Necessary Additions To Your Bucket List… Because I Said So…

Wow… I’m totes taking this power thing to a new level.  Anything I say goes… get it?  😛  I talk big but when it comes down to enforcing it, I’m usually the girl trying to crawl under the twin bed.  There’s a reason my name rhymes with Wussy… oh, it doesn’t?  There goes the first 5 years of my schooling. 

You know it’s pretty freaktastically ironic when you’ve been talking about buckets and lists for at least a month now and then you open up the Parade Magazine on Sunday and find a whole article dedicated to bucket lists!  What are the stinking odds?  It’s like they totes stole my idea.  Alright, which one of you 10 people who read my blog works for Parade Magazine… and where the heck is my idea moolah?  In the article they listed 32 ESSENTIAL experiences that every American should have before they die.  Well, alrighty then… if you say so, lady article writer.   I’m listing them here, so you all can totes add them to your lists too!  To read the full article and what lady article writer says about each item, click on the picture below… I scanned her in for you!  Otherwise, I’m listing the basics below and then adding my comments out to the side.

Clickety Click the picture to make readable...

1 – Eat Real Barbecue – I guess that would mean I’d need to become a non-vegetarian first… unless… do they make meatless ribs? 
2 – Watch a lawn mower race – lol… as opposed to2  tortoises racing?
3 – Visit a Farm – I have been on my fair share of farms… remember the attack of the killer turkey story!?!?  Seriously… it’s a wonder I’m still alive!
4 – Participate in a tradition that is so odd it has to be American – a few examples they gave:  Mermaid Parade and sidewalk egg-frying competitions.  I guess they never done been to a Ward Jell-O shindig.  Count this one crossed off the list!
5 – Stand at the base of a really tall tree – Check… my madre is a tall tree… I realize that was kind of rude.  I’ve also been to the Redwood Forest in CA… so cross that one off!
6 – Own a pair of cowboy boots – yee haw, Merle!!  I’m a gonna get me some bowed legs too!
7 – Attend a religious service of a faith different from your own.  Done and done…  We have a tradition every Christmas Eve that we usually attend Presbyterian or Catholic midnight mass.  I mostly go so that I can yell outloud in church and no one looks at you funny.
8 – Invite someone new to Thanksgiving – Done this one a couple of times with foreign exchange students, etc.  I can’t remember which year they got food poisoned?
9 – Read the Constitution – zzzzzz… oh, what?   I got through the first paragraph!
10 – Volunteer to be a poll worker on Election Day.  – This one will be a stretch for me since I hate crowds and politicians… oh, and elections.  😛
11 – Enjoy a minor league baseball game.  – Definitely would like to do that one day.  I used to play softball and love it!
12 – March in a parade. – But then I won’t get to mow down all the little kids to get the candy first.  RUDE! 
13 – Take a kid to Disney World.  – I’ve been to Disney LAND as a kid, never to Disney World, though.  Mickey never knew what hit him when I showed up… fat kid with a love of cheese and a hatred of rodents!
14 – Learn the second verse of our national anthem. – I’ve sung the SSB several times in years past at events… but can’t say I’ve ever tackled the second verse… hopefully it has something about chocolate somewhere in it… oh, and peanut butter.
15 – Ride the Ferris wheel at a county fair.  –  LOL!!  Sorry… not our county fair… that thing looks like it was built for no more than 65 pounds per circle… I’m sure I’d cause it to crush the county like some freaktastic Godzilla movie!
16 – Seek out the best Fourth of July fireworks within 50 miles of your home. – Love me some firework shows… especially listening to the choreographed music along with the fireworks… and someone butchering the Star Spangled Banner is always a nice touch! (coughcough Hi Christina Aguilera coughcough)
17 – Get a passport (first time fee for adults is $135) – That’s something I can say I do not own… but want to. 
18 – Send a letter to your U.S. senator or representative.  Maybe even be nice. – Nice?  Like compliment them on their political swagger?
19 – Mail a care package to a service member.  –  I used to be penpals with soldiers in the Gulf War.  I was 13 years old and we did it for school.  It was always so exciting getting their letters and sending them things.  I wish I would have kept them.
20 – Make your own Halloween costume. – So, you’re saying waking up on October 31st and not doing my hair won’t count this year?
21 – Tailgate at a football game.  – I’ve been to football games… I’ve never tailgated, though.  Bring out the stale buns and burnt hot dogs, kids!
22 – Go on a road trip.  Choose a classic route. 
– Definitely want to do this one day.  I always thought it would be fun to drive across the United States… stop where you want and whenever you want. 
23 – Explore America’s ancient ruins.  – LOVE me some history… so definitely should add that to my list.  I’ve been to some ruins in Arizona (I believe), but I was a kid.
24 –  Sleep beneath the stars in one of more than 50 national parks. – Whitney and camping is like Justin Bieber and Dolly Parton… there is no planet on which they go together.  I’ve camped many times… but never in a national park. 
25 – Dip a toe (at least) into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. – Can cross off the Pacific… Atlantic, you be next.  Watch… the stray shark will bite off my toe in the Atlantic.
26 – Write a gratitude letter to a teacher who’s made a difference in your life. – I used to do this quite often for my teachers in church when I was a teenager, but never a school teacher.  I’m sure they’d appreciate the thought.  Either that or they’d remember what a pain in the butt student you were.
27 – Bake a real apple pie — from scratch.  – Does it count if I just watch Madre make it?  She is an apple pie savant, I tell you right now.  I haven’t been blessed with the cooking genes, though!
28 – Catch a concert by an American legend – James Taylor, Dolly Parton, and Jimmy Buffet are all playing dates this summer.  – Um… I’ll pass on those 3… but I do love me a concert.  Already have a few planned for later this year!  Drunk, unruly weird people… here I come!
29 – Appreciate fall’s foliage.  – Nothing more beautiful than a canyon full of red, orange, and yellow trees.  I love a beautiful crisp fall day!
30 – Admire the pyramids of Las Vegas. – I’ve been to Las Vegas several times… I also admired the weird drunk people peeing behind the pyramids. 
31 – See a bald eagle soar. – Does it count if I saw one on Jay Leno once?  😛  I’ve seen a bald eagle soar, but never stopped to appreciate it. 
32 – Plan a vacation and use it to cross an item off your list.  – I never do vacations, but this is my year.  Vacation… Palmyra, New York… mid Septemberish.  BRING IT! 

