The Fattest Women In The World…

There are 2 women battling it out to become the biggest woman in the world.  Susanne Eman is currently 728 pounds and wants to hit 1600 pounds.  Donna Simpson is currently 650 pounds and wants to hit 1000 pounds (clickety click on their names to read their psychoness).

Reading these kinds of stories is like viewing a train wreck… you don’t want to look at it, but you can’t help it.  I’ve been reading about these 2 women for a while now… mostly because I think they’ve gone stark raving mad and it gives me motivation to go the other way.  Get my butt up off the couch and drop the frig fraggin weight so I don’t end up in a circus of worldwide media tours with these loonies.

I never found one benefit to weighing 530 pounds.  NEVER, ever, ever, ever.  I never set out to gain that much weight, but years of restricting and “die”ting helped me get there.  Obviously, I didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself… Gee, I’m feeling too mobile today, how’s about I eat a 30,000-calorie feast and remedy that.  It’s because I was so desparate to get the weight off that I ended up weighing as much as I did.  Ironic, ain’t it?  The one thing that’s supposed to help you become an average weight only snowballed the issues into a massive runaway glacier.  I can’t see how anyone could ever be truly happy that overweight… but these ladies say that they are.  It has to be some mental issue… like the reverse of anorexia.  The medical issues alone are motivation enough to go the other way.  How miserable to think of all of the medications and surgeries and issues that will crop up for you in the future being so unhealthy.  It’s embarrassing at best.  These ladies give all of the overweight folk of the world a bad name.  We aren’t all like that… sitting around stuffing our faces all day, on welfare and medicaid.

One good thing about these ladies telling their story… doesn’t make me so eager to reach for that extra serving of pie at Thanksgiving.  Go on with your disgusting selves, women.  But leave the rest of us out of it!

Question of the Day:  Attention seekers or legitimate goals? 



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23 responses to “The Fattest Women In The World…

  1. Lindsay

    WOW! How does anyone convince themselves that is healthy?

  2. cl2

    Attention getters–

    I never had a weight problem until I started really dieting. I “love” how the doctors or experts really don’t have the “answers”–get a gastric bypass or lap band and only eat minute amounts of food or is it “my body will go into starvation mode and then I’ll just gain more when I start to eat”–which is it experts? The experts really have no clue.

  3. Katbaran

    I think these two women both do have mental problems. They are both fairly young and they will DIE young. Trust me, I never went over 320 pounds. I stayed right around 250 to 260 for almost 20 years and the toll on my joints is enormous! (pun intended!) I’ve been lucky so far in that I only have mild high blood pressure and those danged joint problems. Deterioration due to arthritis which runs in my family on both sides. The extra weight did not help that at all. These two are nuts!

    As for the dieting thing. Its just an ugly money making racket. Whether its the latest fad diet, shake or pill or operation. Don’t get me wrong, the operations DO work if you work them. I’ve tried so many things over the years and lo, and behold,the simple “Eat less, execise more.” Really works! Who’da thunk it ????

  4. That’s like aspiring to smoke enough to give yourself lung cancer. They are killing themselves. No doubt about that. Definitely doing it to get attention. No doubt!

  5. Deanna

    Wow. Appauling. What a waste of a beautiful life. I think that is suicidal, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Ally

    I am completely disgusted. They can do what they want to themselves, but to think they are on public assistance, what a slap in the face to those of us who are supporting them with our taxes!

  7. Bill

    After looking up their stories I can tell you I was really disgusted. I (as alot of us) have struggled with weight and to read that makes the problems that are out there seem like they are a joke… WOW it is Monday and I am still hot under the collar!

  8. Shannon

    “I can’t see how anyone could ever be truly happy that overweight… but these ladies say that they are. It has to be some mental issue…”

    I think you have more to learn about yourself before you can claim to know much about these women. You freely admit that you can’t see how anyone could ever be happy being so fat, and when confronted with the truth of such people you conclude they are mentally ill. You never stopped to question the thoroughness of your own perspective. People can enjoy all kinds of things that you don’t care about, or even hate. You can’t project your own experiences onto that of others.

    I’m on a similar quest of weight gain, although not as heavy as those two and not nearly fool enough to blast my name and picture all over the media. But I’m heavy enough that I can attest to their honesty when they say they enjoy life at very high weights. I do too, and I enjoy putting weight on just as fervently as some people enjoy losing it. I’m in a scooter. I need oxygen. I need help getting up. A part of me enjoys the luxury of all the pampering I get, but that doesn’t mean I don’t pay my taxes like everyone else. (I work from home on IT and web development, and I guarantee you I’ve already paid more in taxes than many people contribute in a whole lifetime.) And a part of me misses going bicycling and walking around town, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a great quality of life in my daily habits like eating, reading, conversations with friends, music, sex, the Internet, movies, and so on. What’s so bad about my life? Is it that I can’t run a marathon? Is it that my partner has to put his hands on me all the time to help me out? How are those bad things?

