Slack-adaisical: Pulling My Broken Down Cart Half-A$$ed…

Happy Mondee!!  WOOOOOO… MONDEEEEE!!  I figure if I say that enough times in a row, it will soon be Thursdee.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting too dagnabbed cocky for my own britches… not that I like my britches or anything (6 million pair of the same stretchy black items that just so happen to fit over the bane of my existence!).

Analogy time… say you own a pitbull… and it’s a vicious pitbull, so when you take him out for a walk you put him on a short leash.  No matter how much that pitbull drools and gnashes his vampire teeth, he can’t get very far on that short leash of his… and no one gets hurt because the pitbull is under control.  Months go by and there is never an incident where your vicious pitbull attacks someone.  THAT A’ GIRL!  So, the next time you take him out for a walk, you put him on a longer leash so that he can explore further… and when nothing goes wrong on that slightly longer leash, you keep increasing the length of the leash every day until you now have no control over the viciousness and then one day he bites off the head of a baby.  (TOTES a sweet story, right!?!?!?)

DISCLAIMER:  No babies were harmed in the writing of this analogy!

That there analogy is how I’m feeling right now, only the owner is me, the pitbull is my weight loss journey, and the baby’s head is food.  DISCLAIMER:  No cannibals were made in the writing of this analogy!  I’m becoming slack-adaisacal (newest word addition to Whitney’s Dictionary for the Slightly Insane People… forget you, Webster’s!)  I’ve been doing this counting calories majigger thing for 1-1/2 years now and I’m good at it… and I know my stuff… so now instead of keeping my eating leash short and strict, I’ve lengthened it and lengthened it and now I’m having a hard time losing the pounds.  How does that happen?  When I go to the trouble of measuring out a serving sized portion of a food and then throw in a couple extra handfuls/spoonfuls for good measure and don’t count that in the calorie count… I’m counting my calories, but not ALL of them… because you know it don’t count if it doesn’t actually make it onto the plate.  If it bypasses the plate and goes straight to your yapper… it’s TOTES a freebie!  SCORE!

That stops right here… right here and now.  I’ve decided that instead of walking through my day with no plan, so that I can search the cupboards before each meal for what’s available whilst eating a handful of this and that, I’m going to plan my days food wise.  I sat down tonight and wrote out 2 days’ worth of menus… tomorrow, I’ll write out the rest of the week.  No more numbdumbing my way through the pitbull park.  I’m still keeping my “All things in Moderation” motto, but now I can know what to expect calorie wise throughout my day instead of finding out by 3:00 p.m. that I’ve already eaten my daily alottment of calories.  Time to pull this cart of mine full-a$$ed!  The donkeys of the world agree!

Question of the Day:  Are you a planner when it comes to meals or do you fly by the seat of your pants?  Any tips for becoming a planner?

This would be my new friend from Friday night… I call him Borus.  Borus looks more like a horse/donkey hybrid (Madre says he’s ugly… but I think he’s a handsome lil’ feller!)  He told me to get my pitbull under control!  You got it Borus… full rear ahead!

It was perfect canoeing weather Saturdee night, right Cache Valleyites!?  😛



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19 responses to “Slack-adaisical: Pulling My Broken Down Cart Half-A$$ed…

  1. That is no fun to have rain again in July! Seriously where did summer go? I do plan my meals, 2 weeks in advance. I have friends that plan for a whole month but I think that is ridiculous. Produce can’t possibly last that long! I get paid every two weeks so on pay day I go through my recipes and pick some new ones and old ones and plan my dinners for the next 14 days. I don’t plan lunches or breakfast because they are usually always the same for us (leftovers for lunch or a sandwich, and cereal/toast for breakfast).

    • Jen-Jen… you are always such a great planner… I need some of that gene to rub off on me! Produce lasting for a month would be rotted! Ick! Good call just doing the 2 weeks thing. I better start with 1 week and then move it up!

  2. Jen

    The comment above is by me. I tried making a practice account with wordpress to see if I like that way of blogging better. For some reason whenever I put my email address on your comment form it automatically puts my wordpress user name in for my name. So this is Jen Jen talking.

  3. Mandy

    Just wanted to pop in & let you know I’ve been religiously reading your blog for months but never commenting. Am I an awesome cousin, or what?? I love your blog & think you are a total inspiration. I totally do the meticulous measuring followed by popping a few extra in my mouth. So, I’ll stop if you stop! Anyway, thanks for blogging, you are awesome!

    • Mandy! How sweet are you!? You deserve a couple extra spoonfuls for managing to read my ramblings! Angie always tells us what an awesome cook you are! I need some of your gene to rub off on me!