Surprised that I was able to cross a handful of those off of my list already.  Time to fill up that bucket some more!!  Adventure is my new middle name! 

It rained again today... I was annoyed until I saw this tonight!

Question of the Day:  How many of these can you say you’ve done?  Are you going to add any of them to your bucket list?

P.S.  Updating Mission:  Uncage the Singing Bird in tomorrow’s post.  Be prepared to bring your accomplishments with you! 



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13 responses to “Necessary Additions To Your Bucket List… Because I Said So…

  1. cl2

    At least the rain yesterday was only part of the day and a spring type storn instead of lingering WINTER!

    I’ve done a lot of the things above–but mostly as a child!?!? Ferris Wheel–my dad was over the FFA at Bear River High School and he took the 3 older children to the fair EVERY SUMMER. I hate ferris wheels.

    Ancient ruins–Mesa Verde. Seen the Pacific all along the coast including Alaska!?!? Saw an eagle soar in Denali National Park in Alaska–right next to the open window (have a picture). That was amazing–the animals we saw! Slept under the stars many times in National Parks–like Yellowstone, Bryce, Zions, Grand Canyon. Been on many road trips. Going to Mount Rushmore on the 24th of June. I even road Amtrak to SEATTLE once. Took 23 hours. I won a prize in the kids’ Peach Day’s parade when I was about 5 riding my tricycle (my mother, antisocial as she was–ahd us in parades a lot when we were little–AHHHHH!) Love Disneyland. My daughter went to DW in January and she likes DL better. We got OFTEN. (Too often.) I didn’t write letters to my teachers (that I remember), but I did to my kids’ teachers often. Oh come on, admire the pyramids of Vegas??? I waited for 3 hours at the pyramid in Vegas for my sister one year. She went to MGM. She still says she was at the pyramid and I wasn’t. I HATE Vegas. Most depressing city I’ve been to. Redwoods, yes. VISIT a farm? I just sold my dad’s/grandpa’s farm last week. Tore my heart out. He had a farm in Corinne. Best waterfowl hunting around. Hated working on it though.

    There wasn’t much there I wanted to do that I hadn’t already done. I hate politics, too–do you vote? I quit after the Gore/Bush fiasco (I’m Democrat by the way in Utah–was raised that way.) I don’t wish to have a passport except to go to Canada. I haven’t seen enough here yet.

    I LOVE YOUR PICTURE. Love rainbows.

    • I agree about Vegas. I’ve been several times, but I just think the city is really gross and nasty. I love the entertainment there, though. Celine Dion in Vegas was amazing!

      I vote sometimes… but I’m not a huge fan of politicians, Democrat OR Republican, so I try to stay away from them as much as possible.

  2. Ally

    Wow! I have actually done 15! There are a few more I would like to do.

  3. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: How many of these can you say you’ve done? Are you going to add any of them to your bucket list?

    Hey not bad!
    I have done 25 out of the 32.
    Have to say I have NO desire to go to Las Vegas and would rather see the REAL pyramids but there is still a lot to see right here in the good ol’ USA.
    I have sent a letter to the state rep. when I was in the Girl Scouts but not as an adult.
    I do plan for all of us to have passports and go abroad one day…
    I do plan to take the family to Disney World, Epcot Center, Cypress Gardens, the beach, and to see a Shuttle launch one day.

    Love the rainbow pic, Whitney!

    Keep on…keepin’ on….

    • The only good thing about VEgas is some of the entertainment. I went to Celine Dion a few years back and it was amazing! She had so much going on on that stage I couldn’t take it all in! Other than that, the city is pretty gross…

  4. Katbaran

    When we lived in Ogden in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I entertained our son and the neighborhood kids by frying an egg on my patio and one on the hood of the car! Does that count??? If so, I’ve managed 27 so far! Great topic, Whitney!

