The Attack of the Killer Hormones… and Flying Bird Updates…

That’s a movie… The Attack of the Killer Hormones… it’s a sequel to the much loved movie, Attack of the Grumpy Women and the Men Who Love Them!!  Nonscar Awards all over for those babies (the evil and embittered cuzzin of the Oscars)!  The last few days I’ve pretty much had the disease not logging thy food numbdumb eating marathons.  I blame it 2% on hormone woman hoarding week/boredom/irritation/annoyance/burn out and the other 98% on lamebutt excuses like the previous 8000 I just listed.  I don’t beat myself up anymore when I go through a rough spot… that’s not helpful at all… just causes that neverending circle of emotional roller coaster eating that won’t end.  So, I made some mistakes this week… that didn’t cause me to gain 217 pounds back.  Nope… it didn’t.  I’m well aware that a lifestyle change is never going to be perfect and I’m okay with that.  Perfect people aren’t learning… imperfect people and all their flaws have a lifetime of growing to do… that’s what I’m here for.  That and to eat as much chocolate as I can in the span of a lifetime.  There best be a Guinness Record for that because I aim to have my name on that page! 

So, through my flawsy week, I’ve kind of felt like that blueberry chic girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

Funny… If I were to go and put on all blue right now and paint my face… we could totes be relations!!  In the meantime… I cannot even look at those Oompa Loompas… childhood nightmares!!  It wouldn’t be so bad if they all didn’t have the exact same singing voice, weren’t green haired and robotic, and weren’t wearing starfish-shaped trousers!  Roll me out the door, freaktastic little dudes!  I think it’s important to step back and learn why I numbdumb eat… gives me better ammunition to control it the next time I start walking around and blindly stuffing whatever is handy in the pie hole.  So, I like to ponder what’s been going on in my noggin when I have a bad stretch. 

Moving forward.  Time to update progress on the ole Mission:  Uncage the Singing Bird goals.  I can’t say I’ve been gung ho on getting much done.  Just sort of doing my regular, “wait until the very last minute and then pounce on it” spiel.  But, I’m advancing some.  For example, for my first goal (Make a CD of me singing and sing more in general), I have a singing gig in church on Sunday.  The first one in 2011.  I’m nervous already and have my song selection narrowed down to 25 songs… pretty good if you ask me; it used to be 26.  I realize it’s Friday and Sunday is like 2 days away, but that is what Saturday night at 11:59 p.m. is for.  That and washing my hairs (yes… hairs is the appropriate word when you have like 2 hairs to your name by now!)  So, I have that down and I’ve also been singing in the shower more.  I charge admission for anyone who wants to come to my shower concert… oh, and I only sing one song and only know the words to one verse, so it’s actually a pretty boring 15 minutes of concert.  I think it’ll be good, though, to warm up my voice.  I haven’t sung much, so the higher notes (for this Alto) aren’t as smooth as they used to be when I sang all the time.  As for the CD… I’ve officially added versions of Oh, Holy Night and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas to my list of must have CD songs.

As for the 2nd bucket list item… that is still hanging in the balance.  I’m still doing it, but when you are horning in on someone else’s vacation, I’m pretty sure it’s rude to just up and plan everything by yourself!  I think we’ll go to the porcelain doll monument and tiny teacup convention for the whole week… how’s about that, family?  😛 

I was watching the idiot box last night when this commercial came on.  When it was over, I immediately pressed record on my DVR and rewound it to watch it again.  I kind of wanted to jump into the commercial and be like those people.  It hit home for me and was quite inspiring and motivating for what I’ve been preaching to myself on this here blog for all these months.  I uploaded it to share with y’all.  Jump in, friends… let’s all take flying lessons!  🙂 

Question of the Day:  How is progress on your bucket list items coming?  Are you an emotional eater?  How do you combat that?  



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9 responses to “The Attack of the Killer Hormones… and Flying Bird Updates…

  1. cl2

    Me, too–emotional eating all week long. I don’t taste anything per se–I think I may have said that my therapist (and I think you know who he is) said you need to learn to savor every bite–but he also had a weight problem as a child and is still somewhat overweight–but he DEFINITELY goes out and lives life. That was what I did notice about HCG drops–i savored EVERY BITE. And chocolate–makes me feel yucky physically, but it sure drowns out the emotions! I found a picture of me and my dad going through some old pictures the other night–I’ve come a long way since then–but . . .

    Loved that commercial and song.

    I was thinking, though, when you were talking about laying on the grass at the park. Exercising–walking, biking, etc., I live more then than any other time in my life. Why do we sabotage ourselves so? I feel better then emotionally, physically, mentally when I’m out walking and listening to music and yet we sabotage ourselves. Being free is actually doing those things that are good for us. Vacations are great, etc., but those little things we do every day for ourselves are what make us feel really alive and free.

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: How is progress on your bucket list items coming?

    Progress on my bucket list is moving forward each week I have to coach the girls. I keep expecting the Coach to step back in and resume her duties but she really doesn’t seem too interested in doing that. I know she has a lot going on right now with her pneumonia and the different antibiotics etc… She is stressed at home and at work too.
    She got some bad news from her Dr. Wednesday afternoon which threw her into another tailspin so that is why she called me 20 min. before practice to let me know I was coaching that practice. Ooook…
    I just try and be as supportive & understanding as I can.
    Is she taking advantage of me, I wonder. I don’t want to think like that so I shove that out of my mind.
    My hands are tied to an extent but then again it is freeing to not have her there ( is that mean of me to say?) b/c I can work those girls the way they need to be worked.
    Am I coaching tonight’s game? Probably.
    I keep trying to see the positive in this situation. 1) I am thankful I am healthy.
    2) I am blessed we can help out and my Dh is understanding and my kids are amazing and all have stepped up.
    3) I am glad I have been working out since March b/c I can work ALL these girls into the ground.
    4) I don’t think I would have offered to be the Asst. Coach if she wouldn’t have asked and now here I am getting all kinds of great Coaching experience. I can see how I could be a Coach now…( big mental step).

