Dieting Tips… AKA I’ll Beat You In the Head If You Try Any Of These!

Due to my self-imposed mini vacation… today’s post is to watch the below video… and for goodness sakes… LAUGH a little!  Happy weekend, my friends!




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6 responses to “Dieting Tips… AKA I’ll Beat You In the Head If You Try Any Of These!

  1. Dorothy Dingman

    LOL, I loved it!

  2. Hahah! I loved it too! Posting it..

  3. Jen

    That was so funny! I can’t believe people fall for those silly diets!

  4. So funny! It has been a while since I have read and I have missed out a lot!!! The HcG diet kills me! What the heck? Who came up with this? Last I heard pregnancy hormones usually make you gain weight, make you hungry all the time, acne….etc, etc….at least that is what my pregnancy hormones do. Who wants pregnancy hormones without actually being pregnant? and serioiusly 500calories? Wow! I have talked to people doing that diet and seriously had to strain myself from whacking them over the head with my blow dryer!

    • Bwahahahaha, Jessica. I would be honored to have you and your hairdryer on my head whacking team! We will rid the world of “die”ting idiots! I thought the same thing about pregnancy hormones… don’t most pregnant women crave food? How is that a dieting method? So odd!

  5. Louisa

    She was hilarious.

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