What the Crimeny Puffs Are You Waiting For!?

I was pondering the other day… no, I don’t ponder often… it’s totally a brain crusher.  I prefer to giggle at the constant barrage of dancing sugar plum fairies prancing through my head than to do any actual brain wave exertion.  I was pondering Newton’s Law and it’s relation to Fig Newtons, the cookie.  That’s my kind of ponderation!  Mmmm… cookies.

I was really pondering on all of the excuses I seem to pull out of my rear receptacle for why I “can’t” do something.  The reasons I couldn’t begin exersaucing and being more conscious about my eating were all LAME… but I made them totes valid in my noggin.  Like, the time I used “waiting until after the holidays” to start an exercise program because the holidays would ruin any effort I’d made.  That’s totes a good excuse… except that I was using this excuse in February.  Which holiday would you be waiting for, Whitney?  The one that comes CLEARRRRR 10 months away in December or did you mean Arbor Day?

It’s taken a long time for me to realize that I just needed to jump in.  Commit fully and run with it.  And yes… there will be bad days, bad weeks, bad months, and maybe a few bad years, but this isn’t a race I’m running here… and this isn’t something I’m starting tomorrow and quitting in a month.  There is no word “quit” here.  Quitting is not an option because there is nothing to quit!  What am I going to do… quit waking up each morning… quit brushing my teeth with minty toothpaste and trade over to the manure flavored paste?  That’s the beauty of losing weight with the all things in moderation method, you can do whatever you want… eat whatever you want… do whatever kind of movement you want.  There are no restrictions.  It’s basically a free ticket on the ride of life… and I’m buckled in for the duration!

Question of the Day:  What Are You Waiting For?  What are some of your best excuses for why you “can’t” start?  


What Are You Waiting For by My Favorite Highway


Is there anyone out there who is listening to anything
Is there anyone out there who can take my hand, so

Come on, come on
What are you waiting for?
Waiting for your life to end to begin again
No, you get back up and you try again


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9 responses to “What the Crimeny Puffs Are You Waiting For!?

  1. cl2

    I’m waiting for summer to be over!?!? That’s my excuse! I don’t mind walking in the cold winter months half frozen, but put me out under the sun??? I’m going to try walking again in the evenings now that I’m in Utah for a few weeks. It is cooler here than it was in Colorado–they were having a heat wave. Of course, when I left, it got cooler there.

    I forgot to wish your mother a Happy Birthday yesterday!–so I will today. Those treks sound horrible for someone like me (for anyone actually). I’m sure glad I wasn’t doing one on my birthday!

    • Later at night has been quite pleasant here, Colleen. That’s why I think you should get a bike… built in air conditioning. I was actually a little bit chilly on my bike ride earlier tonight!

      I agree on the Treks. Not something for a germ-a-phobe either!

  2. Jen

    Hey good job choosing a band with “bang boys.” You know I am a sucker for long hair. Or dark skin and muscles too of course (AKA my husband). I like your playlists on Wednesday so I can hear new songs. I mostly just listen to country and don’t explore much in other genres.

  3. Louisa

    I like the playlist choice, Whitney.

    Question of the Day: What Are You Waiting For? What are some of your best excuses for why you “can’t” start?

    I was the master of excuses…
    It’s too hot.
    It’s too cold.
    I don’t feel like it.
    I am too busy.
    I am too tired.
    My feet hurt.
    I don’t want to air up my bike tires.
    I need better shoes.
    I don’t have any good workout clothes.
    The kids probably don’t want to go with me and I am not leaving them home alone.
    I don’t have time.

    Since I started my wt loss journey in March I have been 110% focused on doing the exact opposite of these above excuses. When I find myself saying these words to myself I IMMEDIATLEY make a plan to get in some exercise that day. Even on my ‘rest day’ you will find me doing something. Maybe a walk or a family bike ride or riding my horses…but you will find me moving.
    There have been more than just a few days since March that these excuses have popped into my head and I have wrestled them right back out with some exercise. I imagine that it will get easier as I continue to progress along.

    Keep on …keepin’ on….

    • Funny that most of your excuses I’ve used as well, Louisa. They must be universal LAME excuses! I love your 110% focus… that’s how you get things done. I too try to use the stairs and just be overall more active throughout the day.

  4. Good song! I’m full of excuses. My middle school teacher used to say that excuses are like feet. Everybody has one or two of them and they all stink. My dad says something a little different and less PC, but no less true.

  5. Whitney, I love this post of yours… I am always using excuses. My latest one has been that work is too busy for me to go to the gym… and it is true that I have been really stressed these past few weeks but last night I decided to go to the gym and I felt wonderful. For that one hour I focussed on ME and it was good.
    Your post will help me and I love love love Louisa’s reply.
    You guys are so inspiring xx

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