Who The Crap Is Tony!?

Tony… Tony Grove that is.  My evening adventure tonight included a jaunt up Logan Canyon to spend the evening/night at Tony Grove Lake and do my version of a “hike.”  Not all this straight up the mountain crapola on a biscuit.  Stop the insanity, Yogi Bear!  Just a nice little trail walk around naturey stuff… a few inclines… a few declines… a few rocks… and beauty a plenty!  Bring me that, please!  I didn’t even need my hovercraft invention for this sucker.  Madre came with me and of course where there are flowers to be stolen, Madre will steal them… I tried to be the flower-stealing police, but she still walked away from the place with a huge armful of illegally gotten goods… case in point…

She was also on this kick of complaining that we did not bring a pic-a-nic, which reminded me of my sweet Gramsy Berger, who loved herself a good pic-a-nic… especially if it included her favorite feeeesh.  I had to stop Madre from horning in on everyone else’s picnics on several occasions… she even went so far as to ask some fishermen/women if they were having any luck with the feesh, in hopes that they’d be all like, sure and why don’t you come on up to our campfire and partake of our feesh and loaves!  Instead we had to make due with blueberry rice cakes, water, and an apricot which just so happened to be stowed in the car trunk.

Back to the adventure.  I hadn’t been to Tony Grove since I was a teenager… even thought it’s about a 45-minute drive up the canyon.  Bad idea, Whitney.  I’d forgotten how beautiful it was up there.  It has surpassed the beauty of any of the other hiking/day trip adventures I’ve been on this summer.  Bear Lake is pretty, 2nd Dam is pretty, Spring Hollow is pretty, Green Canyon is pretty… but Tony Grove was breathtaking!  I think I broke my camera taking so many crapified pictures.  It was also freeing.  I hiked me that trail with no problems whatsoever… no complaining about sweating or feet issues or it getting dark, etc.  I survived crossing a broken bridge:

Climbed up a rock and sat my receptacle on a fallen tree trunk… never would have had the confidence to do that before… can’t heft my weight up that rock… I’ll totes fall off the tree… etc., etc., etc.


But mostly, we just took in the nature… total spirit booster, mood lifter, and all around good thing!  There was a quote I snapped a picture of on one of the signs around the trail… pretty much sums it up:

You said it Bob… even if you did pass on tragically young.  We’re already planning our next venture up to the lake… pic-a-nic in tow this time… I’ll take a pass on the feesh, though…

Question of the Day:  Where’s the last naturey place you went to?  Any recommendations? 


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19 responses to “Who The Crap Is Tony!?

  1. Lindsay

    Awesome . . . I miss living by so much beauty! I loved doing that whenever I wanted since everything was so close . . . oh well!

  2. Avster

    Remind me to never let your madre in my garden!

    Last Thursday I went to the state park that’s near my home and walked a bit and got eaten a bit. I was going in hopes for some filtering sun photos, but that didn’t happen. Haven’t found the right spot yet!

    • Too late… Madre already has her eye on Fran!

      That was awfully rude of them squiters to eat in front of you and not even have the courtesy to offer you any! Next time you should spray yourself down with skunk perfume. I hear that totes scares ’em away!

  3. Jen

    I have never gone to Tony’s Grove in all my summers spent in Logan. It looks so pretty. I want to come down and hike up there with you sometime. I am enjoying the nature in San Diego now. The weather is really cloudy, but it is still pretty here. I just love to breathe in the smell of the ocean air, salt and seaweed; and listen to the sound of the waves hitting the sand.

    Last weekend I wasn’t able to read your blog because Seth had the laptop (he left 3 days before I did to go to CA). So I am just reading them this AM. Here are my comments for them:
    *I eat less when I am sick. I always lose my appetite, even if I just have a cold.
    *When Seth is dieting for body building shows, we weigh all his food on our food scale we got from Wal-Mart. It is a pretty good scale and was inexpensive.