    • I didn’t know you were once an Ogden-ite!! Or did I? Anywho… that is awesome that you tried the frying of the egg thing. You made me want to try it the next really hot summer day!

      • Katbaran

        I’m not really an Ogdenite. We were stationed at Defense Depot Ogden for 5 years. We lived near/at the corner of 1048N an 1025E in Ogden. It was a beautiful area and everytime I see your pics that you post, I miss it. We had some good times in Utah. I still have friends from there that I talk to on Facebook. As for the egg thing–I’d advise using some cooking spray if you’re going to fry an egg on the hood of your car. I used tin foil spread out on the patio with a little cooking spray so the kids could actually scrape it off and eat it. They loved it–thought I was the craziest Mom ever. Its easy to impress the 6 to 11 y/o crowd…..

  5. Girl, you are on a power trip! Just remember to use it for good. I like this list. It’s interesting and made me feel super accomplished!

    1. Check! Eat real BBQ – I ate real BBQ when I was in Memphis. It was on a riverboat on the Mississippi. I don’t think it gets more real than that.

    2. Watch a lawn mower race – I haven’t done this before, but I know some guys who have and possibly where we could watch one.

    3. Check! Visit a farm – My grandpa used to take us to “see the cows” at the dairy farm when we’d go visit.

    4. Check! Participate in a tradition so odd it has to be American – I make it a point to attend the horse pulling matches at Black and White Days every year. I don’t know that it’s super odd or necessarily American, but I am going to say it counts.

    5. Stand at the base of a really tall tree – I need to go to the Redwoods. I have stood next to your mom, but I’m not going to count it!

    6. Own a pair of cowboy boots – I guess I’ll have to get some because I have so many occasions to wear them.

    7. Check! Attend a religious service of a faith different from your own – I went to a Unity church in Arizona one time and went a church dedication in Hyrum.

    8. Check! Invite someone new to Thanksgiving – We have also hosted foreign exchange students.

    9. Check! Read the constitution – Read it? I’ve SEEN it.

    10. Volunteer to be a poll worker on election day – Maybe someday. I’m disillusioned with politicians, but I do think the system we have is better than it could be. I can support that.

    11. Check! Enjoy a minor league baseball game – I’m going to count this, even though I’ve only seen major league games. Someday, I’ll go to a Buzz game.

    12. Check! March in a parade – I did this when I was in Girl Scouts. It was the 4th of July parade in Hyrum and it was HOT outside.

    13. Check! Take a kid to Disneyworld – I have been twice. Once was when Jessie was 7 and the other was a couple of years ago. I like it a lot.

    14. Check! Learn the second verse of the national anthem – I don’t know how or why, but I know it.

    15. Check! Ride the Ferris wheel at a county fair – I did this as a kid.

    16. Check! Seek out the best Fourth of July fireworks within 50 miles of your home – Drove up to the top of Inspiration Peak east of Mantua and watched the fireworks in Ogden, Brigham, and some other random towns all at once.

    17. Check! Get a passport – I have it. Just haven’t used it yet.

    18. Check! Send a letter to your U.S. senator or representative. Maybe even be nice – I e-mailed Senator Hatch and he hooked us up with a tour of the White House.

    19. Check! Mail a care package to a service member – I did this during the Gulf War.

    20. Check! Make your own Halloween costume – If I ever dress up for Halloween, it’s always home made.

    21. Tailgate at a football game – I have never tailgated, but been to lots of football games.

    22. Check! Go on a road trip. Choose a classic route – I am the queen of road trips. I did an awesome one in high school with my 2 best friends. We went from Logan to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and back. Some of that was on Route 66. I’ve also road tripped to Canada – clear the heck up to Edmonton.

    23. Check! Explore America’s ancient ruins – On the above road trip, we went to all the ruins we could find.

    24. Check! Sleep beneath the stars in one of more than 50 national parks – I did this in Moab at Arches.

    25. Check! Dip a toe (at least) into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – I love the ocean. I wish I lived closer.

    26. Check! Write a gratitude letter to a teacher who’s made a difference in your life – I’ve done this a few times. I think gratitude is a sentiment we could all stand to express more often.

    27. Bake a real apple pie — from scratch – Never done this. I’ll have to give ‘er a try. I have a good recipe, though.

    28. Check! Catch a concert by an American legend – James Taylor, Dolly Parton, and Jimmy Buffet are all playing dates this summer – I am counting the Beach Boys.

    29. Check! Appreciate fall’s foliage – I love going for drives in the fall. Even Sardine Canyon is beautiful. I normally hate that drive.

    30. Check! Admire the pyramids of Las Vegas – I stayed in Luxor with my besties on my road trip.

    31. Check! See a bald eagle soar – I’ve seen this a few times. It’s amazing.

    32. Check! Plan a vacation and use it to cross an item off your list – Next vacation: Glacier NP and Banff (using my passport finally!) and then the next vacation after that will be the Caribbean cruise!

  6. Those are good ideas. I have done some of them. That is a really pretty picture you took of the rainbow.

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