Do Not Pee On Me and Tell Me It’s Raining!

Yes, I’m the classiest… why do you ask?  Family… the papers to disown my receptacle can be picked up at the courthouse… I’ve taken the liberty of signing my name so you don’t have to forge it.  😛

Meanwhile… back at the sane barn.  We bought tickets to the Sugarland concert held this past Saturday MONTHS ago… months and months and months.  Then, this happened at a Sugarland concert in Indiana 1 week ago Saturday… 6 deaths and 50 injuries due to a stage collapse when a strong gust of 70-mile-per-hour wind toppled the makeshift state fair stage.  Warning:  If you go to the link and watch the video of the stage collapsing, it is pretty heartwrenching.   (Prayers, thoughts, and hugs go out to all of those who were effected in this tragedy…)  We weren’t sure if they were still going to hold the concert in Salt Lake City on Saturday due to the gravity of the situation, but after canceling the Iowa concert last Sunday, they soldiered on minus their elaborate set and instruments which were all lost in the rubble… nothing compared to the lives lost.

When a strong wind started blowing and the rain started pouring an hour before the start of the SLC concert, I’m sure people were on edge.  It seemed very reminiscent of the happenings just a week ago… and I was sure the concert would be canceled.  Certainly, all of those involved in this tour would be extra cautious of any crazy weather.  Then, as we were walking the 4 billion miles down to the Usana Amphitheatre venue because we were too cheap to pay 20 bucks to “premium” park, we saw this:

Squint real hard like… that there is a faint rainbow in the distance… amidst the blowing wind gusts kerfuffling Lindsay’s poor mohawk to kingdom come and back, a little bit of peace… and I knew that we would be watched over.  Ironically, for a good hour the raindrops came and went… the dark grey luminous cloud directly over the venue, with blue skies on either side of it… but by the time Sara Bareilles got into her set and Sugarland came out, the weather was just right.  Slight wind to cool us down, no rain, and when I looked up to check the status of that heavy grey cloud, it had moved onto the next section of sky away from the venue.  Miracle?  Maybe…  Either way, my heart still goes out to those unfortunate souls in Indiana.

Question of the Day:  Do you believe in a higher being that watches over you?  God or a guardian angel, etc.?

P.S.  While this post was meant to be more reverent for the lives lost, I will do a part 2 tomorrow with all of the whacky happenings, more about the concert, and the fact that there were more crazy people per square inch then I’ve ever seen in my life… gotta love the concert drunkards!

Sister Lindsay and I protecting her hair from the rain droplets.  Thou shalt NOT rain on thy mohawk in public!!



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8 responses to “Do Not Pee On Me and Tell Me It’s Raining!

  1. Avster

    God is most definitely in heaven watching everything that transpires.

  2. Jen

    Sounds like you had a good time. I was seriously considering going, but you know me, I had to get home to check my mail and make sure I had more bananas to put in my purse. Actually I was just tired of traveling and wanted to sleep in my own bed finally! Can’t wait to hear more about the concert tomorrow.

  3. Lindsay

    DANG RAIN! Mowhawks are never good in the rain!

  4. Ally

    I Believe…. Amen

  5. Louisa

    Believers here!

    Great posts by the way, Whitney. Sorry I haven’t been able to comment on every one as I used to.
    Know that I am still peeking in to read up on all the happenings.
    Love the pic of you and Lindsay. You girls are so pretty…rain or no rain.
    Love it that you are so close.

    Still hanging in here…but the drama is getting to me and the sleep deprivation is taking its toll.

    Keep on …keepin’ on…

    • I can only imagine the burden having to be a caretaker, deal with family drama, and mourn the eventual loss of your father has on you. I hope you still take a few minutes of your day to meditate or do something for you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Louisa!

  6. When things happen like that, it reaffirms to me that there is a higher power. Some people might say coincidence, but I think not. Glad you had a good time!

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