I’m NOT A Hoarder… I Just Like Stuff…

Gravy boats in a sea of salad dressing, Merle!  I’ve been feeling really cluttered and claustrophobic of late.  Cluttered and claustrophobic because my bedroom has looked like World War XIV was fought in it and then Antarctica claimed the territory as it’s own.  I am currently typing this as the new Emperor of the Antarctic Waste Land, Whitnarctica!  I blame it on the fact that I’m 32, without a place to call my own, and have to store everything I own and want to own in a space not much bigger than Big Bertha’s jail cell.  I been trying to move into my BFF Oprah’s guest room, but apparently she’s mad at me for some reason… or at least I think she is seeing as she hasn’t returned my phone calls and/or emails in 25 years!  The NERVE!  I’ve come to realize that “stuff” is just stressful.  My sleeping place should be an oasis, not a war torn 3rd world country… but it’s also been reeking havoc on my germ-a-phobeness… you can’t get the vacuum cleaner all the way in the room, you haven’t vacuumed every square inch of said room! 

So, Monday, Memorial Day, and day of frigidness and rain, I buckled down to tackle the mess!  I had to hire Madre to help out because if history proved correct, I’d talk myself into keeping EVERYTHING!!  Oh… but I might need that nose picker next nostril-picking party… or that 5x shirt that drowns me might come in handy for when I make a quilt!  Seriously… just stop it, Emperor… STOP!  Garbage bags in hand  I decided to tackle the closet portion first… get all the clothes out of there that don’t fit me anymore and organize my hygiene supplies… yes, I have a stock pile of hygiene supplies!  It is literally my worst nightmare that I should ever run out of deodorant or hand soap or Bath and Body Works smelly sprays… THE HORROR!!!!  So, I keep myself well stocked.  Y’all just might be jealous, but I call it totes being smart! 

It felt good to try on every single piece of clothing and get rid of 3/4 of it because it was now monstrously large on me… even if now I’m left with a closet full of workout T-shirts and jackets… and I don’t really own any “nice” clothing anymore.  At least with the too big stuff in there, I had the option of having “nice” dressy clothing, even if I looked like I ate the Grand Canyon when I wore it.  Three to four hours later, we finished the closet!  HALLELUJAH, Griselda!  We had to call it a day because I have organizing ADD and was busy searching through the garbage bags for things that I really should keep.  The opposite corner full of book and DVD shelves will have to be tackled another day!  BRING IT!  I’m already noticing that my brain is 50% less cluttered.  It’s freeing to have some space… even if in a few days’ time I’ll be mourning the loss of my nostril picker! 

The closet, After... I'm mad that I didn't take a before picture... but it might have put a few of you into cardiac arrest.

The haul... 4 garbage bags to Deseret Industries and 1 garbage bag to the dump!



Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself organized?  I hoard hygiene products, what is one item that you hoard?



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26 responses to “I’m NOT A Hoarder… I Just Like Stuff…

  1. deannawade@gmail.com

    When we came home from our mission after living a year and a half with VERY little I decided I had too much stuff–so I dejunked my house. It does have a very freeing feeling. I hoard Jergens lotion and have this mortal fear of not being able to put it on at night–especially my feet. I’ve told my daughters when I get old and brain dead–they must tell the nursing home to put Jergens lotions on my feet every night!! I have several jars of it in the bathroom. I’m addicted!!

    • Jergen’s Lotion must have been all the rage when you and my mom went to high school together. That’s the brand of lotion she has passed on to us too and now I have to use my Ultra Healing Jergen’s every day!!

  2. cl2

    Congratulations! That is a lot of work and also very freeing. Shocking thing is that I have had very few regrets about anything I dumped at the DI–even my old Christmas tree that we had had for 20 years. Too many branches had broken. Yes, I have a fake one–when I was married to an ornamental horticulturist, looking for a Christmas tree was torture–so I opted for a fake one (which I swore I’d never do.) I had to dump that in July, though, not at the height at the height of the season.

