Giveaway – Balls and Bungees!

You best believe that title brought all the boys to the yard… giveaway and bungees in the same sentence!?  I mean, come on… REALLY!?  Who could resist?  Meanwhile, back at the ranch.  It’s giveaway time again… I’m not talking about popcorn chips and sugar free drinks this time… I be talking about exersaucing equipment!!  That’s right… all you need to exersauce your muscles in one little box.  Glory be to all hallelujahs, Germaine!  I have not used any of this equipment… it’s stayed packaged neatly in the same box it came in… so everything should be in pristine condition, except for the box of chocolates that came with it… the mice got into that one… and by mice I really mean the near 5’9″, spectacle-wearing one!  What is included in this kit of exersauce you ask?

  • 65 cm Anti-Burst Exercise Ball with pump
  • Light Resistance Band With Handles
  • Large Canvas Carry-all Tote With Waterproof Lining
  • 20 oz. BPA Free Sport Bottle
  • Face Towel With Sport Clip

Side Note:  Rear receptacles in spandex and half nekked chicks are NOT included in the box… get over it!  I’d be happy to drop by and give you a smack upside the head if that’d be an okay replacement… let me know. 

There are 3 ways to enter and you can enter each different way to up your chances of winning:

– Reply to this post with your favorite outdoor summer exercising activity (I need new idears!)
– Click on my Facebook page on the right, like the page, and post on the wall there.
– Refer a friend to this blog and have them post in the comments that you were the referrer.

Again, this is only available to folks in the US and Canada… but again, I still love you people from afar!  I will draw the winner on Tuesday, May 31st… can you believe it’s almost June!?!?  Not possible!  This is just my small way of saying thank you for reading the ramblings and for the support!  And there we go… I’m shutting up and going to bed… my brain isn’t working so good and I’m hoping I get the call from the brain transplant team tomorrow.  Einstein isn’t using his anymore. 

Merry Giveaway to All and to All A Good Night!


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24 responses to “Giveaway – Balls and Bungees!


    I always love a free give-away. I also love to read your blog each day. It starts my day with a laugh and I so connect with many of the things you talk about. Good luck with your journey and good luck to me on winning th drawing.

  2. cl2

    Well, I have no new ideas for you. What is my favorite summer activity? Walking. Winter activity? Walking. Fall, Spring, day, night–I walk. I have yet to get excited about doing any other activity long enough to last more than a day or 2 EXCEPT back when I was more fit–I used to jump rope. I used to jump 1000 jumps a day and that got me in shape really, really, really fast. My daughter took my 2 jump ropes to Alaska with her–the ones that hang around the house and don’t get used because I might break something if I tried to jump in the shape I’m in (though I have tried).

  3. Ally

    Count me in Whitney!

  4. Dorothy

    My absolute go to summer activity is the local pool. I am a water baby for sure! I love to do water aerobics, swimming laps, or just current walking in the lazy river. I love that it gives me a full body workout, I don’t feel sore afterwards, and it is fun!

    I know it is not for everyone, and some have concerns about wearing a bathing suit, but that was never an issue for me.

  5. Gwen

    summer always makes me want to ride a bike! i am not very good at it, but that doesn’t usually stop me!

  6. Lisa

    Hey Whit,

    You know I’m all about free girl! So far, I have to say my favorite outdoor summer activity is…swimming, volleyball, batmitton and climbing the NUMEROUS stairs for that short ride down the water slide 🙂

    Thank you for being you girl!


  7. Karen

    I just bought a new bike and it has rained so much I have not ridden it. Maybe I could start with riding down the hill to your house, if you would bring me back in the car. That hill is steep! (I like the quilt block looking attachments on the replies.)

  8. Kale

    For me, summertime equals swimming and hiking. I took a water aerobics class in college and it is the best experience I’ve ever had with exercising. I also looked dang good by the end!

    It’s also fun to hit those mountainous, offbeat trails for hiking that are usually closed when the weather is bad. There are so many amazing things to see and the nature is peaceful and relaxing.

  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    What a fun idea! I know you will find a good home for your give-away items. I am just replying, not wanting to be in the drawing, since I already have the exercise ball and stretchy bands.
    I love my exercise ball!!! Of course, my kids think it is for their amusement ( ha ).

