Mission: Uncage the Singing Bird – The Goals…

This was hard for me… hard because every time I’d come up with a bucket list item that I was going to finish by January 1st, 2012, I immediately found some reason why I couldn’t ever accomplish it.  Too far out of my comfort zone… too much work… too embarrassing… too much brain usage… etc., etc., etc.  All excuses… every single last one of ’em a lame butt excuse.  All coming back to the same reason… I’m afraid of the unknown.  What if I can’t accomplish it… what if I shrivel up into a ball of bird doo… what if all my hair falls out from anxiety… what if someone tells me I can’t?  I’ve pretty much lived at least the last decade of my life with “what ifs”… that’s why I haven’t done a dagnabbed thing… and the reason I’m doing this birdie uncaging mission is to get away from that type of thinking and move forward… teach myself that I can accomplish whatever the cream puff I put my mind to.  I just have to show myself I can do it.

So, today’s  mission, getting my goals (aka bucket list items) down in black and white is the first step.  I’ll say outloud what I plan to accomplish by the end of the year and then I’ll work on a plan… a step by step plan of action for how I’m going to get to my final goal; instead of just saying stupid things like, “eh, I’ll get it when I get to it.”  I’m the QUEEN of procrastination.  In school if a project was due on Friday, I started working on it at 11:00 p.m. Thursday night and then stayed up the whole night finishing it and went to school the next morning like zombie girl.  If I work my bucket list items like that, I’ll just never do them.  In next Tuesday’s post, I’ll write out a plan of action.  You brave souls who are going to be joining the birdie mission… y’all should do the plan of action thing too… because all the cool kids are doing it… right after they all jump off the cliff. 

Small Bucket List Item:  Make a CD of me singing some of my favorite Christmas songs… and just sing more in general.

No, I ain’t trying to become the next American Geezer Idol… I’m far from knowing that ain’t never gonna happen.  Singing has been a BIG part of my life since I was 2 years old.  I sang everywhere… much to my family’s annoyance.  It was a way for me to escape.  I’d come home from school, lock myself in my room with my karaoke machine and karaoke tapes/CDs and I would sing for hours and hours and hours.  When I was singing, I wasn’t lardo Whitney… I was a dagnabbed rockstar.  I found I could get all of my emotions out in the songs I sang, and it was really a form of therapy for me.  It was my happy place.  I went from singing all the time; church, fairs, parties, dinners, in my bedroom, etc., to singing once or twice a year at the most.  My annual version of “Oh Holy Night” at the church Christmas program… and if I’m lucky one other time.  I miss it.  Even if I don’t sing for anyone ever again, I at least need to sing for myself.  I’m burying my talent under a bushel of rotted kumquats and setting a team of sumo wrestlers on the top of them.  Plus, I’ve wanted to make a CD of my singing for years now, but I’ve never thought it was a convenient time… and pretty soon I’m going to have the old lady vibrato and then ain’t no one gonna want to hear that!  So, this year is the year… I’m doing it!  Come hell or high water!

Large Bucket List Item:  Go on a trip…

Those who know me and all my issues, know that this is a HUGE deal for me.  I have a debilitating germ-a-phobe anxiety issue, and thus do not like hotel rooms and/or places that are extra bacteria-ey.   I usually just don’t go anywhere because then I don’t have to deal with my anxiety.  I’ll talk more about my germ issues in a later post, as I think they are an extension of my weight issues… it was something I could control, since there was no control over my eating.  So, I’m going on a trip.  I haven’t exactly decided to where, but my family was talking about going to  New York, so I might try to horn in on their trip just to piss them off. 

Now, it’s y’alls turn!  Jump in my pink limo here (seriously saw this driving down the street the other week and nearly killed half the neighborhood trying to take a picture of it), and let’s get this thing on the road!  The limo may say girls, but boys you’re welcome too… you just might have to wear a few pink feather boas and get a manicure on the way.  😛  It’s character building! 

Question of the Day:  Give me your bucket list items to finish by January 1, 2012, in the comments… one small one and one big one.


