I Swear to You… the Fish Was THIS Big!!!

Y’all are pretty much super awesome… can I just call y’all Blogsomes for short?  Great… now that we have the formalities out of the way.  By my count, we have a total of 17 Mission:  Uncage the Singing Bird takers… remember it’s never too late to sign up and if you’re one of those shy suckers who would like to participate but would never dare say anything on here, we can still feel your vibes and are cheering you on!  I’ll be asking for your 2 bucket list items around Thursdee of next week, so clear the cobwebs out of that there noggin (mine needed 207 Swiffer duster pads), and get to thinking! 

My dad has a pretty big birthday on Sunday… his 39th.  When you do the math, that would make him 7 years old when I was born (excuse me… I just dry heaved a little bit).  It will really be his 60th… the year he will officially be able to partake in the Senior Citizen discount at the Sizzler (even though he’s been trying to get away with that danged discount since the age of 45).  My dad didn’t have the ideal life while he was growing up.  He was born cross eyed and runtish.  His father died when he was around 8 or 9 and after that his mother spent the remaining years shipping him out to live with different relatives.  It’s a testament to his inner strength that he turned out to be a responsible and functioning adult, especially considering the fact that he spent most of his childhood and teenagehood getting into trouble. 

My dad and I share a lot of the same characteristics… we’re both unfailingly bull headed and stubborn, we’re both anti touchy-feely/mushy-gushy, and we both use humor to get through the hard things.  Because we are so similar, my dad and I butt heads quite often.  When you get 2 stubborn people in a room with only one decision to be made and we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, butting heads is the only alternative.  But, we also share the same inner strength, that despite the odds, we’re going to prove all of those statistics wrong!  I’m grateful that he passed on that characteristic to me… because I know I would have given up long ago had I not had it instilled somewhere deep within my innards (take a right at the appendix and cruise on down the small intestine).  

If you will notice my face in the first 2 pictures... I was all like... This new doll SUCKS... when can we return her at the K-Mart!!!

In honor of his birthday on Sunday, here’s a rundown:


  • – STEAK with a bell around it’s neck, preferrably mooing
    – Wearing socks with sandals
    – Fishing in Alaska and then showing the pictures to anyone who will listen
    – Old Westerns (TV shows and movies)
    – The Game Show Network
    – Teasing and joking with people


  • – Shopping
    – Country music (or any music that isn’t considered Golden Oldies or The Beatles)
    – Women hormones
    – Anything that is diet, sugar-free, low-fat, etc. 
    – Not wearing socks with sandals

Happy Birthday, Dad!  Thanks for always being willing to help me out and for teaching me about hard work.  I love you!!

Two of Dad's favorite pastimes... feeding the cat chocolate ice cream so she inevitably gets sick and Alaskan fishing!

Question of the Day:  What traits did you get from your dad?  



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11 responses to “I Swear to You… the Fish Was THIS Big!!!

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    First off…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitney’s dad!!!

    Question of the Day: What traits did you get from your dad?

    Well, to be honest, I take more after my mother ( don’t tell her I ever admitted that …lol ).

    I love my daddy very much but my sister is his carbon-copy, not me…
    I don’t see my dad in my brothers either…ok, with the exception of one ( Cory ).
    We lost my brother, Cory, that was closest to me 25 yrs ago. Yikes, has it really been that long? He was an old soul like our dad and things were always very black or white…right or wrong.
    Dad is quietly reserved, intelligent, wise, funny, is a big bear of a man but very graceful & sure-footed, athletic, can dance, has a beautiful singing voice, is knowledgeable on many very different subjects, a Christian, compassionate, and GOOD to the ends of his toes.
    I guess I have some of those qualities too now that I think about it. I may not be as quiet or reserved or a big person or see things as blk & wht but I think many of the others characteristics ring true.

    Thanks for making me think about these things, Whitney. I need to go call my Daddy now and just see how he is doing today. We saw my parents at Easter. They have been married 56 yrs this year!!
    My husband will get to see him this Saturday ( he is going to go help him mow his pastures ). The kids & I won’t get to go this time since they have other commitments.

