Bearing My Lake!

I am fully aware that the above title makes absolutely no sense… but I revel in titles that make no sense… sue me and then tell Judge Judy I’d like her autograph… and for her to yell at me on my voicemail.  This past Wednesday I took a day off from work and actually planned to do something other than sit around and stare at the weeds on the ditch bank.  Glorious!  I had made plans to load up my bike in Padre’s truck (bwahahahahahaha… he had to drive Beulah the Buick to work… she was totes styling!) and head to Bear Lake for the day… do some bike riding… do some sitting… and just revel in having no set plans.  Madre decided she would come with me… she is always up for getting a day off from work… ALWAYS!  Me, on the other hand… you have to pry my cold and clammy white hands off of the keyboard before I take a day.  I’m learning that I need to do it more often, though… make me less crankity and bitter and more laid back with less of a stick up my rear quarters.  OUCH… yeah… tell me about it.

This is also the first time I have EVER… and did I mention EVER planned a day trip around doing something active.  Any day trip up until now included questions like… How long is the walk from the parking lot to the first available couch?  When do we eat dinner and is it a buffet?  Will this trip require any unnecessary sweating?  and my most favorite question… Where the helium is the chocolate!?!?!?  Oh wait… I still ask that question daily.  Choctastic!

Obvs, the wind was blowing like we weren’t in Kansas anymore… and I’m also thinking of designing a bike ramp park on my forehead… stupid big head.  We decided we were going to pretend we were tourists (even though we’ve been to Bear Lake many times before) and take pictures of everything.  I can’t count the number of times that someone asked if we wanted them to take a picture of the both of us… nice of them, but my camera was not happy at having to take my picture!

I love these mom and pop stores and we made sure to stop and check ’em out… plus Madre had to get her happy juice… she is addicted you know!

Diet Dr. Pepper in tow (stop it… what ‘happy juice’ did you think I was referring to?), we were ready to start out on our adventure!  We decided we’d first drive around the whole lake (about 45ish miles) and find a relatively uncrowded beach somewheres.  Nothing worse than having to beach next to 8000 people with farmer tans… plus fat chicks on the beach are usually called whales.  No, I’m not self conscious… why do you ask?

We finally settled on camping our chairs at Bear Lake State Park… you had the choice of sand OR grass… and the best part, only a handfull of people on the Day Trip side.  Of course I had to act like a camel and hold it all day… the day Whitney uses a smelly stall, with a never-ending black hole of stench, no flushy handle, and no running water is the day Donald Trump cuts his rug off.  Now that I’ve shared way too much information… moving on…

The views from my lawn chair.  I even hiked up my pedal pushers a little to try to get a suntan… yeah… didn’t work.  I still match Casper the Ghost… except I think he might be a little darker than I am.  Next up, we untied the bikes and rode them up and down the state park on the gravel roads.  I was putting on a show for the new people… that’s right… pay to see the fat chic on the bike… come one and all!  We loaded up the bikes again and decided to head to the bike trail I had read about on the Inter-Al Gore…. erm… I mean Internet.  The bike trail was about 8 to 10 miles round trip and I soon found out had more gnats per square capita than China has people.  I ‘et good that day, I’ll tell you what.  Some of the things we saw along the trail:

The lighthouse I almost moved into… LOVE me a lighthouse!

I also liked this lil’ house with all of it’s cute quaintness.

We then biked to this restaurant and washed down the gnats with these fellars… Cafe Sabor is in Logan too… but I knew the calories in my regular veggie fajitas and so got that!  Dinner over, we biked back to the truck, loaded up the bikes, and headed to Pickleville to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I am happy to say that this is the first time I’ve been to Pickleville (even though I’ve wanted to go many times), because this is the first time my rear receptacle has fit into the seats.  Thank you, Jenny Craig (oh wait… NOT).  We sat in the midst of approximately 85,000 teenage girls who were in Bear Lake for girl’s camp.  Of course my first thought was, when was the last time these gals showered?  So far as I could tell they were fairly cleanly.  I felt bad for the dude on the stage who forgot to zip his fly… every teen girl in the place was practically on the floor in hysterics… Lesson #1:  ALWAYS check your fly!  Joseph was totes hilarious and we are currently making plans to go back next month to see Bandito… thank you, Richard Simmons (NOT!)  After the play, it was late and time to make the 60-minute drive back home… but not before picking us up a “world famous raspberry shake”!  Bear Lake is raspberry country and they are forever touting their world famousness (anyone else heard of them who isn’t from UT or ID?)  I rest my case.

Only had to shimmy through approximately 85,000 12-year-old boys at Scout Camp who were all hopped up on sugar and being away from their parents for a week.  Shakes are the perfect treat for me.  Since I’m lactose intolerant, I only eat  few spoonfuls and then I’m done with it.  A taste is all I need when it comes to ice cream!  I had a great time… next time I’m going to get up the guts to step in the water… but first I have to get over my aversion of swimming in feces and then buy a swimsuit!  We’ll give it 5 or so more years!

Question of the Day:  What is the last “day trip” you took and what did you do? 

P.S. Happy Pioneer Day Utahites!!  Hope y’all celebrate it up and think of me while I am working… just don’t be like Madre and sing the following song:

Come, come ye Saints… no toilet paper near…
But no fear… sagebrush YAY!

