Hiking… Take 2

If at first you suck at hiking… take a nap instead!  That’s my motto!  Y’all may remember take 1 at hiking (my uncage the singing bird bucket list item).  This past Friday night, I decided to try this hiking thing again.  This time, I was a teensy bit smarter… no rocking horse shoes and no 90-degree inclines. I guess 2 out of 5 ain’t too bad because I still left after 8:30 at night and I still didn’t have a hiking stick… I also still weighed 18 to the 2nd power minus 12 pounds (minus 10 now… buh bye plateau… hello scale movement!)  Sometimes I remind myself of one of those old crankity women who like to complain all the time.  You young whipper snappers… turn down that devil music… my dentures are rattlin’!  I sure did my share of it on the trail… my knees hurt, the wind blew a dune of sand into my eyeballs, there’s a spider!!!!!, they need to pave this thing it would be much easier, are we there yet?, why don’t they build a McDonald’s along this trail… etc., etc., etc.  And that was all within the first 3 minutes!!!   I’m pretty sure I complain to alleviate the nerves and to silence those voices in the back of my noggin’ telling me you can’t do this!  I also got onto this kick about it getting dark… because you know since we were approximately 1 mile into the canyon, we’d have to make camp, and no one would find us in this vast wilderness, and winter would come and we’d be found the next summer frosted into the shape of that kid from Home Alone after he put on the after shave.  Oh, the HORROR!!!!!  I even found evidence that the last hikers on this here trail were NOT vegetarians!!  I’m just saying… case in point:

That there ain’t no kumquat wrapper!!!  I tell you what!  Madre had to smack me upside the head a couple of 800 times, but I kept a walking until she got so tired of my it’s getting dark rants that we turned around and headed for the car.  I’m not getting royalties from my work on the movie, Home Alone…. thank you very much!

Hiking is going to be out of the loop for a while until I can figure out my dagblasted plantar fasciitis issue.  My feet hate me and they hated that I exerted them on a hike in non-rocking horse shoes!  Stupid feet.  I will have to be the fat chick on the bicycle until I can get up the desire to go see a podiatrist.  Oh, doctors… why can’t you be more like Google and less like expensive.

To update the other bucket list items… I’m currently at 115 miles on my biking to Las Vegas journey… 385 left to go before it starts to snow.  As for the trip to Palmyra, NY.  I jumped and bought my one-way tickets to get there (they were having a sale)… still have no tickets to get my receptacle home, so I might have to move into whomever’s house is on the East coast… either that or hitchike back.  What could go wrong?  Donner Party!

Question of the Day:  Where are you at in your bucket list item accomplishments?  Updates!  Any advice on plantar fasciitis cures? 



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15 responses to “Hiking… Take 2

  1. Dorothy Dingman

    I only have the one bucket list item which is to walk and do the cave at Timpanogus next year. I went on Monday of this week to one of my local canyons, and walked the road. I love to hike in the canyons, but usually it is a short leisurely trip to enjoy the scenery and sounds. This time I went for the exercise.

    I didn’t think it was too bad. However, my heart thought so. My HR shot up to 190, and I was sweating buckets and had to go really, really slow. I think there were caterpillars racing me and WINNING! I walked as far as I was able, then walked back to the car. Then I drove the car the same distance. So discouraged to find out it was .7 of a mile. Not even a full mile!

    I tell myself that it is a process like anything else, and will take time and patience. But, I want it NOW! I hated that at 38 years old, I was afraid I would have a heart attack walking 1 mile on a paved road. That is not the life I was meant to live, and not the fears I was meant to endure. (Fearing a heart attack as I do zip lining in Alaska, or rock climbing…fine).

    Hope you find a solution for your plantar fascitis. That sounds awful and keeps you from doing the things you would like to try.

    • Oh, Dorothy… I feel you… I really do. The mountain is a lot different in your head than the reality… I thought hiking would be second nature… but that soon hit me upside the head when I actually got out on the trail.

      I’m just impressed that you are making an effort to get to the point where you’ll hike up that Timpanogos mountain next year… and I have no doubt you will get to that point… just keep trucking, my friend!

  2. Jen

    I’ve never had plantar fascitis. Seth also self- diagnosed himself with the same problem (he must know about Web MD too!). He tried some orthotics in his shoes and he says they helped. And to answer your question, it was $7 per person at the Scoop Jam.

