Positivity Is For the Birds… Think Good Thoughts

Oh wow… where did that come from?  I basically just threw myself under the short bus today in the eating department.  I had a menu planned, but that menu went to crap when I didn’t like last night’s paste-like concoction and had to improvise something else (since that was to be both lunch and dinner)… then, when I weighed myself this morning I had lost another pound… 6.5 pounds in 8 days… heck yes… let’s go eat everything in sight to celebrate!  I guess that will ALWAYS be the first reaction I have when the word celebration comes up… learning to scratch the initial thought and move on to something else will be the learning curve.

I started out okay this morning… eating a normal breakfast and lunch… but then after work I was grazing around trying to find something for dinner.  Of course I was doing my usual sample everything in the cupboard just to see if it “called” to me… Hey… Dinner… RIGHT HERE!  Nothing did, so I just kept on eating… and by the time I decided on dinner, I had basically already eaten dinner and because I had already ruined the day, I just said, to heck with it… might as well ruin it in style if it’s going to be ruined any way.  That there would be a recurrent problem that is basically just a complication of the disease stupiditis… the disease where you are incapable of having anything but stupid thoughts… and you justify those thoughts by labeling them brilliant.  Just me?  Okay then!  No… not just me.  Basically everyone who has ever been a defendent on the Judge Judy show also has the exact same disease!  I’m totes in good company!

I’m totes positive… I positively know that sometimes life sucks… and then you die.  😛  I’d say that was my attitude for many, many years.  Just trying to get through so I can move on to the next life… Negative Nancy… that was me!  It’s a night and day difference today… I knew the day sucked when I logged my calories and saw the red over mark… and that would have done me in before.  This day sucked, can’t do it, back to eating whatever I want… that’s easier.  What’s the first thing that came to mind tonight?  Tomorrow is another day… the sun will come out, orphan Annie will still have red hair and a set of pipes, and Whitney will start all over.  That’s how I think now… and it has lifted a tremendous burden off of my shoulders!

You’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose… either way the sun will still come up tomorrow.

Question of the Day:  How would you rate yourself on the positivity scale? 

Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Caillat

I’m just gonna say it,
There’s no using in delaying,
I’m tired of the angry hanging out inside me,

So I’ll quiet down the devil,
I’m gonna knock him with a shovel,
And I’ll burry all my troubles underneath the rubble

When I’m alone in my dark dark room,
I have to tell myself to,

Think good thoughts,
Think good thoughts,
Imagine what the world would be if we would just,
Think good thoughts,
Stop the bad from feeding,

I won’t let the negativity turn me into my enemy,
Promise to myself that I won’t let it get the best of me,
That’s how I want to be
Na, na, na, na

I’m not saying that it’s easy,
Especially when I’m moody,
I might be cursing like a sailor till I remind myself I’m better,

Cause words can be like weapons,
Oh and you use them, you regret them,
Oh but I’m not gonna let them take away my heaven

And when I start feeling blue,
I remember to tell myself to,

Think good thoughts,
Think good thoughts,
Imagine what the world would be if we would just,
Think good thoughts,
Stop the bad from feeding,

I won’t let the negativity turn me into my enemy,
Promise to myself that I won’t let it get the best of me,
That’s how I want to be

I just think rain on a summer night,
Stars filling up the sky,
Sunshining on my face,
Making a secret wish,
Finding my happiness,
That always makes me hold my head up high,
I wanna hold my head up high,

I wanna think good thoughts (Imagine what the world would be if we would just think good thoughts)
I wanna think good thoughts (wouldn’t that be something?)
I won’t let the negativity turn me into my enemy,
Promise to myself that I won’t let it get the best of me,
That’s how I want to be



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15 responses to “Positivity Is For the Birds… Think Good Thoughts

  1. cl2

    Just call me eeyore. Don’t have a lot of positive thoughts. I’m a definitely half glass empty person, cynical and negative. I’ve been struggling for a while now. I don’t even weigh (well, for one thing, the scales here have a “history” and I don’t want Mike to see my history). When I weighed at home 2 weeks ago, I had gained 5 pounds and then in a day, I had gained 5 more and I didn’t eat wrong (water retention I’m sure). And I haven’t weighed since. I hate walking in the heat and it has been HOT here so I’m going ot head out of here soon for my walk so I can get it in before the heat hits an unbearable level.

    I hope you have a better eating day. I just hate it when I got to a lot of work on some recipe and it comes out yuck and that can just set me off. Wasted time, wasted money, wasted energy, and worst of all–wasted calories.

  2. seth

    great song choice, enjoyed it

  3. Dorothy Dingman

    I think I am a very positive, optimistic person, with the exception of my weight! Everything else I can always find the silver lining through my rose-colored glasses. I guess I just need to learn to apply the same attitude to my journey to be healthier. I am my own worst critic.

  4. Louisa

    Question of the Day: How would you rate yourself on the positivity scale?

    Normally, I am a very postitive…glass more than full type person.

    Since my Dad is dying though…I am at a loss.
    I am wrecked.
    Things are going to get a lot worse and that is a reality. My Dad is very honest and open about it and my Mom is too and needs to talk about it.
    As for me, I feel like an open wound.

    I hope and pray that God will grant me the patience necessary and the strength necessary to be here in whatever way I can for as long as it takes. I pray that He will work on my heart also.

    I have no way of knowing what my scale is going to say about my time away from home. My parents scale is MEAN. I miss my scale and I never thought I would ever say that b/c mine is a p-o-c.
    I have been making good choices and trying to eat light and clean but being that they are 81 yrs old, they buy only convienence foods and preprared items. I have been sustaining myself on small/tiny portions of the meal and bulking up on the fresh salads and fresh fruits.

    We will see…

    • Hugs, Louisa! Just take care of what you went there to take care of… no need to make yourself crazy by worrying about what the scale will say. It sounds like you are making good choices there and you KNOW how to do the weight loss thing, so when things settle down, you can get right back to it. Still sending you thoughts and prayers! Take care!

  5. Great job with just picking it right back up! I still have a problem with thinking that I might as well quit because it is all over, etc etc, but I am working on that. Don’t rate very high in the positivity scale at all because I’ve always been of the mindset that if I expect the worst and the best happens I will be pleasantly surprised! Working on changing that outlook, but it isn’t always so easy.

    Anyway, glad to see that you just got right back on that horse! This is why you are such an inspiration. Keep it up, girl. You are awesome!

    • Am SOOOOO with you on the thinking it’s best to expect the worse and then be pleasantly surprised if it’s not as bad as I was expecting. That’s a way to try to escape having emotions, I think… because emotions lead to eating and eating leads to weight gain (for me anyway). We’ll get it eventually!

  6. Jen

    Good job on the recent weight loss. Don’t worry, no one can be perfect and always eat healthy. If they do, they are not normal. I try to be positive, but that doesn’t always work.

  7. Holly H.

    LOVE that song! Thinking positive is not something I’ve been good at lately. This was a good reminder for me. Thanks Whitney.

  8. Liz

    My positivity ebbs and flows. I am still 5lbs above where I was pre-knee injuries, but I don’t think it will happen anymore. Reason being, P90X, and all the muscle that is associated with it. I’m good with that, but I haven’t toned down to the “before” measurements either. Sometimes it annoys me and I say “screw it, I’m having some chocolate”. Other days I’m at peace with myself. I figure as long as my clothes continue to fit and I have healthy eating habits life is not so bad.
    Everyone has bad days. You are amazing! Keep it up!

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