Learning My ABCs… What Comes After A?

One of my MFP pals and blog readers (what up, Lyndsey!) left this in my comments a week or so back and tagged me to do it, so bring it on! 

A – Age:  4,000,032 MINUS 4,000,000… it’s Mondee… math problems keep the brain afloat in the brain juices.   
B – Booze… what I need on a Mondee morning.  KIDDING… Bedtime… I don’t sleep much at night… usually around 4 to 5ish in the morning…
C – CHOCOLATE!  As if there would be another C word I’d use.  I tried to give you up once, chocolate… NEVER AGAIN!  Not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but milk chocolate… killing me softly with your love!!  😛  
D – Drums… I always wanted to learn how to play the drums.  When I was a kid I was a pretty great air drummer…
E – Ears… I have this stupid addiction to Q-tips and cleaning out my ears, which used to cause me much grief when they’d swell shut.  I still use Q-tips, but I’ve been a bit more lucky in the infection department….
F – Friday Night Lights and Forty-Eight Hours:  Mystery… two of my most favoritest shows, even if 48 Hours causes major lameness-alert nightmares!
G – Gum… my favorite go-to gum is either Extra Spearmint or Orbit Sweet Mint! 
H – Hair… My hair used to be really thick, but after 2 major weight loss efforts, it is very thin and fine!  I’m jealous of those who have luxurious thick hair!
I – Ice cream… I am lactose intolerant, but I still have to have me an occasional slab of ice cream… Rocky Road, Caramel Cashew, and Lemon Custard are my favs!
J – Jokes… I’m always up for a good joke… though, mine are always really cheesy and unfunny!  At least I don’t take after my mom who starts a big ole long joke only to forget the punchline 5 minutes later!
K – Kidding… probably my most used word.  Sarcasm plus people who might not get my sarcasm equals using that word a lot!  Plus, you can say something semi rude and it won’t be rude as long as you are following it up with KIDDING!  KIDDING… I don’t do that… that’s just rude!
L – Lyn… my middle name, after my dad’s dad who died when he was 8 or 9.   
M – Mr. Rogers… LOVED that man and his sweater-zipping, shoe-tying, fish-feeding, cheese-spreading self! 
N – Nature… I try to spend as much time out of doors as possible in the summer.  I love my summer nights of sitting in my camp chair out on the lawn and just taking it in… love my walks out of doors… love my mountains, trees, flowers, etc.
O – Oprah… y’all, my good pal, Oprah only has 3 shows left… THREE!!!  Where am I going to get my overly excited women viewing in when she is gone?!  I have been hoarding her shows on the DVR and can’t seem to erase the suckers…
P – Pets… one cat who I’ve had since I was 11.  I’ve killed my fair share of goldfish (not on purpose!  Personally, I think they all died of major boredom… you try swimming around a clear glass bowl 24/7!).  Also, lost my fair share of cats… by lost I really mean that the parents would put them in the car, drive them up the canyon, and drop them off… and then tell my sister and I that they had run away.  As if I was a gullible guppy!  Snowball… COME HOME!
Q – Quilt… one day I want to embroider the squares for a quilt and make it… I said one day… not today!
R – Read… something I wish I did more of… my all time favorite author since I was a little girl is Lucy Maud Montgomery… what up Avonlears! 
S – Singing… one of my favorite hobbies.  In college, I was a member of a 12-person Jazz choir, 6 boys and 6 girls broken up into 12 parts… one of the highlights of Jazz choir days was singing the National Anthem at a Utah Jazz basketball game.  The least favorite part of being in said Jazz choir… the scatting practice we had to do alone in front of the whole class at least once a week.  I am and was a horrible scatter!  I need words and notes!!
T – Tall… 5’8-1/2″… I’ve always been tall and I’ve always hated it… especially being obese and tall… because then you’re like a giant in ALL regards… I will tower over you and then I will eat you!  😛 
U – Utah… my state!  Though, I was born and lived the first few year of my life in Idaho… NO, U da ho! 
V – Varmints… the annoying, ugly, hideous, freaktastically bacteria ridden things that live in my window well! 
W – Work… full-time medical transcription proofreader… I reread your mistakes so you don’t have to!  aka… making doctors look good one correction at a time. 
X – X-ray… the last one was probably when I broke my wrist at the age of 15… skiing.  I wish it was some awesome story about how I was saving this group of kids from an avalanche and got my wrist stuck in the mouth of a mountain lion, but no… it wasn’t cool at all… I tripped over a dagnabbed log!  I wasn’t even skiing! 
Y – Yellow… one of my favorite colors because it reminds me of summer and lemons and sunshine and happy things… what’s sunshine?  Y’all… someone needs to inform it that it hasn’t been in Utah yet this year.
Z – ZERO… the number of times I’ve been off the continent.

There it is… if y’all are mind numbingly bored, do this A to Z get to know you exercise yourselves.  I’d love to read them and get to know y’all better… either in the comments or if you have a blog and then post a link in the comments! 