    P.S., the bigger the space you have, the more stuff you can accumulate and the more places you have to CLEAN.

    • LOL!! That made me laugh, Colleen… the fake tree for the horticulturist!! There comes a time when getting rid of the fake tree is easier than trying to make it look decent when half of it is falling apart!

  3. cl2

    I didn’t really answer the questions, did I? I do consider myself organized at least in terms of “house.” Work wise–ha ha ha.

    What do I hoard????? Not really much anymore. I used to like having a lot of dishes, but haven’t bought any more in YEARS. I used to have some collections like salt and pepper shakers, but it got to be too much work (and kids kept breaking them) and I only kept a few favorites. I really don’t hoard any more, but I can’t say I never did as I did.

  4. I’ve moved A LOT. Every 5-7 years of my entire life! Lots of life transitions and growing kids. This leads to fear of having too much stuff, broke stuff, and having to move all that stuff! So every year I have a garage sale. I have a garage sale pile I keep it in during the rest of the year and I add to it constantly! Organizing organizing organizing, yet never feeling organized! But I keep trying!

  5. Karen

    I too used this past week to dejunk. I cleaned out the shed. It was so full I could not get to anything, so why have it. No point in having decorative pillows for Valentines day if you can’t find them. So everything came into the garage, and I tossed. Problem was getting everything into recycling bins and the garbage. Had to look for neighbors with space in their cans, and use the church dumpster after dark!

    • Karen has beautiful pillow making skillz. I’ve seen them first hand! HA! I will keep it on the downlow about the night church dumpster stalking. I’m pretty sure it was you who went dumpster diving to find empty wine bottles for Lindsay’s first wedding? The dumpsters owe you one!!

  6. Ally

    Nice job. Feel better? I dejunk my clothes every couple of months. I give away the stuff that’s too big. It’s really fun to try it on and say “this is way too big.” . I do hoard the shoes though. I will try to do better now that you inspired me.

    • Oh… it feels SO much better! NOw to tackle the other corner! I too love trying on the too big clothing. I act all put out by it (more money to spend), but secretly I’m walking on air!

  7. Liz

    Nice work! I also kept my bigger clothes for way too long, but doesn’t it just feel amazing to try them on again? My problem was that I bought new clothes as well. I have TWO closets with clothes!
    Can you horde shoes? Or is that just an addiction? I have 6 pairs of flip flops alone… and that doesn’t count my other sandals! Wishing for warmer weather I guess. I wore flip flops last night with a winter hat 🙂

    • You can definitely hoard shoes! I’m not much of a shoe hoarder, so maybe I an trade you some of my body sprays for a couple of shoes! I made sure to keep a few items of too-big-for-me clothes… gotta have something to compare!

  8. Jen

    Your bedroom looks so spic and span now. Good way to make the most of your memorial day, when the weather was bad. I like to do major heavy duty cleaning every January 1st. We usually don’t do anything else fun that day and I figure with a new year, my house should get deep cleaned too.

  9. Katie Berger

    Hmmmm – – -Maybe the hoarding of hygiene supplies is genetic! Your Uncle Jim has 6 deodorants and a dozen soaps under his sink – – -and has an equal number in Washington – – “So I don’t have to carry them back and forth, of course.” He also loves cleaning supplies – – -which is a rathe nice quality for a husband, don’t you think? 🙂 As a quilter, I hoard fabric. In fact, I’m lamenting I didn’t get a shot at your tee shirts so I could make a tee shirt quilt! I love to clean and organize – – -for a few hours. Then I get sick of it and have to leave it for a while. Good job on that closet!

    • Ha!! Maybe it is a Berger gene… the hygiene item hoarding! I’m in good company! I also hoard cleaning supplies. Goodness forbid that I should run out of toilet bowl cleaner!!

      You get dibs on my T-shirts when I move down to the next size!

