Do You Wanna Hang Out and Watch Paint Dry?

I would describe myself (especially in the past) as somewhat socially awkward.  Pretty sure it stems from the fact that I had absolutely zilch confidence or self esteem, so why the heck would anyone want to hang out with me?  Nothing I had to say was worth hearing.  At one point I actually felt sorry for the people who had to spend time with me… what a boringly uninteresting individual!  That would explain why in social situations I would keep to myself, have a hard time making eye contact with anyone, and if I wasn’t making some sort of lame joke, I wasn’t talking… especially about myself.  I HATE talking about myself (which is quite ironic since I seem to have diarrhea of the mouth or fingers, in this instance, on this here blog).

I’ve gained a LOT of confidence over the last 2 years as I’ve been losing weight… A LOT!  I would never, ever venture to invite someone to do something with me before.  I didn’t want them to have to “be nice” and say yes just because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings.  The last few months, I’ve been busy socially.  Busier than I have ever been in the past.  I’ve met blog readers for the first time (what up Bridgett, Katrina, and Dorothy), attended family events (howdy Aunt Deanna, Uncle Max, Seth, Jen-Jen, and fam), been to several dinners and movies with friends (yo yo Tia, Karrie, Rachel, and Amy), had actual conversations with neighbors, and just have shown my big head (no matter how much weight I lose, I will always be big-headed… it’s in the genes) at places it never would have graced in the past.

I’m sure I’m still as awkward as one of them 3-horned potatoes on a turnip truck, but I think it’s good to have practice… and I find that I’m not as frenetic and always-thinking-of-the-next-joke-to-get-out-of-having-a-serious-conversation-because-I’m-not-bright-enough-to-say-anything-smart way of thinking.  So, friends… thanks for putting up with this ole broad.  I’m a work in progress, but give me approximately 32 more years and I should have it down pat!

Question of the Day:  On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade yourself socially?  Why do you say that?

Picture Note:  Tonight’s dinner with MFP pal, Dorothy…  It was so dagnabbed good I almost ate the pineapple shell…. Vegetable fried rice in a pineapple shell… who knew how tasty that would be?


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26 responses to “Do You Wanna Hang Out and Watch Paint Dry?

  1. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    That vegetables & fried rice in a pineapple shell looks FABULOUS!
    I want one!
    I think you are doing great, Whitney. You are right, it does take practice.

    Question of the Day: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade yourself socially?
    Why do you say that?

    I would say that I am an 8 or 8.5 socially.
    I am NOT the ‘clown’ / ‘show off ‘or the ‘loud-mouth’ or the ‘social butterfly’ when in a group.
    I am also NOT the ‘wall-flower’ or the one that likes to be in the middle of it all but never says or does anything but try and blend in.

    I do like to meet people and talk to people and more often that not, I can pretty much talk to anyone. I have had some shyness come over me on certain occasions but it isn’t real often and I fight through it and usually end up having a good time.
    My husband is very social and can talk to most anyone also …so we make a good pair socially.
    Funny thing…
    Our daughter is like us – very social and comfortable in her own skin.
    Our son is EXTREMELY shy. He is getting better though. I think he will always be shy but he is learning to be more social.

    Keep on…keepin’ on.

  2. cl2

    Antisocial. Someone I used to work with YEARS AGO (ages 20 to 27) called me reserved. I was mistaken at the same job as being stuckup until they got to know me. Even at church–I would go and stand off by myself. If people want to get to know me, they do–and many people still do. At this age–for me at least–it is more about who do I want to spend my time with? I’d rather spend my time alone than be in a forced social situation. I have to feel completely comfortable. Although I went to a party with my boyfriend last week. I only knew him and barely knew the guy giving the party and I had a really good time. But I like spending most of my time alone.

    P.S. I’ve always enjoyed talking to you. You are very easy to talk to. You were one of the reasons I used to work in the office.

    • Thanks Colleen… and I gotta say you are one of the easiest people to talk to ever. Very attentive and a great listener. I agree… it should be about who you spend time with now. I like spending time with myself too… so I guess that’s a bonus!

  3. Avster

    I would have the tendency to rate myself pretty low on the social level… but I can’t be all that low otherwise there would be no way I would be capable of doing my job- or at least doing as well as I do with that position.

    I’ve always felt that most people really don’t care whether or not they hear what I have to say… which, after growing up with so many brothers it’s quite possible that I was just talking to the wrong people! ~laughs~

    As for you, Whit, I’ve never once thought you were boring. Quite the opposite in fact.

    • Where do you want me to send the money for that last comment. I agreed to pay you what to say that? 😛 I bet it was hard to get a word in edgewise with all those brothers hogging up the talking space. But, you seem feisty enough to get it in anyway! Bring your ball bat next family reunion… it comes in handy!