Side Note:  I been checking eBay regular like to see if they have an ark for sale… it’s been raining/snowing here for 300 days and 300 nights in a row and I’m not sure my tugboat is gonna be acceptable!  STOP THE INSANITY, SUSAN!



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61 responses to “Mission: Uncage the Singing Bird – The Goals…

  1. cl2

    I think I get up too early and you go to bed too late!

    I’m “working” on the being able to go skiing next winter by walking again (it gets me away from Mike’s new puppy–71 pound german shepherd who I get to babysit all day) and I’m going to be able to buy myself some of the “short” skis this time around. Back when I started skiing, everyone had LONG skis and I hated mine.

    My “little” one is I’m going to learn to take at least one weekend off a month. I’m aiming for two, but if I am able to actually NOT WORK one weekend a month and still get back on and work on Monday, I will have beat one of my “fears.” When I don’t work every day, I get extreme anxiety and then I don’t get back to work (it snowballs on itself). I also worry about if there will be enough work on weekdays (at Christmas, even if I’m scheduled, there still isn’t enough work on weekends as everyone else is taking your work). I have extreme fear of not working every single day. I do better with sticking to the same old routine every day and if I deviate, work is the first thing that slips.

    • LOVE both of those options, Colleen… especially you taking more weekends off. You deserve to have some fun and relaxation here and there… take it and run with it!

  2. cl2

    P.S. I want a copy of your Christmas CD! What are your favorite Christmas songs?

    • Oh man… I love me some Christmas songs… my all time favorite is Oh Holy Night, but I also love Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve, etc., etc., etc.!

  3. mbergz

    1. small goal: New job and a new house.

    2. big goal: get a dog!

  4. max wade

    I want you to know I am a great fan of yours and I want on the list for the CD when you get it going. You are great and I am proud of you. Thanks for the fun time at lunch the other day it was good to see you.

  5. Avster

    I fall under the fourth excuse. 😉

  6. Nancy Taul

    Perhaps you could say while using thinking about your bucket list. What would I choose to do if I knew I could not fail. We spend so much time abusing ourselves we never try anything. We can do not just try. There is no try.. do or do not.

  7. Amber

    I have been thinking about this all week. First, I love your goals, I can’t wait for the CD and I think the trip is such an amazing step, plus you could go to a broadway show!
    As for me…
    Short Term- Lose 5 pounds before summer, I have been trying and it hasn’t been working, so I need to really buckle down.
    Long Term (by Jan)- Either be on my way of having a baby and if that isn’t working be signed up with a adoption agency on my way to adopting.
    Long, Long Term (in the next 5 years)- Ride an elephant through a jungle.
    Thanks Whitney, this has been good for me.

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I think those are wonderful and do-able goals, Whitney.

    Question of the Day: Give me your bucket list items to finish by January 1, 2012, in the comments… one small one and one big one.

    My big one is the 5K walk/run I am going to do in September. This probably doesn’t sound like much but it is way out of my comfort zone. I am not a very competitive person but I would like to NOT be the last one across the finish line…lol.
    My 13 yo and fearless daughter has decided to do it too and for some reason that makes it much more do-able for me.
    If it goes well, I might do another…(Gasp that I am actually thinking this way!).

    I am currently doing my small goal which is to be the Assistant Coach on my daughter’s Sand Volleyball team. It is something my kids kept telling me I would be great at and I should do but I never would put myself out there before.
    When I offered to help my daughter’s coach this summer, that was HUGE but I just meant as a Team Mom. I usually just show up early and bring bottled water and snacks for after practice and things like that. When the coach asked me to be the Asst. Coach, I about fell over. I took a couple days to think about it and finally decided now-or-never and jumped in with both feet. I haven’t regretted my decision and am having a LOT of fun with the girls. My enthusiasm for them & the game bubbles over at practices and I am sure they all think I am a N U T.
    Not only does it get me out of my comfort zone but it is an added workout 3x/wk since I do my Tae Bo in the mornings 6x/wk.
    I really wanted to melt off some lbs. this summer since the weather is going to be nice and conducive to lots of sweating.

    Keep on …keepin’ on.