Tsk, tsk Madre… so disrespectful!



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20 responses to “Bearing My Lake!

  1. That lake looks gorgeous! What a fun day trip 🙂

  2. cl2

    I don’t remember my last day trip!!! I’ve been thinking for a while now and still can’t think of one. It would have had to be in the fall or winter though! Though I do love Bear Lake. Just too crowded for my tastes anymore. I like to go up there in the fall when there aren’t any people. Believe it or not, I have a picture from about 30 years ago (when you were how old?)–of my friend and I there over Labor Day weekend in the water with our pants rolled up and there was NOBODY around. We drove the road around Bear Lake that day–but there was actually LESS pavement then.

    Me–I went and tried on some capris for the umpteenth time as I was going to an outdoor concert. Ha ha ha ha ha I never looked good in capris thin–so why would I now? My legs are too long. So I settled for jeans again.

    Glad you took a day off work and did something active. I’ve been trying to walk–but as I was out sweeping up grass and killing weeds this morning at 7 a.m., I realized why I hate walking right now. I like to walk in the evenings and I’ve been trying to walk in the mornings. The sun is more intense even at 7 a.m. than it is at 8 p.m.

    • I agree with you, Colleen on walking at night versus the morning. I even like to walk in a lighted parking lot when it’s dark (that was before the stupid plantar fasciitis made walking anytime too painful). I too look horrid in capris, but because my legs are too short. I’m 5’8-1/2″ but my legs and arms are stubby and my torso happens to be the tall part of me! Enjoy the jeans!

      I think you might have liked the place we were at in Bear Lake… we were the only ones in the spot we were in… In the middle of the week is the time to go.

  3. Get yourself some frozen yogurt lady! No stomach gurgle! Love that you got out on a wild and crazy day trip! Not enough pictures of you, though. You are looking pretty fantastic!

    • Nammy… I bought myself a tub of that Kemps frozen yogurt that you like. I got the blueberries and cream. Haven’t tried it yet, but I have it on the menu for either tomorrow or the next day! Stupid lactose!

  4. jenny

    Lookin’ good Whitney! Keep up the good work. And more pics. of you next time. 🙂

  5. Jen

    What a fun trip. That Pickleville looks like the Playmill we go to in West Yellowstone. They always have such good shows. I love that you are getting more daring and adventorous in your traveling endeavors. But you really need to try using a public toilet sometime. It ain’t that bad!

  6. Lindsay

    AAaaahhhh how come I didn’t get an invite?

  7. Deanna

    That sounds oike my kind if adventure. We are branching out on our bike rides. We rode around the R Mountain. Sounds boring–bit it was actually a fun ride.

  8. That looks like so much fun! I had no idea your mom was a diet soda drinker!!!

    We stopped at LaBeaus on our way back from Yellowstone. Let’s just say that I was completely emotionally spent, so I got a shake. I’m not lactose intolerant either, so there’s no way I’d be eating just two bites! I did split it with my husband though. Even dividing it in two – it was still a bit too much. I hate to waste anything though – so I finished off my half. Now, I’m trying to get back on the wagon. I didn’t get too far off, but I hate getting off at all. It makes me feel out of control.

    Thanks for your posts Whitney! They always brighten my day! 🙂 And some days, I sure need it!

    • Thank you, Taralee for even reading the suckers! It helps to know that you aren’t always talking to yourself.

      I would call your eating half of a shake a success… better than a whole one and I’m in the camp that believes you need to indulge every once in a while to stay sane… Go you for getting back on the wagon!

  9. Louisa

    Hey Whitney!
    Good post and loved seeing all the pretty sights.
    What an adventurous day you had. Good for you getting out there and playing hookie once in awhile. Consider it a ‘mental health day’.

    I spent the hottest part of today chasing a day-old calf that got on the wrong side of the fence. Yeh – I know…
    Happy to report mother & baby are reunited and none the worse for the experience. I am personally THANKFUL that I didn’t have to do that 45 lbs ago.
    My sister got off work early to come help and a friend from high school works close by and he came to help as well. My sister hasn’t been working out like I have so she couldn’t take it. She ended up getting the 4wheel drive and driving around and not helping out at all. She admits she wasn’t able to help with the walking and looking. She made it up ONE hill and then back to the barn to get the 4×4 and she was spent.
    That is twice now that I have been able to out do her…ha! Once at Christmas when the gate didn’t close and the horses got out and I ran and got them in the neighbor’s pasture in 3 feet of snow. She was panting and wheezing and couldn’t keep up. I knew I was out of shape but I smoked her controlling butt.
    Then today in 111 degree heat chasing down a day-old calf and she couldn’t even help…yeh …that felt pretty darn good too.

    Well, I have to get off here and get my Dad up to the bathroom and then sit with him. He gets an anxiety attack every night about the same time.

    Take care and keep snapping those pretty pics

    • Sounds like you had quite the adventure, Louisa… and that was totally an NSV you being able to have the endurance to see it to the end! GO YOU! I can honestly say before I started exercising, I would have been just like your sister driving the 4×4 around!

  10. that raspberry shake looks friggin AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I am drooling over here…

    My problem would be that I would eat that whole thing to the last spoonful.

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