And They Called Her Beety…

I was diagnosed with sugar diabetes at the age of 16… not type 1 or type 2, but type 1.5.  My pediatrician at the time invented type 1.5 on account of the fact that I was a juvenile with diabetes and he couldn’t cross the threshold in his brain to just call it what it was… I was an overweight child with an adult disease.  He immediately put me on 2 different types of insulin and that was that… I was going to be a human pin cushion for the remainder of my life. 

When I first learned I had diabetes, I was inconsolable.  I still remember it vividly… it was a dreary, rainy afternoon.  My mom and dad sat me down and told me the news and I immediately lost it.  They tried to comfort me… tell me everything would be okay, but all I wanted to do was to be alone.  I eventually found myself locked in the backseat of the family car screaming and punching at the seats.  I would have to do insulin shots for the rest of my life and I would go blind and get my feet cut off and die of kidney disease at the age of 35… but I was most upset over the fact that sugar would now have to be limited/cut out.  No more visions of sugar plums dancing through this ole head.

They admitted me to the hospital because my sugar was some gross number in the 600s (normal is between 80 and 120) and as soon as I was admitted to the hospital, the power went out and was out for most of the 2 days… just like any light in my soul.  I was in the hospital, learning about my new disease, getting lessons on how to give myself my insulin shots, and dealing with my new menu of sugar-free.  They do NOT make sugar-free Lucky Charms… I already done checked!  Lindsay and her friend (what up, Amber) came to visit me in the hospital and immediately nicknamed me “Beety”… short for Diabetes because I guess I needed a laugh and my nickname of #&$&#tney was getting old (no, that is not a typo… that would be the 4-letter word that rhymes with Whit… courtesy of the madre when she went for the wooden spoon drawer!)  😛   

As the years went by and I gained more and more weight (helped along by my new insulin regimen), I soon found myself on a mess of different insulins AND oral pills (8 different medications in all for one measley disease)… just to try to keep some control on my sugar levels.  I was sort of failing in my quest to never eat sugar again… I ate it… probably more than I had before I was diagnosed.  Another example of my stubborn ole horns shoving their way through the common sense bone.  You tell me I can’t have it,  I’ll show you I can!  Then I had gastric bypass surgery and as I lost weight (certainly not from exercising common sense), I was able to eventually get off all of my diabetes medications and insulin.  I was free!!  Of course you should know what happened next… as I started gaining the weight back, the type 2 diabetes began rearing it’s ugly head and I soon found myself right back on 5 different oral pills… 

Now that I’ve been losing weight the sensible way through calorizing and exercise, I’ve been able to drop all of my oral diabetes pills once again… this time for good.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get my hemoglobin A1c checked for the first time on no medications (the number indicating the average blood sugar over a 3-month period of time) and the results came back at 5.5%.  Normal range in a person without diabetes is between 4 and 5.9%.  My range when I was first diagnosed was 11%… and during the years I was on 800 different diabetes medications, it ranged from between 7 and 11.  They say you can’t “cure” diabetes, but I’ve never had a normal A1c level without medications, so by golly, I’m calling it a cure.  No one has EVER told me I was normal… take that, family! 

It’s too late for my kidneys as the years of unstable sugars gave me nephropathy, but I can at least stall that deteriorating process now that I’m on the right track.  For all my friends with type 2 diabetes, there’s hope… you can throw out those pills and insulin syringes and glucose monitors… just takes a little hard work and persistence!  I’m relinquishing my Beety nickname… y’all can take it back… guess it’s back to good ole #&$&#tney from here on out. 

Geezer cat wearing her favorite candy wrapper hat...

Question of the Day:  Do you have a nickname?

Note:  Just wanted to thank y’all for the comments and for participating in the mission… should totally be fun, right?  RIGHT!?  Have a great weekend, be safe, take care, and for heaven’s sake, send me the crimeny some sunshine over here!   See you all Mondee!



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22 responses to “And They Called Her Beety…

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Wow Whitney that is quite a story!
    I am so VERY glad you are in the normal range now and off the meds.
    Very proud of you – that is a huge accomplishment.

    Question of the Day: Do you have a nickname?

    My husband & I don’t like nicknames and so we only call each other by our names.
    We purposefully named our kids names that wouldn’t be shortened or mutilated.

    My family still calls me “Weese-a” b/c as a kid, I couldn’t say my ‘L’s very well and that is how my name came out. Hard for a little kid to say LOUISA ( pronounced Loo-Ee-Sa) so it sounded more like “weese-a”…
    I am 42 people – time to start calling me by my name!! Most of the time my brother shortens even that up to just “Weese” or “Weezey” ugh!
    I think I will just start calling him butt-head.