  4. Dorothy Dingman

    I am a planner. I plan a week at a time, because I use a lot of coupons and try to match them up with what is on sale that week. Planning works well for me because then it is easier to spread calories through my day more efficiently to meet my individual needs and wants…like the 9:30 PM snack I HAVE to have.

    If I don’t have a plan in place, we tend to eat out a lot more, or have unhealthy food choices.

    • I’m with you, Dorothy. I tend to graze around the place without a plan. I’ve never made such a regimented one before, but I think it will totally be helpful in taming the pitbull. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to have a later night snack!!

  5. Jenny

    Loved the post today Whitney! In fact, I just hate it when it’s weekends, or a holiday. Seriously don’t get why you can’t be positing 24/7. Okay….just kidding (well not really) but I know we all need a rest. I, like you do very well when I plan. When I don’t there goes the baby’s head. Lot’s of headless tots running around. I shall shoot up a prayer for you and for you to stay strong. You have come so far!!!! Time for both of us, all of us to put this one to bed, and work on something else! 😉


    • Haha, Jenny… you can come and live inside my head on the weekends. It’s a glorious land full of… erm… pretty much nothing! Thank you for the prayers and AMEN and HALLELUJAH to the putting this one to bed and moving on to the next issue… goodness knows I’ll be busy until the sun shrivels up in a ball and dies with all of my issues!

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I love Borus the handsome mule!! ( lol )
    He is saying, “So, Whitney…where ARE the carrots?”

    Question of the Day: Are you a planner when it comes to meals or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Any tips for becoming a planner?

    I saw this on the site and thought you might like it.

    Here is a healthy foods shopping list:
    I can honestly say that I am stocked according to this list.

    Yes, I am a planner.
    I don’t go the plan for the week route but I do make a list of things to stock up on for that week or even a two week period. I surround myself with healthy options.
    When I buy dessert type things for Dh & the kids, I buy them things that I am not tempted by.
    I buy myself a small bag of yogurt covered almonds or raisins as my treat ( healthier options ) and make up my Natural Trail Mix ( lots of nuts & dried fruit ) to have on hand in case I have a snack attack. Grabbing a handful of that usually curbs the crunch-munch but doesn’t ruin my calorie intake for the day either.
    I make up a new batch of my 5-bean salad each week. I always have lowfat cottage cheese as well. I keep tuna or ckn salad made up as well…although it doesn’t last very long b/c we ALL like it (as a sandwich, a wrap up, or on crackers). I always have frozen fruits stocked up and a big tub of plain yogurt & protein powder for my smoothies. They are always a little different and even my kids like them ( can’t keep them out of them – the lil vultures).
    Keeping healthy stuff on hand makes it easy to mix things up and it always be good.
    I don’t like all the same stuff all the time – gets boring.

    Keep on…keepin’ on…

    • Mule!! I knew he looked mulish… but Madre kept saying he was too tall to be a mule! I love that you have a variety of things to eat… and you’re a good cook, so I’m sure the fam enjoys the dinners that you cook for them. Thanks for the links too!! They look really helpful!

      • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

        Here is your mule lesson for the day:

        Mules are typically taller than a donkey. Closer to the size of a horse.
        Unless you have a MO Mule and in that case it will be even larger.

        The mule comes from a male donkey and a female horse. The mule has many
        characteristics of the donkey. They are not as fast as horses.

        My dad has two draft mules which are BIGGUNS b/c they are a cross between a donkey and a draft horse.

        People even breed gaited mules as well. Especially around here. That is a donkey crossed with a gaited horse ( like a fox trotter or a walking horse etc).


  7. dessawade

    I’m not a very good planner so maybe that’s where you got it. I plan sunday dinners very religiously and then fly by the seat of my pants for the rest of the week. We can usually stretch left-overs into Monday & Tuesday and then I open up the frig hoping something will jump out at me on the other days of the week.
    Good plan Whit! You can do this!

  8. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” They said it in WW all the time and it’s unfortunately so true. I do so much better when I have a good plan in place. Good luck finding a method that works for you. I’m still wrapping my brain around the best way to do it for me. Cooking for one person is a pain in the rear end.

    • Absolutely a true statement! Cooking for one person sucks, unless you can find something that you won’t mind eating leftovers of for a few meals. That’s the key!

  9. Whitney, sometimes I read your blog and feel like we are sisters because we share so many likes and dislikes. I am going through the same thing right now… I’ll be very good about logging Breakfast and lunch but they I kind of go crazy at dinner.
    Good luck with your menus and I hope that we can BOTH get back on track.

    • We can be honorary sisters!! It’s good to feel like you are going through the same thing… then you know you can lean on someone else to get through. Keep on doing it, Lady! I know you’ll get back on the wagon… we’ll do it together!

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