Calorizing at the Winterfest!!

We changed the name of it this year.  It’s normally called Summerfest because it’s held in the (get this) SUMMER!  But today was the beginning of Summerfest and even though it was June 16th, it was 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  Everyone (and by everyone, I really mean the 3 people who attended) was walking around in winter woolies and long-legged underroos!  Not even my storage of Crisco could keep me warm!  😛  Summerfest (aka Winterfest 2011) is held every year in June… a 3-day event filled with booths selling artsy things, FOOD, and music… oh, wait… did I mention the food part yet?  FOOD!!  There’s even a stand where they sell fried everything you can imagine… (who invented fried Coke and how many paint fumes did that person inhale as a child?)  I probably would have picked the fried food stands in the olden days… ate my weight in fried twinkies and oreos… but when thou be-est calorizing… thouest needest to be-est intelligent-est… or at least appear to be intelligent!  To give you an idea of how croweded this year’s opening day was…

Oh, you might not be able to see the mass of people with the naked eye, but guarantee if you put on your invisible cloak spectacles, they’re there!  What are we, wusses!?!?  There’s dagnabbed fried Coke at this place!  Moving on… we checked out all the booths, where I lamented that I hadn’t won the lottery this year yet again… FAILURE!!

I'll be moving into that picture if you need me...

You will all be happy to know that I refrained from stealing the candy corns!

Then it was time for dinner and only a choice between 5 million delectable options.  I finally pried my butt away from the fried food table and went for a veggie Gyro (Greek people take note… we crick people pronounce it Geeeee-ropin!)  By my estimation my delicious gyro only set me back 400 calories (probably less, but I like to over estimate).

Veggie Geeeeeee-ropin!

Dessert time… what to pick… a gallon-sized bag of caramel popcorn?  Fried feet with a light cankle sauce on top?  Possibilities are endless.  I finally settled on this glorious thing.

Glory, glory Hallelujah!!!

Random no-butt dude had the option to move out of my picture… I was squealing in delight at my chocolate concoction and he paid no heed.  It only cost 5 billion dollars for 3 strawberries, half a banana, and 2 tablespoons of drizzled chocolate, but it was worth it… plus not too bad on the calorie train!  It also solves the mystery about why when I went to Sam’s club Wednesday night to get me some strawberries and bananas they were completely sold out of both… THE CULPRIT!  Who says you can’t calorize amidst the fried random food stand!?  Seriously now…

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite fair/amusement park/festival food?

P.S. Just wanted to wish my dad a happy father’s day come Sundee.  He’s been having a hard time of late and I hope that he is able to see a light at the end of the tunnel… even if it is a dim one.  Smile, Dad… life ain’t so bad.  Thanks for accepting this daughter of yours.  Also, happy father’s day to any father who reads this nonsense!  Put your feet up… tell them Whitney said you could!



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16 responses to “Calorizing at the Winterfest!!

  1. Avster

    Good thing I wasn’t with you, Whit! I would have have gladly helped you snarf the candy corn! Candy corn is the second best seasonal candy. 🙂

    • Well, Avy Lou… as a matter of facgt, I think I’m going back to the Fest tomorrow… meet me at 1:00 by that one tree with a pillowcase… we’ll totes steal the corns! As for the #1 best seasonal candy… I am with you… chocolate all the way! 😛

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    First off that strawberry & banana & chocolate dessert kabob thing looks FANTABULOUS!
    I am so jealous right now…
    Too bad the festival didn’t have a bigger crowd. I am sure all the vendors were disappointed….

    Question of the Day: What is your favorite fair/amusement park/festival food?

    Hmmm…well let’s see.
    Love the grilled corn on the cob ( wrapped in foil and the buttery juicy goodness drips down your arms and chin), and the smoked giant turkey leg ( that you can smell from ANYWHERE and makes your mouth water b/c it is so perfectly fall off the bone yummi-ness) , caramel apples ( ohhhh don’t get me started ), foot-long corn dogs (w/ lots of mustard), and the GIANT fresh ice- lemonades ( YUmmmmmm!).