    My favorite summer time activities are:

    Riding & grooming our 4 horses on the farm or taking them out on the trail /trailriding.

    Swimming – We have a pool here. My Dh just has to set it up.
    If you check with your YMCA you can swim indoor year round and I don’t know about others but ours doesn’t require you to wear a swimsuit. You can swim in a t-shirt & shorts if you like.

    Volleyball – Park & Rec and the YMCA have volleyball leagues for all experience levels and even have sand vball in the summer.

    If you don’t think vball is for you…there are other leagues, like bowling or some other activity.

    Jumping & playing on the trampoline. A trampoline is a great workout. I bounce with the kids and shoot them up in the air and we do flips and stuff too. Talk about wear you out! It is fun though. I also roll around and pretend to be a bulldozer and the kids have to jump over me and if I catch one of them ( yes, I play dirty…lol ) then I get to bulldoze them & squish them ( for the neighbor kids though I just tickle them and reserve the squishing for my own…lol). This sends them into fits of squeals of laughter and I get to laughing as well which is a good work out too.

    Walking – The kids and I take off for a minimum of an hour walk. Usually we end up going quite a bit longer.
    Enter in a 5K ( which is 3.1 miles ) for a good cause. Look into it. Ours is being held in Sept. (the same day as our county festival/fair). You might have one there too!

    Bike rides – We take family bike rides through town or ride the Katy Trail.

    Mowing – We mow our yard, one of the neighbor’s yards, and a 93 yo lady in towns yard too.
    We also mow & weed-eat the fence line at our farm & around the horse barn, and corral which keeps it looking tidy.

    Wash my vehicle – I do this by hand a lot in the summer.

    Weeding & Watering my flower beds – I do this a lot in the summer too and usually end up in a water fight with the kids or we get out the water balloons…lol.

    Those are just some of the things we do. Hope there is something there that helps.

    Keep on….keepin’ on…

    I was thinking about it, Whitney, and our local churches have Ladies Auxiliary events and Quilting days each month. Even though it isn’t exercise related, it might be something you would enjoy doing if you put yourself out there.
    I know our Ladies Aux. is always looking for new ladies to join. I have thought about joining it myself but my kids, their school, and my part-time job…well there aren’t enough hrs in the day ( or so it seems ). Maybe in a couple more yrs the kids will be at an age that I can squeeze it in for myself. Think about it.

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      I was just going to add that if I joined the Ladies Aux. then I could walk up to the church. That would get in some walking time. My Dh could pick me up or one of the ladies might take me home afterward since it would be after dark by the time it was over. There is always a way…

  10. One of my favorite summer activities is beach walking but you might be short on beaches out there so….. Frisbee is another favorite of mine!


  11. Bill B

    Hey Whitney,

    I don’t have the new novel ideas, but I like to get out and ride a bike and jog in the great ole outdoors in the summer. Another one (if I lived somewhere not so landlocked would be to swim in the great outdoors!)

    Sorry nothing mind blowing here but…

  12. Froggy1976

    My favorite outdoor summer activity is swimming. I know this is not original but I have a pool made for it so it is convenient and there is no sweating involved….I really don’t like to sweat. I often play catch with my boys and it depends on the season if it is baseball or football. Love your blog! Take care!

  13. I really enjoy riding my bike. There’s something to be said about the built in air conditioning! I’m a little self conscious about being the fat girl on the bike and my tires are flat, but that’s definitely one of my favorites. I also enjoy a good walk/hike.

  14. Katrina

    My family and I love to garden!! We have a strip of land right beside our apartment that is actually zoned for a sidewalk by the city but it hasn’t been used for years. So a couple years ago we decided to put a garden in. We LOVE it!!
    Last year we had tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, sweet peas, green peppers, and sweet corn on the cob right at our fingertips. The kids love watering it, and i love it cause it’s great exercise! If i can get past all the bugs! Ewww!

  15. Swimming and gardening. And hiding in air conditioning looking out of the windows!

  16. Holly

    My is so silly but it’s so fun. I love to run and jump through the sprinkler! You keep nice and cool and seriously an hour of that is great cardio!

