Summertime and the Living Is Easy…

It’s officially summertime week on this here blogging adventure.  I got the fever after we had 2 straight days of the most perfect weather you can imagine this weekend.  Blue skies, warm temperatures, and nary a cloud in the sky… and then came this afternoon with clouds and fog and rain.  Eh… you can’t have too much of a good thing… or can you?  I took full advantage of my beautiful summery days on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I took Rumpita out for a spin… through the side streets and country roads of town, wearing my new brain bucket, which by the way is annoying… how is the wind going to waft through my thinning hair like I’m Fabio when I have that contraption smashed on top of my brain?  What I do for safety… what’s a few more knocks to this noggin of mine… I’m already running on 10% brain power.  I’m destined to look like I have a mullet whilst bike riding.  Call me Billy Bob… we’s got some bobcat stew in the back yonder way! 

Sunday afternoon I retreated to my back deck aka place of bliss and beauty and I finally was able to get my new anti-gravity chair out of the box… I bought it in February and it’s been too cold, rainy, snowy, and cold to use it since then… and did I mention cold? 

Kick up the ole heels in that thing… Get me up a bag of brainberries:

For anyone curious... no I did not get my Ph.D. the day after I ate these babies!

And buckle down with a good book:

Don't judge... the true stories FASCINATE me! It's like I'm a baby staring at a shiny thing!

And spent most of my time gazing at the beauty around me:

The only thing that would make it better was if I were to turn into a geezer cat… sprawling suits me, I think.

She may look dead, but I done checked her pulse every 15 minutes... she's still breathing.

The lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer!  Gotta love ’em!  Side note:  I was hoping if I posted about this in my blog, the weather would take note and shape up.  So far, the start of this week ain’t looking promising!

Question of the Day:  What would be your perfect summer day?




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10 responses to “Summertime and the Living Is Easy…

  1. cl2

    I think it is supposed to clear up. I get weary of the overcast drizzle, but I hate the heat. Problem is this will all clear off the 1st of July and it will be 99 or more. Sweating weather. I hate sweating. For me, it runs in the family, let alone once I gained weight and hit about age 45. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say–you said something about hcg? It is how I lost what weight I’ve lost and kept that amount off for 10 months now. BUT the most wonderful benefit of hcg was NO HOT FLASHES in AUGUST. No sweating. I felt better on hcg than I’ve felt in literally years and years. No reverse SAD. I have a bottle I’m going to start any day. I don’t do it for the diet, I do it for the benefits to my mental health. The first few days, I felt lightheaded, after that, I didn’t want to go off. If I gain a few pounds I go on it a few days and lose it again. I know it sounds like a “stupid” way to diet, but whether it helps me lose weight or not–it has been the best thing for my hot flashes that I’ve ever tried . . . I’ll pay the price food wise. I really, really, really hate sweating. With a passion I can’t explain.

    That book looks good. The Donner Party has always fascinated me. I was fascinated for years with the Holocaust and read book after book. My daughter is taking history in college and she keeps giving me books to read that are like this one you are reading. The last one I read was “Under a Cruel Star.” It is a short read, but well worth it. I also used to watch the murder shows (all night). My kids think I’m morbid. I can’t handle them lately since I lsot my dog. I thought that was an odd side effect.

    You have great views from your backyard. I love my backyard, too.

    • I did not know that about the HCG, Colleen! Did you know that Gordon from ITS is selling it out of the office now? Maybe you could get a deal! 😛 I’m glad it helps with your aversion to heat because the hot stuff just sucks. I’m more afraid of the eating only 500 calories thing than I am of the drops!

      I’m making a note to check out Under a Cruel Star… I love short reads and true stories… I also love the murder shows too… 48 Hours, Dateline, Investigation ID channel… all are on my list of awesome.

  2. I always forget to sprawl out on the deck. Thats what it’s there for! Thanks for the reminder! I have me some brainberries already. I’m going to need a lot more brainberries.

    • Brainberries can never hurt… after you’ve finished doing your dance for that psycho neighbor of yours, Nammy… you deserve to sprawl out on the deck and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  3. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: What would be your perfect summer day?

    My house stays shaded most of the day long so I love to have a moderate temp day and lounge on the deck with a good book and a cold glass of sun tea.
    Picture it with me…
    The kids & neighbor kids playing & laughing contentedly in our park-like backyard ( hence why they are always over here )….
    Me relaxing and dozing on the deck chairs with my good book….
    Nobody saying “MOoooooom” ….”can I have”….”will you help me with”….or ….”I’m hungry”.

    Another scenario….
    Dh & I taking the kids to Lake of the Ozarks and renting 2 of those BIG wave-runners ( that can hold like 3 ppl ) and doubling up each with a kid and taking off to play and explore the coves. Later coming back to return the wave-runners and go out to a nice Ruby Tuesdays for supper ( love the salad bar ).

  4. That looks like an awesome Sunday to me. My perfect summer day in two words: Bear Lake. I love that place. Sprawling is totes what Sundays are made for, cat or human. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yours before the weather got crappy again.

  5. Jen Jen

    My perfect day: Spending the day at a nice beach in San Diego with a picnic lunch and lots of good waves for body boarding.

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