We Couldn’t Even Reach the Ruler!

I went to lunch today with 2 of my best pals from many moons ago… back when we all were popping zits (EWWWWW) and hormoning around… oh, was that just yesterday?  I’ve known Alena and Joanne since I was about 10 or 11.  I was pretty much a horrid friend… but they put up with me being moody and full of the teenage stubborn bone… even though I’m sure most of the time they’d have rather slugged me in the head with a ball bat.  Despite all that, we did manage to have some fun times back in them days.  Some of my most memorable:

–  Having a sleepover at another friend’s house that Alena could not attend, so we all ganged up and toilet papered her house that night.  A gaggle of giggling teenage girls, throwing toilet paper into the trees.  We got our payback when we got back to the house, fell asleep on the trampoline, and woke to everyone vomiting all over everyone else.  Served us right, right Joanne?  I felt so guilty, the next morning I went to Alena’s house to help her clean up the toilet paper mess!

–  The drink game.  The object of the drink game was to make the most disgusting drink possible using anything in the cupboards and refrigerator and then the other person would have to drink it.  Thankfully, my gag reflex made that game over in 25 seconds.

–  Dressing up our little sister’s Barbie dolls to make them more “modest.”  We’d basically just put every piece of Barbie clothing they owned on the doll, which would in turn piss Lindsay and Emma off.  Stupid evil mean sisters anyway!

–  The lame physical education tests we had to do… that one where you sit on the floor with your legs straight out, feet against a box, and you had to see how far you could move the ruler!?  Um… what!?  What happens when you can’t even reach the ruler!?  Joanne never had that problem, being a sports playing savant!  Alena and I would have rather played the drinking game.

It was fun to catch up with my pals.  Alena is moving to some state in the midwest I’ve never heard of (:P) and Joanne is expecting her 4th child any day now (I’m sending you birthing vibes, Joanne… start the incising process now!), so our get togethers will now be far and few between.  Y’all gals best sign up for Facebook and for goodness sakes… send me pictures of the chillin’s every once in a blue moon.  Alena, when you up and move to Behrut, make sure you send me a text message!!  I promised I wouldn’t post the farewell pictures we took on my blog and I’m a woman of my word… so just picture 2 beautiful, kind, hard-working women, and you’ll pretty much have them nailed!  Thanks for the memories, ladies!

Question of the Day:  Do you keep in contact with any of your friends from the olden days? 



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15 responses to “We Couldn’t Even Reach the Ruler!

  1. I remember playing Barbies in the backyard of my friend KerriLynn’s house. She had a pool and it was so much fun pretending to go on big adventures. Our only issue was her big brother who always shot rubber bands or threw water bombs at us while we played.

    Every 4th of July we would decorate a wagon (putting a cardboard box with a few streamers and flags on it) and take turns pulling each other down the street in the neighborhood parade.

    My sister Jen and I wanted to t-pee a house, but we were afraid of getting caught, so we decided to t-pee our own house. It was easy, since we knew when our parents were gone. We did a pretty good job and swore to secrecy… until our oldest sister cried the next morning thinking someone didn’t like her. We had to rat on ourselves and clean it all up… and pay for the toilet paper we used out of our allowance.

  2. Deanna

    Yes but not enough–your Mom!

  3. Karen

    I value friendship. Georgiann and I decided we were not going to let my moving to UT change our friendship. We get together two or three times a year and just hang out–condo, motel or my house. We usually sew. She embroiders and I piece quilts and we have some fabulous finished projects. Friendship takes time but it well worth the effort.

  4. Jen

    I just noticed your bike ticker for going from Logan to Las Vegas. That is pretty cool! I still see some of my close friends from high school too. It is fun to rember to good ol’ days.

  5. Okay, so I never leave comments on blogs, but… I have to correct something here. Whitney was not ever hard to put up with, I’m pretty sure it was the other way around. Like the time I threw a soccer ball at Whitney’s head and broke her glasses and all the times she let me tag along with her to play softball when my only specialty was hitting foul balls at Rex and encouraging me to be in concert choir, when I can’t sing and she has an absolutely amazing voice. Whitney, you have always been an amazing, talented, and hilarious human being! Thank you for being my friend!
    P.S. Those were good memories (expect maybe the painful P.E. moments 🙂

    • HA! Alena apparently has a selective memory when it comes to my attitude as a teenager. You also best not get me started on comparing mishaps… you must have forgotten the time I almost poisoned you with poison flour that one time we made cookies… poisoning trumps it ALL, I’m pretty sure… look it up! Travel safe, Alena!

  6. I’m so glad you got to hang with your friends! I totally remember that stupid test in PE. I hated that stupid ruler sliding test and stunk at it just like I stunk at the rest of those tests in PE! I keep in touch with a few friends from the olden days. Probably not as well as I should, though.

  7. Ally

    I suddenly feel the need to look up an old friend. I have been terrible at staying in touch.

  8. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you keep in contact with any of your friends from the olden days?

    I have kept in touch with 4 of my friends from high school and one from junior high and even one from grade school.
    We don’t get together much but we do send email and Christmas cards to one another. We send pics of our kids etc…too.

    Keep on …keepin’ on…

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