    Of course, my kids go for the cotton candy, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and sno-cones and end up wanting to try my corn & turkey leg ( BACK you little vultures! ) and sip on my glorious lemonade.

    My husband always looks forward to going to the Pork House and getting the BBQ pork steak dinner with everything ( cole slaw, corn, mashed taters & gravy, baked beans, bread & butter, a slice of pie, and either the iced tea or soda).
    Just roll him out in a wheelbarrow afterward…

    It all works out though b/c we walk and walk to look at everything ( it’s an ALL day event ) and it is always in August when it is over 100 degrees IN THE SHADE!!!! and we sweat buckets sitting still.

    Keep on….keepin’ on.

    We are worth it!!!

    • Mmmmm… reading your post made me hungry, Louisa! I gotta say… a good piece of corn on the cob is the best… nothing beats it! I agree… all the walking that one does at a place like that totally makes up for a few extra calories here and there.

  3. Rex Wade

    Thanks Whit I need the extra boost.

  4. Lindsay

    I MISS Summerfest I wish we were up there this weekend! I love the picture of the mirror cause I can see your cute stylish striped top whit! Way to go on the fashion wagon! Happy Fathers Day Dad WE LOVE YOU!

  5. Holly H.

    I LOVE Summerfest. I’m not brave enough to take all three kids by myself so I’m waiting for Brent to come home so he can suffer along with me. The food at summerfest really is about my favorite part. I love carni-food. Last year there was a dutch oven food booth that I really liked. Brent usually goes for the gyros. Always, ALWAYS, have to get cotton candy. There’s just something about pure sugar that I can’t say no to. Although the chocolate covered fruit looked awesome. I’m going to have to try that.

    • I do not blame you for not wanting to take 3 kids alone… unless it was acceptable to strap them to a stroller and/or put a leash on them… ain’t no way! I hope you get to go! Dutch oven is delicious… that stand was there too… and cotton candy, I haven’t had in forever, but I’m always fascinated by how they can spin sugar to look like that… and be tasty!

  6. I look forward to Summerfest every year, but I am sure Winterfest is good too. I wonder what fried Coke even is? I’ve seen it on the menu at that place. I swear I gain 5 pounds just walking by it. I really like the duch oven place. Their peach cobbler is really good. I have to say, though, that fruit kabob thinger you got looks just as good! I will have to get me one of those.

    • My question exactly… how do you fry Coke? It’s a liquid? Even though I know I would hate it, I’m just tempted to order it just to see what it looks like! Dutch oven is delicious. I want to make me a pot of cheesy potatoes… nothing beats those things!

  7. Andrea S.

    I WAS THERE, with 4 kids in tow (and a couple other moms and their kids…yeah, that was us.) It was darn cold! Luckily, I had packed my handy dandy fleece (which I keep in the car for just such an occasion…they come up ALOT living in Cache Valley. I love fair food! I will always, no matter what, have a funnel cake, with chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar if I have enough money after my little birdies get their snow cones and cotton candy. Fried food is so yummy, usually. I had fried pickles once and they were pretty good., but I didn’t like the fried twinkie (not a bad thing). I hear that “fried coke” is a batter made with coke that is then fried, but I haven’t tried that one. Coke is not my thing.

    • Andrea… y’all needed to occupy the children’s art yard… it was looking mighty lonely! I have never had a funnel cake before… I think I’m sorely missing out on some good eats with that one! Maybe come county fair time I’ll have to give one a go!

      Thanks for the info about the fried Coke… that’s just deceptive to call it that… they should call it fried dough with Coke in it! 😛

  8. Liz

    Hey, I think I might know where that picture is! Dang weather needs to warm up eh?

  9. Jen Jen

    Are you serious about the fried Coke? That just seems impossible. Anyways good choice on the dessert, it looked delicious. I may have stolen a bite if I was with you. Hope Uncle Rex’s shoulder gets better.

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