Wabbit Hunting… Except With Ducks…

My past history with any form of movement is null and void.  If it required moving, I passed and plastered my receptacle to the couch cushion.  Going on a Sunday evening stroll… NEVER!!!  That would require muscles to contract and it would require me to break out in a sweat and goodness be to all glory Hallelujah… it would require EXERCISE and CALORIE BURNING!  Back in them days I was more into acquiring and keeping all of my calories.  Had to stock up on my fat stores for the winter months.  Kind of like a chipmunk, except with Twinkies.  But seriously, carrying around 530 pounds was a chore in and of itself.  You don’t just flit to the grocery store and walk out all smiles and rainbows.  You gallump to the grocery store, stop to catch your breath every 10 steps, and then sit on a bench while the family finishes the rest of the shopping.  That’s what you do when you weigh 530 pounds.  Needless to say, I was never looking to move around any more than I had to when I was that big.  Just too tiring.

How do I know my life is different now?  Because I actually look to move extra… get in as many calorie burning opportunities as possible.  It all adds up even if it isn’t a strenuous exercising session complete with 80s leg warmers and leotard (what up, Jane Fonda!)  Any extra movement is good movement in the weight loss game.  I don’t care how many people from MFP debate the cleaning isn’t exercise spiel.  It is if you didn’t used to do it regular.  At 530 pounds, ain’t no way you be bending over to clean a floor… it is impossible!!

Most Sundays, some of my favorite people come out to dinner (what up cuzzins Angie, Ryan, Makayla, and Corbin).  After dinner, the little dudes, Makayla and Corbin and I set out to do some wabbit hunting (except with ducks) up and down the canal bank in the backyard.  I can’t say I would have ever wanted to do that 5 years ago (unless someone volunteered to tow my butt in the wheelbarrow)… but now I think of it as an extra opportunity to get in some burning… and have fun in the process.  We never caught our wabbits… but we fed some ducks moldy bread and made wishes with dandelion fluff.  Thanks, lil’ dudes for keeping me moving!!  (I did get permission to post pictures of our duck hunting adventures… thanks Ang!)

Question of the Day:  What extra movement do you find yourself getting in now that you are a regular exerciser? 

Here duckie, duckie, duckie...

They had a hard time figuring out why if you ran after the ducks, they ran further away.

Yes... that would be mold on the bread... it puts hair on the duckies' chests!

Make a wish... but don't tell it to anyone!



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15 responses to “Wabbit Hunting… Except With Ducks…

  1. Chantal

    I wish I would be able to write the way you do… I love the way you think…
    Those kids looks adorable! You pictures are just BEAUTIFUL! It looks like you live a such a nice area!

    Keep sharing your stories!

  2. Lindsay

    Aaaahhhh What cute little kids! I sure miss them on Sunday dinners! Looks like lots of fun!

  3. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Beautiful pics & scenery!
    Gorgeous kids!
    Adorable lil fuzzy duckies….

    Question of the Day: What extra movement do you find yourself getting in now that you are a regular exerciser?

    I find myself doing a lot more and not making excuses. I find that I look for movement to do and clamp down on the urge to park my butt and let life happen around me.
    I park farther away from the store, pool, park, track, church, work, and farm in order to make myself walk farther to get where I want to go and back.
    I don’t say “maybe later” to my kids anymore. I make the time to shoot baskets, bump the volleyball, play ‘bulldozer’ on the trampoline, and chase them up the stairs making monster noises.
    I don’t have my kids watering my plants and filling my birdbaths anymore – I do it myself
    (all the trips).
    I make the time ( and not the excuses ) to do my workouts.
    I take the stairs and not the elevator when the opportunity arises.
    I clean my building at a trot to get in a workout while I am getting paid to clean ( I clean a 3hr clean in 1.5 hrs ).
    I get out and play volleyball (indoor & sand ) with the girls team. I am NOT a side-line coach. We arrive early and stay late to get in more practice and more sweating.
    I walk the pasture with my kids while they ride their horses ( instead of staying back at the corral ).
    I hand wash & wax my vehicle ( instead of paying over $10 for an automatic wash I am not happy with ).
    I push mow the yard (instead of using one of the many riders we have ).
    I walk to town to save gas and to get in my walk ( to the post office, library, piano lessons ).

    That is all I can think of at the moment but now that I have some wt off and feel better I find I see lots of opportunity for movement everywhere I look.

    Keep on…keepin’ on….
    Weigh – in is coming up….

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

      Oh yeh! I wanted to add that I was FIRST ( female adult ) in line yesterday to get to do the obstacle/challenge course at the Cub Scout Day Camp….lol.
      I was going to do it too! LOL
      Had to crawl through a big thick plastic pipe-like tube then jump up and run across the balance beam to the rope bridge. Go across the rope bridge and then up and over a rope ladder. Then back over the balance beam and through the pipe again to tag the next team member.
      It was fun – never would have been in line to do that before I gained all the weight ( would have excused myself to go to the bathroom or take a call or something ).
      My son & daughter were proud of me…( love to see that look on their faces ).

      Ok – done – just wanted to share that ….lol. Silly huh ?!

    • Louisa! That is awesome all that extra movement you are getting in… some great ideas too. Exercise can be so many different things. And way to go for getting out there on that obstacle course! Big high fives for that!

  4. Froggy1976

    I find myself doing simple little things like park in the back of the parking lot instead of fighting for a spot up front, swimming with the kids. It’s getting terribly hot down here so exercise outside is not fun. Heat index of 105 is not fun so I mostly just try to do things inside or in the pool. Time to break out the CDs.

  5. Ally

    “I love little baby ducks

    Old pick up trucks

    Slow movin trains

    And rain”

    Anyone recognize that song?

  6. Jen Jen

    Those kids are so cute. I try to take the stairs instead of an elevator while at work to get extra exercise.

  7. Too cute! I love hunting wabbits at First Dam and Willow Park. Willow Park is fun because you can feed the fish and watch them fight the ducks for it. I have been lazy lately, but normally I like to park far away from where I’m going and walk. That’s one good way I’ve found to move a little more.

    • First Dam is fun… and it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Willow Park, but I remember those fish/duck fights! I like the parking far away in the parking lot trick. Totally does the job!

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