    Are you an emotional eater? How do you combat that?

    Definitely! I can honestly say that I am winning that battle though.
    I think my worst time is when I am bored or late at night.
    I have set limits that I go by and that helps me A LOT!
    I have caught myself standing in front of the pantry or the fridge looking for something and then realized what I was doing. I literally tell myself (out loud),
    “You are not hungry – you are bored.” I shake myself out of that funk and find something to do immediately. Chewing minty sugarless gum also helps.
    I have caught myself staying up a little later on a couple nights and wanting to snack.
    I have literally told myself, “Get up off the couch – you need a bottle of water and to go to bed….you aren’t hungry…you had a good dinner and you are tired”.
    Yes, Self & I have conversations.
    Caught my 13yo standing in front of the open pantry the other day just looking inside and I thought to myself “Uh – Oh…I recognize that look.”
    I told her that she just ate lunch not even an hour before and she said, “I know mom but I feel like I need something snack-ie.” I told her to catch herself and not to eat out of boredom and that she is probably thirsty and needs a bottle of ice water.
    She admitted she hadn’t had enough water that day and so that is what she got out of the fridge. I gave her a pc of minty sugarless gum too and that helped.
    I gave her choices of things to do and she forgot about the snack-ies.
    (she is skinny and athletic like I was and she is at that age /grade that she learning about Health & Nutrition and has been one of my biggest supporters during my journey so I am glad she is open to my tips & suggestions).
    I need to keep being a good example. My kids are watching and listening.

    Keep on…keepin’ on….

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      We won our volleyball game !!! Just thought I would share that. It was a good confidence booster for our team of girls.
      YAY ( cheerleader kick)
      I also saw a shift in the girls attitude toward eachother and the game for the better. They are working more as a team and encouraging eachother. Saw my daughter shine and lead them and they are following her example and all I can say is, Thank You Lord.

      • Louisa! Hooray for you and the volleyball team!! That’s great about the win. I have no doubt that the team working better together had a bunch to do with your coaching skillz, so pat yourself on the badk for that! WOO HOO!

  3. Ally

    Oh Whitney, you sure struck a cord today. I eat no matter what emotion. Sad, happy, stressed, mad. The only thing that will make me NOT eat is being heartbroken. Then I can’t eat. Fortunately that doesn’t happen much. Or unfortunately. LOL!

    The only thing that can halfway combat emotional eating that i have found is to 1) don’t let yourself get too hungry 2) don’t get too stressed 3) have your meals for the day planned out 4) if you screw up, don’t beat yourself up. But get back on track as soon as possible. I know Duh!

    But seriously, if I am going to splurge, I try to do it at the end of the day so I do less damage. Like you said, nobody’s perfect!

    As for my uncaged bird. I am at a 13.5 minute mile and I paid my entry fee into the race! I’m on my way. 15 days to go!

    BTW, soooo with you on the warmones! Bad cravings the past two days! This too shall pass!

  4. Jen

    I wish I could come here you sing. Let me know what song you decide on. As for my bucket list, I am starting pointe shoes in the fall and still seeing my doctor about infertility.

  5. Hi Whitney! Someone shared your blog on fb awhile back and I stop in to read your awesome posts when I can! I just wanted to say your singing was great in church today! Unfortunately I was sitting behind you by the organ so I didn’t get to hear it as well as I would have liked 😦 But you always sound fantastic!

    I have yet to make a bucket list. I guess at this point it would consist of going with my family on a trip to Hawaii. I’ve never been there and always wanted to go! We’re working on planning one, but there always seems to be some reason keeping us from going! The plan is to try to make it this fall (fingers crossed)!

    I am absolutely an emotional eater. I lost a fair amount of weight a few years ago. When I quit emotionally eating, I was mad at my sweet husband all of the time! I had been quelling all of my emotions with food and since I wasn’t using that to quell my emotions any more – I had to deal with them. So did my hubby! I finally found some friends to go play racquetball with me. There’s something about hitting that ball really hard that seems to help get a little of that anger and frustration out. I had quit playing for awhile because my friend couldn’t play with me anymore. Then, my life went into pretty much utter chaos – so back to the old friend food you know. I recently decided that I’d had enough and wanted to get back into control and was able to find some new friends that play racquetball. So – I’m working on getting control back and getting into a healthy routine that works for me. I read in one of your other posts that you liked to play softball. You must like to hit things too!!! 🙂 I loved to play softball too when I was younger. Getting up to bat was definitely my favorite part! We should go to the batting cages sometime!

    Anywho, thanks for putting up with my spill. I just want to end on the note that you are inspirational to me for whatever that is worth! Go Whitney! 🙂

    • Taralee… organist extraordinaire! Thank you for commenting. I always love hearing from folks who happen to have the patience to read my ramblings, so thank you!

      What a great idea to get the frustrations out by hitting the raquet ball courts! That’s awesome. I’d totally be up for a batting cage round one time… as long as it has no running (it would be seriously scary for the whole town if I up and ran!) I have a punching bag that I like to hit… but being outdoors is a better option!

      Thanks for reading! 😀

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