  3. Karen

    My only comment is when do you ever sleep? You must be a night owl.It is 8:00 am and my day is beginning since Sloan (guide dog) has arrived to be puppy set. Hang in there and keep working.

    • Haha Karen… I am a night owl… insomnia since I was 12… so I don’t get much sleep, but I manage on the little I do get!

      I’m wondering what Connie thinks of Sloan!!

  4. cl2

    I think I said before–this is what my brother’s doctor told him (but it doesn’t seem to have worked for him)–I had PF really bad when I first started walking about 7 or 8 years ago–and his doctor said heel supports and take naproxen sodium regularly for 6 weeks straight–and it worked for me. I’ve never had it since. I know my brother gets injections–and it still hasn’t helped. I think the naproxen sodium was the ticket–making sure I took it long enough.

    Anyway–bucket list? I did take one weekend off last month, but worked my “off weekend” the 1st weekend this month. Walking–injured myself the other day so that is out for a few weeks (tripped over a cinderblock while cleaning an area rug on my patio and fell backwards). I’m the biggest klutz there ever was–I fall endlessly.

    I HATE hiking unless it is fairly flat . . . so is that considered hiking? Like the hike around Jenny Lake (which I’ve mentioned before). Oh–in Alaska last summer, we hiked around a lake–5 miles. I only fell 3 times.

    You are a BRAVE woman and you really are LIVING–GOOD FOR YOU.

    • I’m really going to give that naproxen sodium idea a shot… if you think about it it does make sense… works to help the swelling/inflammation of the fascia. Six weeks you say? What dose?

      Oh Colleen… that fall sounds painful!! I’m a clutz as well, so I know how to fall with the best of them. Did you injure yourself in the fall? I bet you had whiplash the next day! 😦 Take care!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Any advice on plantar fasciitis cures?

    This site looked helpful, Whitney…and FREE!

    Question of the Day:
    Where are you at in your bucket list item accomplishments? Updates!

    My bucket list items are coming along!
    My daughter’s sand vball team has this Friday’s game plus one more and we are done.
    We are ready to be done! We have gotten out of it what we wanted to and are now ready to move on.
    I know I can coach and handle the stress. I know I can handle up to 15 girls at one practice ( most of which weren’t even on my team but I worked them ).
    I can coach the games and be encouraging and supportive to the girls and show good sportsmanship.

    Yesterday, I printed off the forms for the 5K walk / run coming up in Sept.
    My daughter & I will fill them out so we can submit them early and get our t-shirts for the big day.
    Found out yesterday that my MIL has decided NOT to walk in it again this year. She wants to go out on top since she won 1rst place for her age division ( 60 – 69 ). She was 69 yrs old at the time!
    She got second place overall. Can’t blame her for that…

    I plan to keep walking and biking and working out to help with my endurance.

    Keep on…keepin’ on….

    • Thanks for the link, Louisa! Will have to check her out! Anything to get rid of this stuff! I have places to walk!

      Congratulations on the successful volleyball season! You will be well practiced for when you coach it next year! The kids love you, I’m sure! And awesome that your MIL came in 1st in her age division at 69! That is an amazing accomplishment!

  6. Ally

    My first item is complete. I ran the 2 mile road race. I really ran the whole race! I still can’t believe it when I run every morning 2 miles without stopping! I run slow, like a 12 minute mile. I don’t care to try and increase the speed just yet. The other item is to lose the rest of the weight by the end of the year…..44 more lbs to go!

    • GO ALLY! So very proud of you… especially running the whole dang 2 miles!!! That is so an accomplishment and something that needs to be worked up to… You did it!

  7. What a pretty place we live in. I love the sunset pics. Not so much the carcass pic. Gross! I second what Colleen said about the naproxen. I think it will help. That’s what my doc had me do after my trigger finger surgery and it helped a lot. I need to get cracking on my bucket list items better. Saturdee I will go take me a Mustang out for a drive. Write that one down in pen.

    • I almost brought home that carcass to hang on my wall… people hang deer heads on their wall… why not carcasses? I am going to take your and Colleen’s advice on the naproxen sodium… it’s worth a shot…

      Woo hoo! Do the Mustang thang!

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