Welcome to Kitty Cat Central…

So, I’m not sure what it is… maybe it’s the new tuna fish-flavored body spray I been wearing lately OR, and this might be the kicker… the fact that I’ve taken to catching and eating dead rodents for dinner… Mouse Souffle is like HEAVENLY!  Whatever it is, it seems that the number of cats that live in my vicinity has multiplied by 3 in the span of a few weeks.  I’ve mentioned several times on here that I ain’t an animal person… save for my sweet little 22-year-old geezer cat… and I doubt that will ever change due to the fact that I am the biggest germ-a-phobe known to man!

The first new visitor just decided to hang out underneath the deck, only to surface every time food is put out.  He’s definitely a feral cat (won’t let any human touch him), but takes to sitting underneath the deck all day and all night, meowing (let’s face it… obviously the dude has not been “fixed” and is severely horny… for lack of a better word).  MAJOR annoyingness… and the boy ain’t starving either… this is one fat cat… if he’d let me write him up a weekly food and exercise routine, the thing could lose a few pounds.  The only way to get rid of him would be to trap him and then send him off with Animal Control to inevitably be euthanized. Even if I’m not an animal fan, I’m also not a fan of euthanizing so can’t get my mind to that point… stupid tender heart!

Next visitor showed up on Saturday morning.  I’m not sure if she wandered away from the litter and couldn’t find her way back or some person didn’t know what to do with her, so dropped her off in the yard and hoped we’d take care of it.  This one is a bitty kitty and it’s a cute little thing (albeit kind of annoying with her constant high-pitched meowing and love of trying to race into the house every time we open the door), but I also know I won’t be keeping her either.  I’m not ready for it and don’t want the responsibility of another kitty.  Taking care of geezer cat with her twice-a-day medicine regimen is work enough for a nonanimal person.

So, consider this post an advertisement.  If you know of someone who is missing a little grey and white striped kitten, we have it and will be overjoyed to return her.  If she does not have an owner who is searching for her… who wants a kitty?  She purrs up a storm, is a friendly little thing, and let’s you hold her upside down with no muss or fuss… a ragdoll, if you will.  A perfect addition to your fam-damly!   I don’t know if she’s box trained or what since she’s stayed out in the garage both days she’s been here, but free cute kitty cat… first come, first serve!!

Question of the Day:  Do you need a kitty or know of someone who wants one?  😛  Sue me, I’m being a salesman!  Do you like animals?  Why or why not?

Take me home... I am free!

I asked her what her name was, but apparently she doesn’t speak person… so, I’ll let you name her. Come on… you know you want her!


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11 responses to “Welcome to Kitty Cat Central…

  1. cl2

    Have I got stories for you about stray cats. . . first one, a mother left a baby in our garage (I had a cat at the time for mice)–I thought I’d be a good girl and have her fixed as my cat liked her. She had pneumonia. Of course, I treated her. She had 4 kittens. Before I got her fixed, she had 4 more. I had 10 cats. That was when I was so poor I couldn’t afford much of anything. They all liked using my window wells as litter boxes. I’m sorry, but I had to have my ex take them to a farm. I kept my cat.

    Then I took in a stray from my dad’s farm that my dad loved. It died in 6 weeks. Baxter.

    Nala–she was my cat (Nala and Simba–Simba ran away after he was fixed)–Nala, she lived in my garage. Wouldn’t come in the house. She loved my dogs–thought my first dog was her mother. She wouldn’t let you touch her. BUT I cried and cried when she died from the cat food scare some years back.

    Then there was the crippled cat who decided to take up residence in my garage 2 winters ago. He had had his foot broken–snapped the bone right off and he’d limp. My “ex” made sure he was taken care of. He got run over a few months later–we found him on a pile of snow.

    Oh–and then the one my son brought home–who had kittens in the downstairs and she hid them for at least a week or 2 . . . no mess. You tell me? My son has his room right next to where she kept them. She must have told them BE QUIET! or they’ll throw you out. We found out about the kittens when my ex took her to the humane society and they said, “She has to have kittens somehwere.” No wonder she bawled at the backdoor 24/7 until she could sneak in.

    Besides–I’m allergic to cats.

    I love dogs! As you know! Actually, I hate to say it–but putting my dog “to sleep”–was a I wouldn’t say good experience, but I knew it was what I had to do. He went really quickly–I’d rather euthanize the animals (my opinion changed completely that day as I knew I put him out of his suffering)–but I’d rather euthanize them than have them abused, starving, hurting.

  2. Jen

    If I wasn’t so darn allergic to cats I would already be in my car on my way to Logan to pick her up! She is beautiful! She reminds me of my beloved cat Jack I adopted from the shelter (who then got hit by a car). But I better just stick to my 2 non-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs. I don’t like keeping the Kleenex company in business with all my sneezing from cats.

  3. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you need a kitty or know of someone who wants one? Sue me, I’m being a salesman! Do you like animals? Why or why not?

    No, I don’t need another cat. She is a cutie though.
    I love cats and would love to have a mess of them but alas I cannot. We had a cute grey & white tabby kitten show up just a couple days before Christmas. We named him “Blessing”. He was sweet and friendly and obviously raised with kids & other pets. My 10yo son had a terrible time b/c he loved to pick him up and hold him and let him curl up in his lap but then his eyes would swell up and he would get to sneezing …
    My son is allergic to all cats except ours. I don’t know what it is…
    I tried finding a home for him for months. Finally, some friends took him.
    My Dh is a non-animal person and tolerates our one full-figured inside cat.
    Dh hates dogs with a passion even though the rest of us would love to have one.
    I love horses, cows, goats, ferrets, rodents, fish, birds…all of them.
    I am that crazy lady that pulls off the road to rescue turtles from being smooshed…lol.
    Talk about a tender – heart…
    Reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and spiders I can take or leave and don’t consider them pet-worthy…lol.

    Funny that my Dh & I both grew up on farms but I am an animal lover and he is so NOT…lol.

    We ended up bringing our kitty back with us to my parent’s house (while we are here helping take care of my Dad) and she is doing great and so glad to be with us again.

    Keep on…keepin’ on…

    • Wow, Louisa… polar opposites you and your husband when it comes to animals. I like animals… just from a distance and if I don’t have to touch them and clean up after them. Stupid germiness. I am with you, though, on the reptiles, spiders, etc. So glad you brought your kitty back to the house!

      Thanks for the shoe link. I might have to check those out. I also noticed they have slippers, etc.

  4. Avster

    Aww, I haven’t had a gray tiger since Doodlebug passed away in ’06.

    Must have been a crazy weekend for kitten stories. I had all my kittens given away for about five hours on Saturday… but then the person called back and asked if she could bring the kittens back. :s Honestly, I was a bit relieved to get the kittens back… but that whole situation and the people involved were quite queer.

    That kitten up thar looks purty clean and huggable! =D

    • I remember Doodlebug… RIP! That is the weirdest thing ever, Avy… she took the kittens and then returned them a few hours later!? Huh!? Did she give a reason for why she was returning them?

      • Avster

        She said that her son was allergic to them… but this lady had to have been in her seventies…
        She thought she would walk to our house from town… which is five minutes driving a car! :O It was only 85* out too and very humid! She didn’t even have a carrier with her. :S
        So I picked her up and brought her here and took her back home with the kittens… and then suddenly when she needs to bring the kittens back she her husband can drive her over… ~scratches head~

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