big ole rejuvination party of my mind and my Spirit.  Music can be so cathartic for me and this song just happened to express everything I wanted for my life.  I wanted God to take a hold of my life and mold it and make me see my full potential.  I just wanted to feel useful… not like some big ole’ lump who did nothing but sit around and weep in the darkness whilst blasting my eardrums out.  (What’s that you say?)

I’ve mentioned that I’ve always been a big daydreamer… my way of escaping my fat.  For as long as I can remember, my daydreams always had a fit and healthy me as the star… not the blobbified unhealthy version… and that’s what gave me hope that it wouldn’t always be like that.  I wouldn’t always be the fat girl who couldn’t do anything.

Not to get all religiousy on this here blog, but I do believe that God has always had this plan for my life… and for the first part of my life,  that plan was for me to go through my years of alone, cut off from the world.  I had to go through those years and learn from them to become the person I am today.  That was the plan… and when I’d accomplished that portion of my life, I’d lose the weight and I’d be in a place to help others who are in my same situation… give them some sort of hope… that they too can break down their shack walls and build a palace in it’s place.  Get yo’ palace, friends… everyone deserves to be treated like a queen/king at some point in their lives. 

Take My Life by Jeff McLean:  There was no video of this song on YouTube (RUDE!!!), so I slopped together one, no rhyme or reason to the pictures, just a bunch I had taken on some of my many walks over the last year and a half. 

I took a snapshot of my life, but the exposure was all wrong.
I couldn’t see a thing developing… it’s been that way for too long.
So, I have come with a request, though part of me thinks I’m insane.
But I’m determined to see this thing through and I… I won’t complain.

Just take my life… and turn it into something better.
Choose any way you will.
Take this shack…
Break down the walls and build a palace up on a higher hill.

I thought I knew where I should go. 
I tried to get there on my own.
I took the easy roads.
But now I know that I’m lost and all alone.

So, take my life and turn it into something useful.
Don’t stop until you’re done.
Take these eyes and make them see a clearer vision
of what I can become.

And on those days when I think I’m dying.
I’ll trust in you and I’ll keep on trying.
And if you pick this road I’ll take it.
With you as my guide I know I can make it.

Take my life and make it one that is worth living.
Don’t stop until you’re through.
Take this life, the one that I am freely giving.
I give it all… I give it all… I give it all to you.
I give it all to you.

Question of the Day:  What have you most learned about yourself?

This was my backyard view during my cathartic music sessions... oh, except with leaves on the trees...




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16 responses to “Whitney’s Playlist Wednesday – Take My Life

  1. Jen

    What a blessing it is to have that positive perspective about God’s plan for you. Loved the song; I’ve never heard it before though. You always have great taste in music.

  2. Amber

    Your pictures are amazing, Logan is so pretty. This post was exactly what I needed this morning, I can’t thank you enough.

  3. dessa

    Sure love you Whitney! Thanks alot for making me bawl like a baby. This is your time!

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Another great post, Whitney. So glad you shared your past and this song. It was super good and I loved all the pics you took. What a gorgeous bunch of scenery you have!
    God is definitely at work all around you and in your life.

    Question of the Day: What have you most learned about yourself?

    I have learned that I am a Godly person, a good Christian, a strong person in mind & body, a great mom, a good wife ( most of the time anyway), and good at prioritizing.
    I realized that this journey isn’t impossible. I can have ALL that I want. The only person putting limitations on me is ME.

    Keep on …Keepin’ on….

    • Thanks, Louisa… there’s a beauty to that song! I’ve loved it for forever!

      I love that you have learned that the journey isn’t impossible because it isn’t. Just takes a little gumption and work! Go get yours!

  5. Beautiful song, Whit. Again not to get all religous on you, but I’ve learned that when I give up control and focus on trying to do what God wants me to do rather than what I want, I’m much happier in the end. It’s the figuring out exactly what God wants me to do that is the trick! Keep on building that palace, one brick at a time.

    To answer your question . . . recovering from surgery gave me a lot of time to think which can be a dangerous thing. I have this stupid game I downloaded on my phone that I played sometime. I don’t know if you remember playing pick-up sticks as a kid, but it’s based on that. There is a mess of sticks and you have to sort them out by figuring out which one is on top and if you touch one that is covered by another one, it beeps at you and takes a point off your score. I found that every time I messed up and touched the wrong stick, I would immediately trash that game and start over again. I guess that means that I am a perfectionist and give up too easily when I stumble. I think I’d be better off to accept the stumbles in the process and actually finish the game sometimes rather than focus on trying to be perfect at it and starting over 50 billion times. Thinking on Lortab is scary stuff, I tell ya.

    • Great comparison, Rach! I used to do that with the game Tetris… if the blocks weren’t perfectly lining up, I’d have to start the game over. You are absolutely right… this journey was NEVER about perfection… just persistence. Get your land over the rainbow and your palace too!!

  6. Rex Wade

    Great stuff Whit Love Dad!!

  7. Lindsay

    Well sister Whitney-

    Let’s be honest . . . I started crying when I read your post and I had to go to Ethan’s soccer game so I closed my computer and came back to read it and I just loved it! I cried because I remember these times when we were younger and it hurts me because I was living a life I wanted for you and I feel bad you didn’t have that.

    But guess what you do now! So happy for what’s to come for you, it’s a amazing life! thanks for reminding us of this!

    Love you


    • Thank you, Lindseronio… I admit there were times I was jealous of you and your fun having an skinnyness, etc. (I will blog about that some time), but pretty sure now that I know things, I wouldn’t trade places. Different roads!

  8. Julie

    Lovely song… first time I’ve ever heard it. Wow. Makes me realize my only true regret from childhood, was not giving the reigns of my life to God, way back when I was a child.

  9. I really ike this song, I’ve been looking for the lyrics…thanks for it!… do you know that this song is part of a soundtrack of the movie “the best to years” ? It’s a ‘mormon ‘ film… I’m sorry, I don’t speak English very well…hahaha…but…I like your blog 😉

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