    I don’t exercise. I don’t care to. I enjoy being unfit. It’s a fetish thing. You’re not being asked to empathize with it, but it’s not really any different from the leather or shoes or fur or any of the other kinky stuff people come up with to satisfy themselves. I get sexual fulfillment from getting fatter, and that’s worth a lot to me. If you’ve ever known sexual fulfillment yourself, you understand.

    I know I’m not going to live forever. Who will? I’m focused on living well, not on meeting other people’s expectations about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I am healthy for the time being. That’s not a claim. That’s a fact as surely as Susanne’s doctor said about her in the article. I am under no delusions about the fact that for very big people like myself, sheer bulk (not fatness per se) causes a strain on the body. I’ve had heart problems that require me to take medication to stay healthy, and gastrointestinal problems associated with moving so much food and waste through my system, which also require medicine for me to stay healthy. With those medicines I am as healthy as the next person and have been able to continue to gain weight rapidly. Maybe you don’t buy that someone who is healthy because of medicine is actually “healthy,” but then we merely have a difference of agreement about word meaning and not the objective reality of the performance of my vital organs.

    I can’t make any claims that I’ll stay healthy, but I won’t. Who will? Maybe it’ll happen to me sooner than to someone a few hundred pounds lighter. If that’s how things turn out, leave it to me to deal with it. I am not asking for your concern. Nor is your criticism called for, or accurate, when it comes to the “burden” that fat people allegedly place on everyone else. Never mind that social welfare nets are for helping all people instead of just the ones who will use the fewest resources. And never mind that I buy private insurance and am subsidizing far more dangerous lifestyles than my own without being the least bit upset by it. And never mind that I already mentioned that I pay more than the average taxpayer because I am fortune enough to be on the higher end of the middle class. And never mind that I’m healthy today, with no indication at all of problems, making this whole line of discussion academic.

    Instead, I might also remind you of that study out of the Netherlands a few years ago that discovered that obese people cost the health system less, because they live a few years shorter on average. That’s right. Less. Fat people cost less. If it’s really about costing money, we should all be huge. But there’s also a study out just a couple weeks ago elaborating on the fact that fat itself is not a good indicator of who gets sick and who doesn’t. It’s other stuff, like genetics, or a roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss, or diet, or exercise, or the social stigma that fat people have to live with. That explains why a large percentage of obese people don’t have more health problems than their thinner counterparts, and even live longer. Body fat seems to be an aggravating condition for a subset of the population who has existing health problems. For others, it seems to have little effect. Yet fat-bashers treat fat like a godsent allegory of shattered morality. Where’s the sense in that?

    Look at what those fat ladies’ candor does for them: You yourself, and other people commenting here, are calling them mentally ill, suicidal, attention-seeking. I’ve heard it all. No self-respect. No self-discipline. Ugly. Stupid. Lazy. Smelly. “Gross.” This is prejudice. Donna Simpson has gotten death threats on blogs and forums around the world (which I know because I’ve kept up with her story). People are totally okay with writing on the Internet their preference that human beings should be murdered for being fat.

    This brutal hatred has nothing to do with the two fat women themselves, and everything to do with the people dishing out the bigotry. What makes you do it? “Mental issues”? Hah! I wouldn’t dare presume. Maybe you honestly just never thought about it. Whatever the reason, you can do better. Not only are you depriving yourself of the opportunity to accept the truth, but you are actively persecuting a group of people and you don’t seem to realize it. You can do so much better than that.

    I’ll tell you the worst thing for me about being fat: I hate being hated by people who don’t know anything about me but think they know it all. I don’t expect people to support my decision to be fat–real tolerance takes a long time, after all, and the fat acceptance movement is young–but I’d like it very much if folks like yourself and your gallery of commenters would think twice before making the kinds of accusations you’re making.

    In good will and all seriousness, I urge you to reconsider your attitude.

  9. Donna

    Shannon…get a clue. Reading this on a outside perspective, you’re sick. Not disgusting sick…but mentally sick. Now I don’t plan on coming back to this page to fight with you or even give you a second thought in my day. But reading this makes me literally sick. You can try and justify all you want how much you love it. I doubt your family loves the doctor bills and medication bills, let alone how long you will be in the hospital later when you start dying from a heart attack. You are equal to a drug addict. Simple as that. You NEED help, and NEED to admit..its a sickness.

  10. Passer by

    Having studied psychology extensively for the past few years i can confirm that this actually is a form of psychosis!
    And my personal opinion is that it is absolutely ridiculous. Anorexics are accused of having mental disorders and this is the same situation. It’s deadly.

