This Post Is “CORNY”!

Bwahahahahaha… I slay myself!

This was my dinner when I went to the yee hawing county fair on Saturdee night.  Oh my land alive.  Glory, glory hallelujah, corn is growing out my earlobes.  Who thought you could just stick a wooden prong into the bottom of an ear of corn and call it a lollipop of the stars.  I tell you… there’s not much better than a good piece of corn on the cob… of course I walked around the fair for the rest of the night looking like a mental dental patient with corn kernels all stuck up every gap in my teethins.  I guess it’s worth it to look like a crazy person of the corn.  I blended in with all the chicks walking around with their shorts perma-wedgied up their receptacle anyway.  Who wears dental floss shorts?  Honey, darling… just because they done made it in your size, don’t mean you need to be wearing it.  Meanwhile, I was walking around in my full on astronaut suit… no skin showing for this chickaroo.  I prefer to keep my skin a nice pale white color… the color of death, except without all the blue parts.

Of course a county fair isn’t complete until you’ve seen an old-fashioned #&$&# spreader… erm… I mean the fried dough stand:

So, we’re advertising this stand as “fried dough” with a big ole 2-ton elephant as the mascot?  Seriously?  Couldn’t be more fitting.  As you can see… the kids were lined up for that sucker.  I would have lined up behind them, except I left my pink elephant tutu at the dry cleaner.

They had to restrain me from breaking into this showcase and eating the canned goods… much better than any fried dough stand… and not an elephant in sight!  Pssst… Avy… I tried to look for your canned cow dung entrant, but maybe the judges et it all!

This dude was totes trying to make a break for it.  The fried oreos were calling his name!  I woulda helped him along, but again… my pink elephant tutu was at the dry cleaner.

My city’s display… totally made out of all things edible… corn kernels, rice, fruits, etc.  I know the ladies who made this and they did a dagnabbed great job, if you ask me.  Of course, no visit to the County Fair is complete without a visit with Ma and Pa Geezer…

Aren’t they sweet?  Would totes be a great addition to my hoarding collection!  Coughcough… birthday coming up… Coughcough!  Who needs Oil of Olay and Botox?  Keep the wrinkles natural!  I’m embracing my wrinkles!  I need to bask in the wisdom!  Another County Fair done and over with.  On to 2012.  Maybe next year they’ll come up with a way to fry corn… On second thought… don’t give them any idears!

Question of the Day:  Did you go to your County Fair?  What was your favorite part?



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14 responses to “This Post Is “CORNY”!

  1. cl2

    Nope, I didn’t go to “my” county fair–but I used to go every summer. Our dad was over the FFA at Bear River High School and he’d take us with him every day of the fair. We also got to show sheep–that picture of the escapee was part of my childhood. We’d show them and then sell them. They were my brother’s sheep (supposedly) but when it came to auctioning them off, my dad figured out if the girls sold them, we got more money–so it was up to my sister and I to take them out for the auction. One of my fond memories of my dad.

    Me–I love the cotton candy. And, yes, I do love corn! We grew it on our farm to sell in front of our house.

    • I didn’t know you were a sheep show-er person either, Colleen. I wished I’d done more of that as a kid. I entered several things in 4-H sewing, etc., but never did get much into the animals. I love that you’ll always have that memory of your dad!

  2. Avster

    Did I go to my country fair? Uh… I went and entered in four county fairs. :b

    Did you have to post the funnel cake photo? I have been craving one for about a month now!

    As for my canned goods entry… didn’t you know that’s my secret weapon? :b

    • Note to self: Say no when canned goods are offered by the Avster!

      At least I didn’t post a picture of an actual funnel cake. You could have got one considering you went to FOUR fairs! Now you will have to make one at work!

  3. Karen

    I did go to the same county fair as you did, but obviously do not explore as much. Debbie and I went to see the quilt winners. Judges think that everyone deserves a ribbon so blue is given out everywhere. A bit disappointed. We checked out some of the commercial booths, walked through the rides and came home. Did not even look at an animal.
    Saw your mother’s lovely bouquet from Tony’s Grove sitting on the outside table. Makes me want to venture that direction.
    Keep up the blog. Love it every week day morning. Not sure how you do it. Loved the words in yesterday’s song.

    • I noticed that too, Karen. A LOT of blue ribbons. It’s a nice thought, I guess… but I think it would mean more if the quilt or whatever other item actually deserved the ribbon.

      You should venture to Tony Grove. It was BEAUTIFUL! Definitely going back on Mondee. Thanks for reading and for the support, Karen!!

  4. dessawade

    Love county fairs! There’s just something about them that speaks of summer. Me and fairs go a long way back since I took 4-H while growing up from my mom and learned to sew and can. Kindof a lost art now on both accounts.

  5. You’re so punny Whitney! I didn’t make it to the fair this year, but I’ve been a fair goer in the past. I entered a dress I sewed and I entered some snickerdoodles I baked back in 4H days. You will have to check out Bill Engvall’s sketch on county fair food. It’s hilarious.

    • I will have to YouTube that one time… good ole country boy humor. Mmmmm… Snickerdoodles sound nummy! I did 4-H sewing too… of course, I haven’t sewed much since. Maybe we should take that up again.

  6. Katbaran

    “Honey, darling… just because they done made it in your size, don’t mean you need to be wearing it.”

    BEST ADVICE EVER!!!!! Soooo many women should take this advice to heart. Love how you see things, Whitney!

  7. We took the activity day girls to the fair and looked at the exhibits and the animals. They especially liked the baby goats! I thought this orange eggplant thing in the produce section looked pretty cool. I love gardening – so that stuff intrigues me.

    So – did you see the booth with the fried coke? It was the same booth that had the fried oreos and fried twinkies. I had to check it out and see exactly what the fried coke was. It was basically like a coke flavored glorified funnel cake! Coke flavored batter fried up and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then doused in coke syrup, then topped with whipped cream and more cinnamon and sugar. I was pretty curious about trying it, but not enough to buy a whole one. Just a taste would have been fun, but they only sell ginormous sizes you know? Like the $5 plate full of funnel cake – that really should be shared.

    Went to see Joseph over at pickleville yesterday with the in-laws. I thought of you! 🙂

    • I love looking at the garden things too… even though I’m a horrid gardener. There’s not enough sun in this yard and all of the tomater plants are feeling it!

      Is it really 5 dollars for ONE funnel cake? That’s ridiculous! I did see the fried stand too. I saw a news story where they now have fried butter in some fairs. That just sounds nasty to me. Glad to know how they fry the Coke.

      Wasn’t Joseph hilarious? We’re headed back next weekend to see Bandito!

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