    • Jen-Jen… you are making me all jealous with your beach talk! Kidding… but I’m glad you are having a good time so far. You deserve too. Take a bunch of pictures!

      Thanks for the tip on the food scale. I’m going to head to Wally World this week to have a gander.

  4. Dessa Wade

    We about starved to death since Whit didn’t want to bring a picnic.Thank goodness we had some rice cakes and a couple of apricots in the car. JK And I don’t see how you can steal something that doesn’t belong to someone else. It only belongs to nature and nature is for the taking.

  5. cl2

    Did you hike up to white pine lake, is it? That is kind of a long ways (did it in mutual back in the 1970s–before you born).

    I LOVE Tony Grove. It has been a while since I’ve been there though–a few years.

    Last place I went–Black Hills–Mount Rushmore. I thought FOR CERTAIN it would be dry and desolate and ugly. LOVED IT. (One of my mom’s favorite movies was “North By Northwest” and my brother served his mission in the Rapid City mission–so it had significance–especially since my mother never went there, but wanted to.)

    • Colleen…

      I did not do the White Pine Lake hike… I saw the trail head for that and Naomi’s Peak and passed immediately! 😛 Maybe one day when I get better at hiking and have less feet issues. There is actually a trail you can walk on that goes all the way around the lake. It’s called a nature trail. It’s really beautiful and quite easy.

      I have never been to Mount Rushmore… will have to add that one to my list. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

  6. Awesome pics! I love that there are wildflowers up there for madre to steal. I guess that’s one benefit of the super cold/rainy spring since the snow just melted. You should go wander around Spring Hollow in Logan Canyon. It’s not as long of a drive and it is awfully pretty, especially in the fall. Give me a holler sometime and I will go with you. Walking around Tony Grove is one of my favorite hikes for sure, though. You chose well.

    • We should go up to Tony Grove for a pic-a-nic or something sometime… I can imagine it’s even more bee-u-tee-ful in the fall.

      I hope another advantage to the cold/rainy spring is that we get a long, warm fall, instead of going right into winter!

  7. Deanna

    What a beautiful trail to hike on. One questions–does your mom hike in flip-flops?

    • YOu need to talk some sense into her, Deanna! That’s what I said about the flip flops! This was more of a trail walk than a hike, but she brought along her other sandals in case we decided to go hiking. I don’t get it either, but I’ll trade her feet!

  8. Louisa

    LOL – I thought the same thing, Deanna…

    Gorgeous pictures and scenery – truly breaktaking.

    Currently I am enjoying the beauty that is all around me here at my parent’s farm. Green rolling pastures, newborn calves, fruit trees, and fresh air.
    I try and get out at least once a day while my parents are resting and do a little something for me. This 24 hr care is rough.

    Found myself wanting to snack this afternoon just to snack. Uh-oh! I grabbed a bottle of cold water instead and headed outside for a bit.

    Keep on…keepin on.

    • I bet the farm is totally beautiful, Louisa! I love being on a farm…

      I’m glad you are taking some you time for a bit in your day. I think that is a must to keep your sanity. It is much deserved on your part!

  9. Andrea S.

    Isn’t Tony Grove gorgeous this year?!! We were there for the hike around the lake 2 weeks ago and I was stunned at all the flowers. I tried to be the flower-stealing police for my kids and I was clearly more successful than you, but what a great picture of Dessa! 🙂 I also have to say that we saw you riding your bike tonight! I was so excited to see you, I wanted to shout Hooray and Hi, but then I didn’t want to scare you (or anyone else) so I said Hi in my mind. It was a beautiful evening, we were just returning from a jaunt to Adams park with the kids. Anyway, thanks for keeping me smiling.

    • SO beautiful! I’m anxious to get back up there again… we’ll try to leave the flowers there this time! 😛

      Haha… I was putting on a show on my bike… the fat chic on the bike. I’ll miss it, though when winter hits, so have to get it all on. It was a great night for a jaunt to the park. Glad y’all made it out!

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