    Good blog by the way 🙂

  11. Misty

    WOW!!! Really Shannon?? Fat people save money on healthcare……
    If Americans continue to pack on pounds, obesity will cost the USA about $344 billion in medical-related expenses by 2018, eating up about 21% of health-care spending, says the first analysis to estimate the future medical costs of excess weight.
    These calculations are based on the projection that in 10 years 43% of Americans adults may be obese, which is roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight, if obesity continues to rise at the current rate. Extra weight increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer.

    Using weight data, Census statistics and medical expenditure information, Thorpe found:

    •An obese person will have an average of $8,315 in medical bills a year in 2018 compared with $5,855 for an adult at a healthy weight. That’s a difference of $2,460.

    •If the percentage of obese adults doesn’t change but stays at the current rate of 34%, then excess weight will cost the nation about $198 billion by 2018.

    •If the obesity rate continues to rise until 2018, then Colorado may be the only state with less than 30% of residents who are obese.

    •More than 50% of the population in several states could be obese by 2018: Oklahoma, Mississippi, Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio and South Dakota.

    The report adds to the growing body of evidence of obesity’s impact on medical costs. A study released in July showed that obese Americans cost the country about $147 billion in weight-related medical bills in 2008, double what it was a decade ago. It now accounts for about 9.1% of medical spending.

    Overall, the United States spends about $1.8 trillion a year in medical costs associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and all three are linked to smoking and obesity, the nation’s two largest risk factors, according to the America’s Health Rankings report.


    You yourself said that you have some heal issues, ever think that if you was at a healthy weight that you would not be having them?

    If you enjoy gaining weight and it gives you “sexual” fullfillment then I would suggest asking yourself why does it give you that feeling…..And it is not the fact that the world “hates” fat people, it is just that if there is no medical reason all your doing is killing yourself……Just like people that smoke….smokers ( I am a smoker by the way) light up that cigarette knowing that it has dangerous things in it that will eventually kill them.

  12. Lisa

    Shannon, do you really think your partner enjoys “putting his hands all over you to help you”. Really? If he says he does, he’s not telling you the truth. He’d rather wrap his hands around your waist and pick you up to kiss you, not assist you in the ladies room!

    Also, in the time and energy you spent giving your opinion on this blog, you could have done 150 sit-ups and taken a brisk walk around the block.

    Again, selfish. The people who love you are going to lose you sooner than they should and you seem to not mind. It’s too bad you won’t do some work and long to live better.

  13. trudy

    OMG…i just don’t know where to start on this one….ummm she does exersices to keep herself mobile ..yeh right looks like it sat on the electric wheelchair..which will soon break under her weight! ohhh maybe she wants to do it for her kids…to embaress them to death?? or even better so they can change her soiled nappys when she cant get outta bed which by the looks of her wont be too long!!!
    and what only was it six trollies of food a month heres a word bullsh@t! thats probally meaning a week!
    OH and for men noticing her more maybe the fat is hiding her eyes or something belive me love it was ALL people noticing you more and really not for the right reasons!!!!

    arhhhh i do know what i am talking about i was in my high 300lbs,but have got off my fat one to do something about it!
    omg i am sorry about my rant there but hey i am having a really bad day and thinking of having something naughty but no way now!!!
    again sorry….

  14. WorkingToBeHealthy


  15. Monica

    Although I don’t agree with what these women are doing and to be honest it does disgust me to a degree, I also think we shouldn’t judge them.

    I’m over 300 lbs and gradually working my way down (I’ve lost over 30 lbs in 2 months), for me I don’t like being overweight, but if someone else does then that’s their business.

    If they are able to support themself without government assistance then it’s their problem. We are all given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so although many of us don’t agree with it, we do have to respect their right to choose for themselves how to life their life and what to put into their bodies. They aren’t breaking any laws.

  16. I am usually one of those live and let live people, but this sort of thing just completely boggles my mind. I do think that it is a sickness, whether that be caused by some sort of deep seated mental issue or something as simple as a cry for attention.

    Speaking as a woman tipping the scale at just over 300 pounds, I can honestly say I am not sure how anyone can enjoy life at a higher weight. I am miserable all the time because of joint aches and fatigue. The better I eat and the more weight I drop (down 6 pounds) the better I feel about myself.

    I am all for fetishes. Totally support any of the freaky things people want to do…. almost, but I draw the line when it comes to stuff like this. When it brings in serious health concerns, that is pushing the sexual urge TOO FAR. In the end, Shannon is correct. It is her body, her life, and she can do what she wants with it. At least she (claims) to have an actual paying job, but that doesn’t mean it is RIGHT or HEALTHY. Being healthy is NOT taking mountains of medication for problems. I suggest therapy to get to the bottom of some of these issues. Go out and take a freaking walk. Burn some calories and take control of your life. Insensitive? Probably, but I wish someone would have told me to get off my fat ass and do something about it years ago so I wasn’t in this shape now.

    I, for one, am totally unable to believe that anyone is truly happy being “SSBBW” no matter what they claim.

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