  10. Dessa Wade

    Great job on the de-clutter Whit! I suppose I hoard shoes and clothes . At least my closet looks like I do but I think that is just because I have such a small closet to try to cram all my stuff in. I have two closets, one for summer clothes and the other for winter clothes. Someday I want a new house with a great big walk-in closet! Hint Hint!

  11. Jacque Hunt

    I am terrible when it comes to clothes and shoes. I’ve started to declutter a little but still have a long ways to go. In fact when I had to start buying scrubs I had to take over part of my husbands space. I’d say I control 80% of the closet space. He doesn’t care what he wears so I figure it’s OK. Time to finish the closet. Then I need to hit the pantry. I just need more storage space. Seriously. I don’t have enough space for all my couponing.

    • Jacque… you and my madre are exactly alike in the taking over the husband’s closet space department. You all need to start a support group… women who hoard closet space! I also still want to take a couponing class from you!!

  12. Way to go on your decluttering! I love the feeling of taking control of something that is irritating to you and fixing it. I love that you can get immediate joy out of it too! One benefit of moving is that you get to look at your belongings and try to decide if you like it enough to pack it up in the box and move it or if it needs to go to the DI. I am kind of anal-retentive in the organization department. I don’t function well with chaos. As far as hoarding, I have a ton of books and I have a thing for pens.

    • Oh, but when you find a good pen, you have to buy a supply of them. There are so few good pens out there. You know the kind that don’t smudge and write smoothly and have a good grip!! I agree… moving seems to kick the butt into gear to dejunk!

  13. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    This is a funny one, Whitney.
    Loved hearing about your de-cluttering day.
    It is a good feeling to take back control.
    This spring my parents were changing up their living room and going to send their big entertainment center ( with TV / VCR /DVD ) to the 2nd hand store to sell it.
    As it happens, they thought to ask us first and we jumped on it. In order to bring it home though, we would have to “take back our living room”. Our living room was basically an all-purpose room ( library for homeschool books & supplies, exercise room, play room, tv /family room, music room, and a place to display my collection of Breyers and my husband & son’s collection of JD collectible toys).
    It was just too much for such a small place.
    Every inch of every corner was occupied and it just wasn’t a peaceful and comfortable room to be in for any length of time b/c of the clutter. It was slowly making me crazy but Dh didn’t want me to change anything…until this was offered and then once he understood what I wanted to do – he jumped on board.
    We hauled out the desk & chair, the 3 bookshelves, our tv/vcr/dvd & stereo center and sold it all at my MILs thrift shop in town. All the money we got for the stuff went into the kid’s savings accounts. Win – Win.
    My parents also were thinning out the stuff in their basement so we told them we would go through it all and sell what we didn’t want at MILs store and put the $$ in the kid’s savings accts. The benefit of that is they got rid of 4 large metal shelving units. ALL the school supplies, book, art & craft, resource material etc went on those shelves in the garage where the kids have easy access to them and it is all labeled and organized. Their piano /kepyboard & chair all got moved there too. YAY
    Our living room is now JUST our living room and it is a nice place to go now. We all love it.
    I still want to paint though…

    Question of the Day: Do you consider yourself organized? I hoard hygiene products, what is one item that you hoard?

    Yes, I consider myself organized. I do not like clutter but it has a way of happening anyway.
    I blame my kids…lol.
    I think I probably hoard clothes of different sizes, nail polish that is probably waaay old, and old pills & out of date cough medicine. Need to tackle these things…
    I take all the kids clothes & toys they outgrow to Salvation Army / Goodwill now b/c my Dh doesn’t like all the work that goes into my huge, elaborate yard sales.
    I am looking forward to taking a huge bunch of my clothes to Salv. Army & Goodwill once they are “too big”.

    Keep on…keepin’ on…

    • Glad you got your Internet back up and running, Louisa!! Sounds like you got some good stuff from your folks’s decluttering extravaganza! If it’s perfectly good, why should it go to waste? It’s an awesome feeling to give the clothes away… we call ours Deseret Industries… or the DI for short!

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