  4. cl2

    I always forget to come back and read all the comments. So in answer to at least 2 of your replies–yep, Mike’s dog. He works 12 hours a day (that includes commute of 2 to 3 hours) and I’m in a new state. I’ve never lived more than 30 miles from Brigham City in all my life. So–I really didn’t need a giant puppy to take care of right now–especially having just lost my dog.

    AND Oh yes, –not working weekends!!! Well, I can’t work this weekend as I won’t be around. So–it is forced not working, but I will be working the 1st weekend of the month. My scheduled ones are 2nd and 3rd now. I actually have anxiety about not working every single day of the year except I don’t like to work Christmas (but often do). This will probably be harder for me to accomplish than skiing–getting in shape to ski.

    • 12 hours a day is a LOT of hours per day. If he isn’t so attached to the puppy, would he consider selling it to another family? That is a lot of work for you, who doesn’t even want a dog after the passing of your own! 😦 I hope it gets better for you!

      And I know you can do the weekends off thing… plan something fun and don’t look back!!

  5. Deanna

    We loved seeing you and enjoyed being in your company. I’m much more comfortable with just family while Max likes to be around a lot of his friends and cowboys.

  6. Jen Jen

    Seth and I never thought you were socially awkward. We’ve always thought you were fun, witty, and had a great sense of humor (something I envy by the way).

  7. Liz

    Wow, that food looks delicious!!
    I wouldn’t say that I am socially awkward, but I just don’t feel like wasting my time making small talk with people I will never see again. So basically I come off as rude, but I’m really not. The friends I have are lifelong and I’ve been told I’m quite funny and that most people appreciate my forwardness (I don’t hide my feelings well).
    Keep it up. You will be the life of the party someday considering your wit on this blog!

  8. Karen

    Interesting how we view ourselves. I’m sure most people see me as socially very comfortable. I would really prefer to blend into the woodwork, probably why I do not wear bright colors. I do much better in small groups and prefer one-on-one. Sometimes it is ok to be quiet, but confident. You are doing great! Heading to Clark Fork, ID, but will follow the blog at Kendra’s, so know I here.

    • I have always seen you as a very social butterfly, Karen! Interesting to know that you prefer the one-on-one approach. I do better that way too! Have fun visiting Kendra!! Hope you have something fun planned!

  9. seth

    yeah whit, i agree with jen. its not the same without you at fam events! hope to enjoy many more shindigs wit ya!

  10. Ally

    About a 5. My job is very social but I turn into a hermit once I hit the house. Other than my daily run I don’t go much of anywhere. My husband and I keep saying we are going to get out more.

  11. Dorothy Dingman

    I can relate to feeling socially awkward (although I didn’t think you were)! I do OK in one-on-one situations, but if I am in a group, I can get lost easily. That changes when I get to know people better. I tend to be very selective about my friends, but I keep them forever! My close group of friends only number about 7, but most of them I have had since I started Elementary school. People are always surprised at the difference in my social level after a couple of years. :0)

    • Right on the nose with the group thing. I too am better in small groups or one-on-one… large groups are just too awkward for me. That is too cool that you still have friends from elementary school. I wished I’d kept in touch with a few I had back then.

  12. Andrea S.

    If you made that pineapple thing or even have access to the recipe, YOU SHOULD POST IT!! 🙂 Looks super tasty.

  13. Christie

    Just found your blog Whitney, LOVE IT! I consider myself VERY socially awkward. But I’m getting a zillion times better since starting my own business – and feeling like I had to get out there and talk to people I don’t know – it’s definitely something that does get easier with practice, but I can’t say that I think I’ll ever be real good! I’m of the socially awkward variety where I get uncomfortable and to fill silences I say weird things that I totally regret later and stay up late wondering why in the heckity heck I said that!

    PS. Not trying to be ego stroking or anything, but as an illustration of the fact that it’s really strange sometimes how we perceive ourselves vs how others see us… I totally looked up to you back in YW as someone who was so funny and smart. You weren’t like out there and chatty, but I always perceived it as you didn’t just have to fill silences and make noise for noise sake… that if you said something it was because you actually wanted to. PLUS – we won those gummy bears that one time… member that? 🙂

    • Christie!! How sweet are you… p.s. your check is totally in the mail! And I SO do remember the jelly bean thing. I was so excited that I got you as my “little camp sister” We have a similar sense of humor, so it was totally a blast! That’s right. I never thought you were awkward at all… but I do the exact same thing you think you do… and when I get home later, heckity hecking it up!!

      Congrats on your new business!!

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