Art On the Lawn…

Boy, am I a cheer spreader or what… let me depress the neighborhood with my depressing posts about dying animals.  Tune in tomorrow when I give you all the sad tale of my pus-filled toe.  Reality note:  I don’t really have a pus-filled toe, but wouldn’t that be something that y’all would die to read… right after you hit me in the head with a frying pan.  Pus stories will be saved for my Journal that I haven’t written in since approximately 1988 when I told everyone about the weather and what we ate for school lunch that day… corn dogs, I believe… and something fried.

Saturday I was bound and determined to spend as much time on my feet as possible… keep my mind off of things… get in my steppage… and do some fun things.  I had a packed day planned… none of which included watching the Real Housewives of Logan, UT marathon (LOL… so there is not such a Real Housewives show… but how awesome would that be!?  All these Loganite women arguing about Kohl’s sales, Jell-O salads, green or orange… and sick kids!  TUNE IN!)  It just so happened that Saturday was the annual “Art On the Lawn” shindig up the street at this really cool older house.  I’m all about the older houses… especially the ones with a 2-holer out back… Sears and Roebuck catalog on the side.  I’m definitely not artsy myself… in fact, I’m pretty sure I was born with the anti-artistic bone… just shoved in my body at birth.  I was one of those kids who had a hard time drawing a stick figure correctly…  but I think that I was definitely born with the “appreciates arts and crafts” bone and I love to look at the creations others come up with.

This sign is from 2006 (durrrr), but they have one from every year hanging around the house… and all the attendees (kids and adults) create it by slopping some paint on the canvas on their way out.  Gives it character, I think!

This here was my chair because they thought I still weighed 530 pounds… Do not adjust your screens… the chair IS that big!

We just so happened to run into my good friends, Merle and Haggard… That’s right, Haggard… cheez-it up that grin!  Merle had obviously had a rough night… hanging out at the trashy bars!  😛

And also ran into my car, Beulah, the Buick’s great great great great great grandpa 4 times removed… (take that Avster… Buicks DO have more fun!)

Great Grandpa, Berle, the Buick is the maroon one in the left corner.

It was a beautiful day… a fun artsy lawn thinger… and I was even inspired to attempt my own crafting project when I saw these:

What the heck are they, Merle!?  They’re pretty little lawn flowers made out of copper tubing (the stem) and old plates, saucers, and cups, glued together to make the flower portion.  I guess I’ll have to hang out at the DI and/or antique shops more often!

Art on the lawn… gotta love it!  By the by… dude in the hat does NOT come with the bench if you purchase it… DOES NOT!  I already asked.  I came away with one treasure.  I bought me a little ceramic plate thing that I aim to set underneath my soap dispenser in the bathroom.  It’s crafted with the words Live, Laugh, and Love all around the edges.  A nice reminder for me when I’m washing my paddies for the 5000th time that day.

Question of the Day:  Are you artsy?  If so, what do you do?  If not, what would you like to be good at?



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15 responses to “Art On the Lawn…

  1. Avster

    I’m sure you were heartbroken when you learned that the dude in the hate didn’t come with the bench!

    The sign on Haggard makes me giggle as the art to his right looks like a piece of pollution!

    Even back then Buicks were wonking long.

    Artsy? Me? Never! :b

    • I should have asked if bench dude in the hat was really “lover boy” in disguise! I’ll let you know!

      Little do you know that cardboard boxes are totally the in artsy project!

  2. Dorothy Dingman

    Ohh, I love the house! What a wonderful treasure to get to look at and appreciate. I’m glad you were able to get out of the house and see some fun and crafty things.

    I am not artsy, but if I were, I would want to be able to do cute scrap booking and decorating.

    I also wish I would have taken my mom up on her offer to learn how to quilt. She was a master at it, and did so many amazing things. I kept putting it off saying “later”, and now it is too late. Something I will regret for a long time! I may still learn, but I will have missed out on sharing that special time with my mom.