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      Oh and I did want to comment on that HOT PINK LIMO- that is too cool!!
      Love it!

    • That is awesome that you got out of your comfort zone to do the assistant coaching gig. I bet it is a total blast for you and your daughter too! High five, Louisa! You are on your way!

      • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

        Thanks Whitney!
        I also wanted to say one more thing…
        Since you had us all thinking about our ‘list’ these past couple weeks…I have to tell you that I am seriously thinking about COACHING.
        I don’t mean another assistant coaching gig but actually coaching my daughter’s sand volleyball team next summer. If she wants to do it again, which I think she will, I might take it on.
        I should be at my goal weight by then and on maintenance.
        I SHOULD be lean & mean…lol
        What do you think of THAT?!
        I know – shocking!!!
        Imagine ME thinking such a thing…boggles the mind.

        I think I might join another indoor ladies volleyball team at some point this year as well but we will wait and see what turns up.

        Thanks for making me look forward and set some goals.

        Keep on…keepin’ on….

  9. Emma

    I want on the CD list too! I have long admired your singning voice and my children get to listen to tone deaf me all the time. They could really use a role model who can sing.

  10. Liz

    This is off the cuff. I haven’t been thinking about my goals. Want to have a procrastination contest? Who would actually attempt to start?

    Small goals – Either do a century ride (100 mi) on my road bike, or run a 10K in September. Depends on how my knee feels this summer.

    Big goal – I need to work on my Spanish for our trip this Fall. I have been putting it off for years, and I would actually like to know what my husband is saying about me!

    • LOL!!! I’m trying to get up the desire to start the procrastination contest… can’t do it… maybe you’ll have better luck!

      Love both of your goals… totally both doable. Sending your knee feel good vibes!

  11. Rex Wade

    I have your first recorded CD and want another one also. Love you DAD

  12. Jacque Hunt

    Well Whitney, I’ve been racking my brain all week trying to figure out what to write down. I’ve had a hard time thinking of things that I really want to accomplish but keep putting off. I’ve actually come up with 3 goals. First, my daughter is getting married this summer so my goal is to lose a few lbs before my daughters wedding on July 29th. Second, I’ve never been to Time Out for Women. I’ve always wanted to go but just haven’t made it a priority. My sister in Alaska just learned about it a few weeks ago and the closest one for her to attend is in Seattle. I’d really love to go with her and other important people in my life. Third, I’ve never learned how to snow ski. Last fall we bought a house up in northern Idaho near Mt. Schweitzer and I really want to learn to ski. I’m not sure this old body can handle it but I’ll never know if I don’t try. Just hoping for no broken bones.

    Goal #1 is to lose at least 5 lbs by the wedding.
    Goal #2 is to go to Time Out for Women (hopefully in Seattle with my sister).
    Goal #3 is to try snow skiing for the first time.

    Thanks for this extra push. Now it’s in writing for everyone to see so I have no excuses.

    • Jacque! LOVE your goals… all 3 of them are totally doable. Is Meg doing a Logan wedding? You are braver than I am with the snow skiing thing… I skiied once at the age of 14 and broke my wrist… and now am too whimpy to ever try it again! You are much more graceful than I ever was though… so you will be a pro!

  13. Samerah

    Small goal: Finish my marathon in Oct. Don’t have to run the whole thing, do have to finish.

    Big goal: Trip to Vancouver BC, which my best friend and I have been putting off for literally almost 8 years, despite the fact that he and I lived within 3 hrs of Vancouver for 4 of those years. Stupid. Its happening this year, I don’t care if I have to kidnap him and tie him up in my trunk til we cross the border, its happening.

    • HA!! Please take pictures when you’re trying to cross the border with a dude tied up in your trunk… I gotta see the border patrol’s faces! LOVE the goals, Sam! You got it!

  14. Laurie John

    I wanted to be first on your waiting list for the new CD but looks like I will have to wait in line! I will definitely pay big bucks, though!

  15. Jenalee Berger

    I am also excited for your CD! You have a wonderful voice!

    Here are my goals. . . .
    small goal: Run a 5k (I’m doing this on Saturday)
    big goal: Run a half marathon (I registered for the top of Utah one in August!)