    Keep on …keepin’ on….

  2. Lindsay

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! What a great post honoring our father! He is in for quite the birthday weekend and YES, a BALLET RECITAL is in his plans 🙂 that makes me laugh!

    I think that I am a lot like my dad. My dad (sorry OUR dad) is very quiet at times and we always wonder what he is thinking about. No I am not quiet but I find myself being quiet when it comes to parenting I sit and observe first before I say something. I noticed my dad did that. Also, I think my father and I have a lot in common when it comes to work frustrations.

    But the one thing I admire about him the most is his dedication to service of those around him. HONESTLY, my dad is always doing some service to someone everyday. He has never ever complained nor has he not ever enjoyed it. He always seems happy to jump up and do anything for anybody whether it is electrical work, moving, building, shoveling snow, entertaining the elderly, babysitting, hard labor, borrowing out his clothes or church services (that have been many and very time consuming!) I can’t think of everything but it doesn’t really matter what it is everyone knows that if they call my dad he will be right there to help! And he actually is happy about it! Wierd I KNOW!

    So there ya go my dad is quite the example of serving happily and not complaining. Not a trait I nor Whitney (if I can add you to Whit) acquired. But maybe someday! 🙂

    Love you dad !

  3. cl2

    Having lost my dad 2 years ago–my dad was the strongest man I’ve ever met–tough to the very core and looked like John Wayne–acted like John Wayne. He was a “what you see is what you get” kind of person and if people didn’t like him, too bad. He taught us all to work TOO HARD. I just realized while reading about your dad that that must be where I got my sense of humor–as my dad had a great sense of humor.

    I learned to work hard from my dad, I got my temper from my dad, and I got my sense of humor from my dad. (You have to know me well to know my sense of humor–and most of my family has it–dark and dry.) My siblings all have TEMPERS and they all are hard workers. We all both share about half and half of our mother and father. We can be people pleasers like our mother, but push us to hard and we’ll let you have it right between the eyes–like our dad.

    I miss him every day.

    So–Happy Birthday to your dad!

  4. Karen

    You do have a great dad and we have been the recipient of many of his kind services. Happy birthday 60 year old Rex. You too are very much your father and I have always thought you were quite wonderful. There!

  5. Dessa Wade

    Very well said Whitney! As for my dad, he was the hardest worker I have ever known. He would be 105 years old if he were still alive so he was from the old stock. He never ever laid a hand on me to discipline me. Instead, he had a quiet way about him and I never did want to disappoint him. He wasn’t affectionate either but we always knew we were loved.

  6. Rex Wade

    Boy I don’t know who you folks are talking about, but he sounds like a pretty nice guy. These are usually statements made at the funeral. I’m glad to here them before thanks. Love you!

  7. Jenalee Berger

    Happy Birthday Uncle Rex!
    You’re right Whitney your dad is pretty awesome! I remember the first time I met him at Marshall and Brittney’s wedding. Mark and I were not married yet so your dad kept an eye on us to make sure we were behaving 🙂
    Also, when Baylee was about two we went to I think it was Michale’s wedding reception and your dad chased Baylee around for us all night! It was so nice!

  8. Liz

    Stubborness and humor. My dad is currently in the hospital (he’ll be fine), but here’s a shout out to him. Love you Dad! And stop working so dang much for a 71 yr old 😦

  9. Aww. What a sweet post about your pops! Happy birthday, Whitney’s dad! I hope your weekend is fantastic and filled with good weather and good memories. My dad has a huge heart and would do just about anything for anybody. A few weeks ago, he took my mom out to dinner and ran into our old bishop and his wife who were just finishing as my parents got there. My dad grabbed their ticket and paid for their meal just to be a nice guy. He can be crusty, but his heart is gold.

  10. Emma

    I am loving your blog by the way. But, more to the point, I lost my dad when I was 11 and Rex became one of the few and consistent examples of fathering in my sister’s and my life. He undoubtedly has no idea of the impact he had on us, but he was heaven sent to our lives. Happy birthday Rex!

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