The Hills Are Alive… With the Sound of Shortness of Breath…

Y’all, that title’s a spoof on that song from The Sound of Music… that other song… not the song about deer and tea and sewing.  Meanwhile… since it isn’t winter anymore, the mice are back scurrying around in my window well and making me squeal like a little girl every time I hear a rustle in the moldy leaves.  I AM SUCH A WUSS!!  Guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight!  These mice are too smart to get stuck in the traps, but they still eat the cheese I put on them.  They’re like little scurrying, spectacle-wearing, pocket protector-holding, snort-laughing rodents with Harvard degrees!  Watch out Mark Zuckerberg, Mickey Mouse is the new “IT” man… he’s getting up the plans for Mousebook as we speak.  Oh MYLANTA… he just scurried again!  Someone needs to come up and knock me in the head with a ball bat one of these days… a 300-pound chic scared of a 2-ounce furry creature!  STOP IT!  But they carry diseases… like eatscupcakesallday-itis and watchesmarathonsofthebradybunchwithtissues bacteriosum.  All debilitating illnesses!!  Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!   

I came here to talk about other things besides mice from MENSA… like the new walking route I took on Friday night… yes, I said Friday night.  That’s how I spend my party nights… walking new routes with a beer in each paw… did I say beer?  I meant H2O bottle.  So, the new walking route happened to be on one of my most favorite streets in town, known around these parts as The Boulevard.  It’s just a lovely corner of the world and they have these new (to me) walking trails going up and down steep mountain crevices… perfect for this hates-all-things-with-an-incline-and-mice gal… and by perfect I really mean, get out the oxygen tank, Florence… Whitney’s gonna need a new set of lungs kind of perfect. 

I was quite proud of myself, purposely walking down as many hills as possible just so I could hike back up them… and you know what… I made it up every last one of them durn things… take that part of my brain who always tells me I can’t!  Of course I sounded as if I was the big bad wolf with my huffing and puffing, but it’s a good thing to challenge yourself… plus, the donut shop was at the top of the steepest hill… and they were having a sale on Krispy Kremes!!  😛

Next up… Mount Everest (that one movie about it… not the actual mountain!)   

The Boulevard...


Making a mountain out of a mole hill... are moles just as creepy as mice? Do Moles eat Mice? Help a gal out!



Question of the Day:  What’s your next planned Challenge?



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12 responses to “The Hills Are Alive… With the Sound of Shortness of Breath…

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    First of all – I sat here laughing and reading about the mice.
    Second – HUGE congratulations on tackling the new trail and all your huffing and puffing. You rocked it out, Girl!!!
    Love the pics too.
    Can’t beat your scenery …

    Question of the Day: What’s your next planned Challenge?

    My next planned challenge is six-fold:
    to get a heck of a lot closer to the 200lb mark by my bday,
    have others start to notice my changes,
    more 60 min advanced Tae Bo workouts,
    more exercise in general ( like walking and sand vball),
    to keep away from sugar ( evil ),
    and to walk more in preparation for the 5K walk/run in Sept.

    I feel pretty good about my choices over Mother’s Day. The taco salad w/ chicken instead of beef at the Mexican restaurant, Dh took us to, was good.
    The snacks at the kid’s Spring Piano Recital were summer sausage, cheese, crackers, and an assortment of cookies, brownies, and punch…
    I only had the summer sausage and some cheese ( no crackers and no sweets).
    I really did have more sugar than was good for me over the past few days though.
    I didn’t go over my cal goals and I am still losing weight but it didn’t make me feel very good (physically).
    I also have found that since I had some sugary things, I am now craving them where when I was OFF the sugar, I didn’t have the cravings. Weird but true.
    On a positive note, the (evil) sugar is out of the house now and I can focus once more.

    Keep on…keepin’ on…

    • Sounds like you have some great and totally attainable challenges, Louisa. You are already well on your way. And WAY TO GO for making good choices over the weekend. That’s totally an accomplishment!! Great job!

  2. cl2

    Way to goWhitney! I’m using the keyboard on my laptop, so don’t mind the typos. I hate mice, too.

  3. Avster

    Moles are worse than mice. Moles can destroy ones yard and and gardens and prohibit awesome things such as roses and gladiolis from blooming. Not nice! If you would like one I will see if I can catch one and mail it to you. =)

    Yay! Way to tell that train in the noggin to start saying, “I know I can!”

    • I was waiting for you to ask!!!! What is life without my very own mole to be friends with my mice critters!! Wait until the pitbull puppies get there and then you can use the same box to mail it back to me!!

  4. Ally

    Wow Whit, your making me think today. I need a NEXT challenge. I am drawing a blank. I fear I an becoming too complacent. I will have to think on that and get back to you! Keep on truckin girl!

    • Oh, TOTALLY, Ally! Having a challenge to think about helps us stay on track. I need to think of a more concrete one rather than just… walk hills. Think, think, think!

  5. You have a real photography talent there, Whit! I love the Boulevard and am grateful to live in such a beautiful place. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am. I’ll have to ponder on my next challenge . . . good motivation for me to start thinking of it.

    • I think you have a great start at a challenge if you’re doing your Cruise to the Biggest Loser challenge, Rach!! But having little ones in between can be a nice rear kicker!

  6. Dessa Wade

    Love the quaint little houses along the boulevard too. Wasn’t it great to not have to wear your jacket or carry your umbrella on saturday. Well, it didn’t last long!
    My next challenge? I need to come up with something since I’m approaching a horrible birthday and need to prove to myself that I’m really not that old.

    • I know what horrible birthday you be talking about, Mommy… Birthday number 4 – 0!! Can you even believe it’s happening!?!?!? 😛 Also… I am mad that the rain and cold came back!!

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