    I’ve never really been a runner before. I’ve been training for the 5K and it’s gone better than I thought it would! I’m still pretty freaked out to run the half, but I’m gonna try it!

    • Jen… that’s totally awesome that you are training for running!!! Good luck on Saturday with the 5K… and how awesome you’re doing the Top of Utah half marathon. You will feel so accomplished when you finish!

  16. Jen Nelson

    I also want to get your CD for my Christmas present this year (hint, hint). I’ve always loved hearing your sing and am glad I don’t have to get married or die to hear you again. My goals for Jan. 2012:

    Small Goal: Try dancing on pointe shoes.
    Big Goal: Get pregnant!

  17. Katie Berger

    Whitney, I’m excited you’re going to do a CD. Please put me on your “sales list,” okay? I’ve heard you’ve a wonderful voice, and I’ve never heard it. Would love to. And take it from one who knows, the voice does become increasingly unstable with age.

    Your other point which needs emphasis: Make the list NOW, and get working on it. I’m checked some things off mine, and realize that some probably won’t get checked off, but that doesn’t stop me from moving forward.

    Short-term goal for present: Complete P90X, or similar program, and have Michelle Obama arms. (Is that politically incorrect?)

    Long-term goal (maybe not attainable?) Visit Machu Picchu.

    • Haha… Michelle Obama arms is a feat… and so is P90X… I hear that is a KILLER! You got it… And you should definitely do Machu Picchu! That would be an amazing trip!

  18. Dessa Wade

    My short term goal is to help Whitney get her cd recorded.
    My long term goal is to plan a trip to the Sacred Grove in New York.

  19. Lindsay

    Whitney is making me commit to do this (I have a hard time committing to things) So that means I guess I am not off to that good of a start on my goals 😦 so goes the story of my life:

    1. Plan next out of the country trip for 2012 (I wouldn’t mind Thailand again . . . hint hint Uncle Shane)

    2. Start basement remodel by end of year or have it competed by end of year whichever works out I don’t care just one of them please!!!

    3. And of course always loosing pounds til I feel better about myself there isn’t a number just tell I feel good!

    That should be it 🙂 Cross our fingers!

    • Good gravy, Lindsay… already counting yourself out before you even start. We will make a plan of action and you will get ALL of those goals accomplished… ASAP!! Meanwhile… I’m going to PEI next summer… you are welcome to come aloing!

  20. Pat Mackay

    As you know, I have been asking for a CD for years, and you do have a singing engagement at my funeral, so my short term goal is to be the FIRST to get your CD and all the others that will be produced.
    I love your writing style. You inspire me.
    Long term I need to write my life history.
    Have fun in NYC!! You will love it.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for reading, Pat!

      Haha… I have my next singing engagement marked on the calendar… Tuesdays are probably the best day for me, so if you could arrange that! 😛

      That is an excellent idea to get your life history written!

  21. Count me in as one of your CD customers. I think you have an amazing voice. I loved watching the old Whitney sing because I could definitely see the light come on inside of you and tell that you were in your element. I like seeing that light on more and more these days even when you’re not singing. I think New York is an excellent idea. We’ll load you up with hand sanitizer before you go and you’ll be just fine. If you are super bugged, we can make you one of these. http://www.brookstone.com/travel-comfort-products_Travel-Accesssories_dreamsack-silk-sleep-sack.html?bkiid=categoryLandingPage_Travel_Travel_Comfort|C4CategoryProdList1FDT|8375553 I will even pull out my sewing machine and help you! New York is something that is on my bucket list as well. I will make it there someday!

    As for my goals . . . my little one is to drive a Mustang. I will go take one for a test drive next Saturday I think. I’m excited. My big goal is to lose 75 pounds by family cruise time which is actually the end of January 2012. I should probably add not gaining the 75 pounds back by eating like crazy on the boat too!

    • You are sweet, Rachel… thank you! And I stinking LOVE, LOVE that hotel bed cover majig link! What a great idea… definitely bookmarked for future nerd perusing.