    So, now you know why we don’t like nicknames…lol

    Keep on …keepin’ on…
    Weigh-in is next week – I am excited and anxious.

    • Haha… I can see why you don’t so much love the nicknames! I don’t mind, as long as they don’t call me late for dinner!

      You will rock this next weigh in!! Believe it!

  2. Lindsay

    Hey Beety-

  3. cl2

    It is nice to know someone who has gotten off the meds–which is what I’m working on. When I went in 5 years ago, my A1c was above 11 and this time it was 8.3 off meds for a year–I’m sure because I lost some weight, so maybe if I can get some more weight off I can go back off the meds. Nice to hear a success story after I just ate some fudge for breakfast.

    I’m not going to tell you what my nicknames were and there were plenty. My dad had a few for me. I had a deaf grandmother and she had a very hard time pronouncing Colleen–so it came out rather odd–and my sister and friend made up their own version of it and called me that. My boyfriend just asked me the other day what my nicknames were and I also wouldn’t tell him.

    Now–this one I’ll tell you–above where I am cl2 (that is C L 2)–I worked at Thiokol for 8-1/2 years with chemists. One of them was from back east and he called me Calleen. I told him he had to pronounce it correctly, so he started calling me “chlorine”–it stuck. cl2 is the abbreviation for chlorine.

    • I always wondered what cl2 stood for… and now I know chlorine is the winner! Clever… very clever! I don’t blame you for not wanting to share any other nicknames… the bad ones tend to stick!

  4. Avster

    A nickname… well… on the whole no… mainly just one person gives me nicknames and I think we both are acquainted with her. 😉

    Personally I don’t like nicknames of a person’s first name if the nickname doesn’t even sound like the person’s given name… which is why I dislike it when people call me by the first four letters of my name because it’s pronounced differently!

    The afore mentioned person gives fun nicknames. 🙂

    • I don’t know this person you speak of!? So, I’m assuming you’d be mad if I started calling you Aviator… as a nickname for Avster? I don’t see why people would use the first 4 letters of your name as a shortened version either… doesn’t even make any sense with how you pronounce the name!

  5. Kale

    Thanks for sharing, Whitney! That is some inspiring stuff right there!

    My family calls me Kronk (from The Emperor’s New Groove) and my husband calls me Nixy (taken from my maiden name). Because my first name rhymes with so many annoying things, I’m glad to have those two!

  6. Beckalita

    Another great post! Diabetes seems to be becoming a household word over here, mostly just because I’ve been doing some homework on the effects of diet on diabetes. (I don’t even have it – just some occult insulin resistance I’m starting to finally figure out.) My 6-yo calls it “di-di-be-bes”, and my 10-yo asked me if diabetes is what you get when you eat the same thing over and over (I think that was his protest over cream of wheat for breakfast — AGAIN). From what I’ve read this type of diabetes is totally curable with some effort, and you’re the proof. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Nickname: Beckalita-chikita-juakita-fajita-pita. Niiiiice, huh?

    • How cute are your kids… Start feeding the 10-year-old sardines for breakfast… guarantee you he’ll be begging for the cream of wheat!

      Love the rhyming nicknames… all of which are adorable by the way!

  7. Donna

    LOVED this story more than anything ever on this blog:) You’re doing fantastic:) I bet you are just so happy and thrilled that your body is “normal”!! No more pills!!! Thats SUCH a milestone girl:)


  8. Jen Jen

    Congrats on the A1C test results. You must have been proud of yourself that day. That is proof of your persistence and self control.

  9. Ally

    Fantastic news Whitney!! I am soooo happy for you. Congratulations! 

  10. Way to go Whitney! My dad has a few choice nicknames for me, but he doesn’t use them often and they haven’t stuck. I am good at christening people with nicknames, though. My brother will forever be known as Bubba thanks to me. I did babysit a girl named Whitney whose sisters called her “Whitterpants.” I want to know if you have come up with any nicknames for Lindsay.

    • Oh yes… Whitterpants is a special name too!! Which brother is Bubba? Bubba always makes me think of Bubba Gump!! I had nicknames for Lindsay, but they weren’t nice ones!

      • Craig is Bubba. Kinda mean, but I called him that because he was such a chubby kid. When he lost his baby fat, I called him the albino Ethiopian since he was super skinny and had blonde hair/blue eyes. Then Bubba again because he turned into such a redneck. He has a little plaque on his wall that he got at some flea market in Arkansas that has a little guy wearing a cowboy hat holding a gun that says “Another day shot to hell.”

  11. Raven aka newmammaluv

    My parents came up with very odd nicknames!! My Dad called me “Daddy’s little doodoo” and my Mom called me “pooter baby.” I think they both have poop issues!!

    My husband calls me sugar tits… that sounds like a REALLY bad country song!!!

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