Meanwhile… just a reminder that I’m going to be getting up a plan of action for myself for Mission:  Uncage the Singing Bird in tomorrow’s post… so be thinking of your plan of action… be discrete… hire an architect, a lawyer, a psychotherapist, and a chef… (in case I get hungry).  Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and didn’t do anything I wouldn’t do (LOL… which is anything!)

I lied... we did get to see the sun for approximately 25 minutes on Saturdee... that's the limit!



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14 responses to “Learning My ABCs… What Comes After A?

  1. cl2

    I don’t think I’ll run down a list of ABCs–but I wanted to ask you where you get your lemon custard ice cream (and I love Rocky Road, too). Peach City in Brigham City has WONDERFUL lemon custard ice cream.

    And if you want some quilt embroidery squares, I think I’ve still got a set. My sister and I both embroidered some as kids and my mother made us both quilts out of them. They aren’t anything spectacular, but I have another set that I never used (all the same, each square). And my quilt isn’t the colors that are “in fashion” so it has never been used.

    • I think I’ve been to Peach City, but didn’t have the lemon custard… I had to get the peach ice cream! I will have to try it next time I go. I get my lemon custard at Aggie Ice Cream! It is lucious!

      How cool that you have an embroidered quilt too… what did you embroider on your squares? I’ll keep you in mind for when I actually start said quilt… I haven’t decided what I’m going to embroider on it and/or what the colors will be. Thanks, Colleen!

  2. Aww! The ABCs of Whitney. That was fun to read. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl over on my blog. I’m looking forward to hearing your plans to uncage your bird.

  3. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    A – Attitude…I am a strong believer in a good and positive attitude.
    B – Bedtime…I believe rest is very important.
    C – Comfort…Learning to comfort myself without food.
    D – Determination…I am determined to get this excess weight off and be on maintenance by this time next year.
    E – Excuses…No more excuses not to get out and get moving, eat right, and be all-over healthy.
    F – Facts…Learning to take the facts about serving size, labels, and portions seriously.
    G – Goals…To set small goals & larger goals that may be out of my comfort zone and work toward achieving them.
    H – Health….Putting my health in the fore-front of my mind and putting myself 1rst for a change.
    I – Inspiration…Jesus Christ is my Savior and my inspiration in all that I do.
    J – Just for fun…I am a fun-loving person that likes good clean humor, and clean playful, wholesome fun.
    K – 5K in September ( my first)…Yeh! You heard that right! I would like to finish and NOT be last. That is the goal.
    L – Laughter…I believe ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and I laugh daily.
    M – Mothering…It is what I do and what I strive to be the best at every day.
    N – Nurture myself…This is new (to ME) and foreign but necessary for my peace of mind and my overall health.
    O – Obstacles…I am SURE I will have many on this wt loss journey but I need to stay positive and keep pushing through.
    P – Positivity…Staying focused and keeping my positivity up is so necessary. I have no intention of ever going back to where I started. No way!
    Q – Quiet-time…I homeschool our two kids and am a mom 24/7. My Dh works away from the house and is gone long hrs so I do it all…ALL the time. My quiet time = my sanity.
    R – Realistic…I have to be realistic with this wt loss journey and not get discouraged if I didn’t get my 2lbs/wk reached or exactly on a goal mark that I set wks or months ahead of time. I have to be realistic that if my scale says that I am still losing the wt, let that be enough.
    S – Satisfaction…I am finding new satisfaction in taking better care of myself and working in my exercise daily and logging my food intake.
    T – Toning…I am starting to see some definition and toning happening. It is slow but it is happening. I want to tone up and lose these chubby layers but it will take time.
    U – Understanding…My family has been supportive and understanding and I am thankful.
    V – Value…I am valuing myself more and more.
    W – Wife…Being a good wife is very important to me.
    X – X-cited (lol)…I am ‘x’cited to get to my goal weight and for my kids & Dh seeing me there too.
    Y – Youthful – I have felt better and more youthful just since I have lost these first 30#. I know I will feel even better when I lose the rest.
    Z – Zealous…That is my outlook.

    • Louisa… that was awesome. Loved how all of your letters correlated with your desire for a healthier lifestyle! Great attitude too! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

  4. Ally

    Thank you for sharing, Whitney. My attention span is way to short to go all the way through A to Z. But I will tell you that I am 5’8″ and I hated my height most all my life. The more weight I lose the higher my heels get. Almost 6′ with 3 1/2″ heels. 6 foot blondes have way more fun!!

  5. Jen Nelson

    What a fun idea? I will have to maybe try it on my blog someday. I think your jokes are funny by the way.

  6. cl2

    Okay–where is Rachel’s blog?

  7. Andrea S.

    Loved this, Whitney! Thanks for taking the time to do it (hence the reason I’m not, too lazy!) I did have a sort of random question for you though. How often do you weigh in? I”m getting frustrated with myself, that the numbers aren’t changing fast enough, but maybe I’m expecting too much…

    • Andrea!! It is so frustrating when the scale isn’t move downward as fast as you want it to, right!? Ugh! As for how often I weigh, I weigh once a week in the morning. I’ve been stalling a lot the last couple of months as well… keep on keeping on… if you’re doing the math correct, it should move!

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