  17. sweetie89207

    hey whitney! thanks for the giveaway opportunity!…well lets see fav summer activities…well one of my favorite things to do in the summer is obviously swim! but what makes it so worth it is to do a really intense workout or run with ur bathing suit on, then right after your done go and LEAP into the pool! nothing better than the freezing cold water hitting your sweaty self! its amazing!!!

    thx hun,

    your myfitnesspal buddy

  18. Jacque Hunt

    Well Whitney I don’t think you are going to get too many new ideas. My favorite summer exercise is still walking. That is if summer ever gets here. In the mean time I’m still just hitting the gym and walking on the treadmill. I hate to be cold so I just can’t bring myself to walk outside in the cold yet.

    Thanks for all you motivation. Love you.

  19. Well, since I’m in Phoenix most of my summertime outdoor exercise activities involve icepacking car seats to cool them down before take off and trying to find shade so we don’t wither away. Most of our outdoor stuff happens in the winter time here. Hmm… New idea’s though.. Adult baseball/softball? Tennis? Swimming (not great for the germ sensitive)… When I lived elsewhere, I used to enjoy riding my bike or taking the dog on a walk.

  20. Sherry Goheen

    Volleyball, jump rope, hopscotch, riding bikes, anything that we used to love doing when we were kids and we never do anymore!!! Brings back memories, can be great fun and a good cardio workout! Have a great day Whitney!

  21. Julie

    15 Great Summertime Activities to Enjoy:
    1. Jump back and forth over a lawn sprinkler… It really is fun, especially in shorts and a tee-shirt… something we couldn’t do when we were kids.
    2. Go to a local park and swing on the swings. Finally my bottom fits in one, without the side metal seat holders digging in my hips. The freedom you feel from just swaying back and forth is wonderful.
    3. Learn how to skip rocks on a lake or pond. Find those flat ones and throw them like a frisbee. Soon you’ll be skipping them all the time.
    4. Go for a walk in a park with a plastic cup of water, pick a few wild flowers and put them in the cup to take home. Find out what they are by googling on the internet.
    5. Learn how to do a handstand in a pool. Get goggles though. 🙂
    6. Find a place that plays outdoor movies… Maybe a nearby Drive In, or a museum (our Art Museum plays movies outdoors and you can bring a picnic, and it’s free!), or a church. It’s fun!
    7. Make berry kabobs. Berry, mint leaf, mozzarella, berry, mint, etc… They are so pretty and fun to eat in the summer time.
    8. Host an frozen yogurt (ice cream) party. For the calorie conscious offer diet rootbeer with sugar-free or low fat ice cream floats. Have vanilla frozen yogurt and lots of fruit and nut toppings. Toppings and extra frozen yogurt can be made into smoothies in the days to come.
    9. Try C25K and sign up for a 5K in the fall… They raise money for good causes and you’ll feel great completing one… I think. My first one will be this fall.
    10. Find a local public pool and swim a few laps each day. Even breaststroke or side stroke feels great! Then commit to getting ten minutes of sun each day for the vitamin D.
    11. Buy a watermelon, cube it and eat cubes of it each day, it will help with preventing sunburn on your walks.
    12. Take a walk each morning and try to find new things one the same walk, like a birds nest you didn’t see before or a new flower blooming. Delight yourself in the little beauties most people miss and take photos if you can, to remember them.
    13. Buy a gel seat for your bike (so much more comfortable) and try biking to a store where you can buy an iced coffee with Splenda, or a diet soda or bottled water… If you have a store nearby, by a basket for your bike and get an item or two while you are at it.
    14. Go to the local animal shelter and offer to walk a dog or two. They really need the attention, and it’s good for both of you. Maybe, if you are really adventurous, offer to bath one too. 🙂 Okay, well, I foster dogs, cause I just love their unconditional love and silent companionship.
    15. Learn to garden. Even if you only have a pot on a deck. Find a food or flower you like and grow it, tend to it, and enjoy what grows… Just a little work, and so fulfilling. I have beans, tomatoes, mint, raspberries, rosemary and lots of flowers.

  22. Litia

    Ericka {eeeekie referred me she really could use your give away}

    Your journal is awesome by the way. You are so inspiring to others on this journey.

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