All Aboard the Short Bus, Y’all!

Last week, my dad flew to Los Angeles to drive home a bus that he bought on eBay!  Why was he buying a bus on eBay?  Because it was a good deal… DUH… and who doesn’t want a broken down bus sitting on their lawn… y’all could be on the next episode of “Hoarders” (I have a strange addiction to that show… sue me!)  I was only lying in the previous sentences when my fingers were moving… he was really buying the bus because he is going to be administrator of a new assisted living facility in Brigham City, opening next week, and they needed some wheelchair accessible wheels.

That’s beside the point, though.  Apparently having a short bus in your driveway is like an amusement park!!  Everyone and their dog were chomping at the bit to get the opportunity to ride in the bus.  It was like the biggest thing on the block… that bus!  Strap a megaphone to the top of it and put on a neverending loop of that real annoying ice cream truck music, and you’d have yourself a deal!

We were lucky enough to get to ride in it on Sundee night… and let me tell you what… it did not disappoint.  Since the lap seatbelt has yet to fit around the bane of my existence, I found myself on a roller coaster every time we went over a bump, smacking my head against the window and the roof, hanging on for dear life on the turns.  The shock system on busses are not ideal I’ve decided… either that or dad swerved to hit every single pot hole in the road on purpose.  Either way, I’ve decided that city bus driver will not be in my future professions… too much vehicle for this chic!

Dad says all aboard the psycho ward!

Makayla and Corbin were super excited... their cute mom, Angie in the back... not so much!

Madre could hardly contain herself!

Question of the Day:  Do you ever ride the bus around your city?  Did you ride the school bus as a kid? 

P.S. Have a great weekend y’all!  I’m sharing the following video because it is my “y’alling” inspiration!  Tami Taylor… the queen of the word y’all!  One can never say y’all too many times.



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19 responses to “All Aboard the Short Bus, Y’all!

  1. Deanna

    We rode a bus city ALOT on our mission and they were so crowded you were face to face with total strangers. I did not like it. And then the drivers were terrible making you scramble to grab something or someone so you wouldn’t fall. It was a 60 minute bus ride to church. And to top it off we couldn’t even understand when the driver would announce the stops. Well have I complained enough about my bus experiences. I would LOVE to take a bus ride with the people on your bus!

    • Oh, man! I can already tell you right now the squishy busses with strangers (some of them smelly) would have done me in!!! Claustrophobia and bad smeller all in one setting… and for 60 minutes!?!? You are invited down to ride the bus… any time you want and you’ll even get your own seat!

  2. Avster

    So did you hang your head out the window and wave at all the jealous people you passed?

  3. Dorothy Dingman

    I laughed out loud at this blog. I never had the “pleasure” of riding a bus until I became a teacher. That is the worst experience ever! I get car sick, it smells like dirty socks, and Doritos, and one of my students always gets sick and the smell just lingers. Uggh!

    Hope your dad has a much better experience with the older generation!

    • Oh, man! I can’t imagine having to be a teacher riding with kids on a bus… being a kid riding with kids on the bus was bad enough!! Wear your gas mask next time, Dorothy!

  4. Karen

    Since I have discovered that you comment on our comments, I looked to see what you said. My response to yesterday–Connie is in charge. Sloan wants so much to play with her, but she can run faster and go under and behind furniture. She swats him if he is too close and hisses. He would probably be cute with her, but part of his training is to learn to ignore a cat. So we work on praising her when she walks away. The first thing she does when she comes in our house, is to look for Connie. We have the same scene with every dog we have had for GDB. It is a learning curve. My brother is a huge local bus rider and the dogs have to learn to ride a bus. I only ride if it is part of the meeting. I prefered to walk to school–a mile up hill both ways.

  5. Jen

    What a fun bus ride! I am jealous I wasn’t invited down for the big event.

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    LOL at “all aboard the psycho ward”…

    Question of the Day:
    Do you ever ride the bus around your city? Did you ride the school bus as a kid?

    I live in a rural, small town ( we were at about 2,000 when I moved here 15yrs ago….we are up to about 4,000 people now ) so we don’t have any kind of city / town bus. The public schools provide buses for the kids during school but that is all. The kids that go to private school, in the neighboring towns, have to be dropped off – no shuttle or bus system there yet.

    When I was growing up ( in west county part of St. Louis ) we lived out in the rural part and had to be driven in to our respective private schools each day. My parents worked in the city so they always dropped us off first. Always the first kids to get to school and the last ones to leave…that was us…lol.

    No, I hadn’t ridden any kind of bus until I was in high school.

    Keep on…keepin’ on.

    • The first to get there and the last to leave made for a LONG day, I’m sure!! We have a city bus system in the city to the South, Logan, but I rarely if ever ride it. I should try it some time!

  7. Dessa Wade

    We are pretty pathetic aren’t we? When it’s the best part of your weekend to ride the short bus? I really HATE school buses due mostly to a Trek experience with 250 people from our stake. I rode 6 or so hours each way and I have really long legs so I was squished up against the seat in front of me and when I tried to stretch my legs out into the isle there was a man with even longer legs doing the same thing. I was fit to be tied by the time our stinky bodies arrived home.
    I have fond memories though of riding the school bus in Victor growing up. We had really nice bus drivers.

    • Riding on those little yellow school busses as an adult was miserable. That’s why I hated riding it when I went to high school… full grown in those little seats!?

  8. Jen berger

    ha ha! That is funny! We were coming home from bear lake today and Mark wanted to drive by his old house, so we drove by yours after. We were wondering what the bus was for! I hadn’t read your blog yet! That’s awesome!

    • Bear Lake! How fun is that!? I bet you guys thought the folks had turned into Joe Bob and Sue Ellen from the country when you drove by and saw the bus. I remember Mark’s old house up that big ole huge hill!! I walked up it several times to hang out up there!

  9. mbergz

    What!? did he replace the Jerry Garcia VW van or something? The new bus is nothing compared to that!

    • Mark… you must have missed out on the sale of the Jerry Garcia VW! I’m sure the new owner is still pushing it down the highway since it never started!! Shagadelic, man!

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