    • Hugs, Dorothy. One day you should just take up quilting as a tribute to your mom. She’d be proud! I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt too. It would be a useful artsy/crafty thing to have.

  3. Karen

    As everyone knows I only do two artistic things, but am not creative. I follow a pattern very well and can choose colors that I like. I piece quilts and weave baskets. Too old now to even think I want to learn anything new. Just find joy in both activities. Neither one are rocket science.

    • Karen is known around these parts as the lady who weaves amazing baskets and makes amazing quilts. I still remember that one time we came to your house and weaved baskets during Young Women… that was one of my favorites. I’m also going to have to take some pointers from you one day on quilting!

  4. Liz

    I guess music is artsy right? I’m only now getting into the whole improvisation part, but I enjoy it. I can draw something I am looking at, but not make something up. Bummer. But my hubby isn’t artsy at all, so that makes me feel better! And really, who is to say what is art and what isn’t? I have seen things that don’t tickle my fancy, but others rave about. Give it a whirl girly!!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    That was …an experience….lol.
    I am glad you got out and got some sunshine and fresh air this weekend.

    I love birthdays!

    Question of the Day: Are you artsy? If so, what do you do? If not, what would you like to be good at?

    I can appreciate art. I like to draw. I like to draw people and animals, birds, and flowers. My kids are quickly surpassing my abilities in that department but ol’ mom still has a couple tricks up her sleeve.
    I always have experience on my side to wow them with…lol.
    My husband can’t draw anything that isn’t a car, truck, or tractor….lol. Easy lines.
    I like to do crafty kits and things like that ( stepping stone & hand print stones in the kits you can get at the craft stores ).
    I am not a knitter or into sewing. I just don’t have the patience. My kids love it though and both are taking a knitting class and loving it. The other ladies in the class are all 65+ and just adore my kids and look forward to seeing them at each class.
    I like to plant flowers and make pretty pots spilling over with flowers.
    Had a whole scene one summer – fall with a tipped over whiskey barrel and a tipped over wheelbarrow out in the front yard under a big tree that had all kinds of colorful flowers spilling out. I got more comments on that set up. When fall came I added straw bales, a scarecrow ( make out of my dh’s old clothes – ha ) and mums all around.
    Dh liked it and the attention it got but said I was killing his grass. Men! {rolls eyes}

    I love to create in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake.

    I don’t think I am all that creative unless I get a wild-hair or some notion. If I can see it – then I can do it. I have been known to make some wild homemade Halloween costumes…

    Both my kids want to enter the Cowboy Challenge coming up next month. They will both be in the Youth Class.
    So, I am creative this way….
    I will have all kinds of things drug out to help them train their horses so they will do well. ( raincoats to drape over the saddle, plastic shopping bags on a pole, pool noodles hanging, tarp to walk over, a stump to pull, gates to open and close, a bucket to pick up off a barrel, a floppy boot hanging off the saddle, poles to back through, and a big pc of plywood to walk over and stand still on, a sprinkler, strips of black plastic bag hanging down to walk under and through…things like that ).

    My Dh and kids are taking me out to eat tonight for my birthday. I had a choice of Chinese ( too high in sodium and all fried foods ) or Mexican ( good choices but no salad bar ) or the buffet place here in town. I chose the buffet place b/c they have a big salad bar, a big food bar, and dessert bar ( my dh & kids love the soft serve ice cream there ).

    Keep on pushing forward….

    • Hope your birthday was fantastic, Louisa! How fun that your kids are taking a knitting class. That is on my list to learn how to do one day. I embroider and cross stitch (with patterns, of course), but think it would be cool to make a scarf or something!

      I bet your flower pots are beautiful! I LOVE flowers!

  6. Jen Jen

    What a fun weekend Whitney! I wish you could come up to good ol’ Driggs for their craft fair this weekend. Lindsay sure seems to like it.

  7. I have brief (very brief) moments of creativity. I’d like to think if I had my own house to decorate and/or more time on my hands, I could be pretty creative. Glad you were able to enjoy some sunshine and some of the talents of other people.

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