      When you go for a ride in your Mustang, you must be blasting the song Mustang Sally… FULL BOAR! As for the 75 pounds… totally doable by end of January 2012… that gives you about 8-1/2 months… aim for 10 pounds per month and you are there!

  22. Jenny

    Put me on the CD list!

    My small goal… is to lose 25 lbs. Seriously. It’s time. Really.

    My big goal is…. to figure out what’s wrong with my knees… I know one is missing cartilage (bone on bone) the other one… not far behind…Arthritis… Not huge…I get around fine..but enough of a pain, that it limits what I want to do. No more procrastination! No more fear! No more not living my life to its fullest!

  23. Kale

    I’ve been thinking a lot about goals I’d like to accomplish this year and came up with a few.

    Short term:
    #1 Learn to play the guitar. I can rock the piano thanks to some amazing genetic code passed to my DNA, but I’ve never learned to play the guitar. I have a new calling as the primary chorister in our ward and I think the kids would LOVE a rockin’, guitar playin’ singing lady (a totally reverent one, of course). 🙂

    #2 To start a consistent exercise plan. I always make excuses as to why I can’t exercise. Too tired, too much to do, son is in the way and wants my attention. I think I’d be a lot happier with who I am if I was consistently active in weight loss journey rather than hoping the pounds will magically disappear (which they never have).

    Long term: To start my master’s degree. Education is extremely important to me and I put my advanced degree aside for my husband to work on his and again when I had my son. I’m ready to start! Crap…does this mean I have to sign up for fall classes? And STUDY???

    • Kale!! Love your items… you made me laugh! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar too, but I’ve always said my fingers are too short and pudgy! Start it up, girl!

  24. Sherry Goheen

    Okay, so I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I got my items for my bucket list, however I’m more of a sm, med., lg. kinda girl. (I’m aiming for one of them sizes!!!!) Small goal: 25 lbs. by September 2nd, 2011 and Medium goal: 3 mile walk in September 2011 @ the Makin’ Macon Fit Festival(actual date not posted yet and I’m going to try for the 5K run but if my body says “not yet too painful” then the walk is what will happen!) Large goal: An additional 25 lbs. by December 23, 2011 PRAY for me!!!!!!

  25. Ally

    Sorry so late Whitney! I have some goals, of course!
    Small one is to run a fun run I am planning on June 30. To walk/run and finish with a decent time.
    Big one is to reach my goal weight by the end of the year. 51 more lbs. That will make me officially half the woman I used to be! 

    • Can’t wait to hear what your walk/run time will be… I’m sure you will slay it to pieces!

      As for the 51 pounds and being half the woman you used to be… no bigger accomplishment than that, I say!

  26. Rachel Ellis

    I’ve been thinking about this since the first post – and sort of like Lindsay, I’ve given up making goals as they never seem to get met. Here’s what I’m shooting for though:
    1. Short term: lose 15 pounds before the first day of school next year
    2. Long term: Take my kids on a vacation. So far – the only vacations they have been on has involved going to see one relative or the other (which is fine now). But when they are older and someone asks them what has been your favorite family vacation – I want them to have an answer.

    PS – I feel your pain on the germ-a-phobe thing. Good luck on your vacation!!!!!

    Rachel Murdoch Ellis

    • HA!! Rachel… you and Lindsay must have the same brain waves! I think both of your goals are totally doable… plans are key… and sound like a blast! I’m glad you can relate to the germ-a-phobe thing and I’m loving your idea to bring sheets… and Lysol for that bathroom!

  27. Rachel Ellis

    As a side note – whenever we go to a hotel – we pack our own sheets and blankets so we know what we’re sleeping in.

    Additional side note – I want any CD you’ve ever put out!!!!
    Rachel Ellis

  28. Beckalita

    Hey, I’ve got some brand spankin’ new recording equipment just waitin’ to be tried out. The only problem is that my son that knows how to use it is leavin’ on Wednesday. How about Monday?

    • How cool is that, Becky! Is your son a musician or something? Where is he headed on Wednesday? I probably couldn’t have all my music found by Monday but thanks for the offer! How cool would it be to have your own recording studio!?

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