Stuck Up A Tree With No Way To Get Down? JUMP!

A few weeks back I was dozing away in my bed seeing as it was early morning and the only thing that is allowed to be up in the early morning are the people who make the McMuffins and the chipmunks riding the bicycles that make the water hot so I can have a hot shower every day.  Oh… those don’t exist?  I really need to get some learning in.  Anywho… I was dozing early one morning when I kept hearing this high pitched mewing sound outside of my open window.  I tried to ignore it, make it blend in with the mass of birds that tweet outside my window every morning starting at around 4:30ish when they hold their choir practice and hoe down social before the magpies show up with their out of tune squawkers to poop on the refreshments.  It’s a great shindig until the pies show up.  So, I tried burying my head underneath my pillow, but I kept hearing that constant mewing… like the little guest kitty was in distress or something.

My conscience got to me, so I got out of bed to check the situation out.  I heard the mews out on the front lawn somewheres, but could not find the mewing kitty anywhere.  So, I went back to bed.  More mews… and mews and mews and mews and so I got up a second time to investigate.  This time, I groggily looked up and about 20 feet up the huge tree in the front yard, I saw this:

Can you see it?  Let me zoom in further…

Caught up a tree with absolutely no way to get down.  She’s new at this tree climbing thing… first time she’s ever climbed a tree, thus the no thought as to an escape route.  I was annoyed… A.) because I don’t climb trees… and 2.) because I was standing out on the front lawn (car central) in my pajamas with my hair looking like it’d been put through a blender and reattached to my scalp strand by strand.  I was positive I was going to have to call the fire department and have them bring out one of their trucks with a ladder on it… I saw that on the news once… a kitty being rescued by a fire truck and everyone cheered and hugged each other and the cat wrote the fire department a thank you card with cat litter embellishments.  It was so touching!  In a last ditch effort, I put my arms up like I was going to twinkle my nose and will her down, and kept saying… come on… come on… JUMP!  You can do it… come on!  Just Jump!  Whitty’s got a special treat for you!  I’m sure I looked like the biggest fool on the planet to the passers-by, but I did not want to have to call in reinforcements… and I KNEW that bitty kitty could do it… she just had to try.  After about 10 minutes of me trying to coax the thing down with my upraised magical arms, the little thing finally got the nerve up and jumped… more like fell when it was trying to shimmy down the trunk… and I caught her… NOT!!!!  Of course I missed her, but I scooped her right up from off the ground, her heart beating 8 billion miles per minute, and I calmed her down until she was purring and happy again.

That bitty kitty taught me a thing or three that day… I’m attempting all sorts of things on this Mission:  Get A Life journey I’m on and sometimes they’re scary and sometimes I get stuck up a tree with no escape route… but there’s always someone there willing to help me down… and sometimes I just need to throw caution to the wind, turn off the swirling “what ifs” floating around my brain and just JUMP!!

Bitty kitty went to live in her new home on Tuesday morning.  She will be loved there and the 10-year-old girl will get to have a buddy for years to come.  I will miss her cute little mews and adventuresome ways, but she’s getting the better end of the deal not having to look at my blender hair every morning!  Bye, bitty kitty…

Question of the Day:  Would you consider yourself a person who just climbs up a tree with no escape route or are you more of the planning the escape route before you climb type? 

Bitty kitty and I after the death defying stunt rescue… excuse the blender hair…


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14 responses to “Stuck Up A Tree With No Way To Get Down? JUMP!

  1. Avster

    Whitney! You have that kitten *against* your *face*! 😮

    I’d say that sometimes I bring the ladder and sometimes I bring the parachute… but sometimes I forget to pull the cord. 😉

  2. karen

    that was a very cute bitty kitty. saw her one day at your house. glad she has a good home. she was so cuddly. no caps in this typing that takes two hands. thanks to your mom for food last night. let’s bruce off the hook.

    • Oh my goodness, Karen!!!! You and your poor wrist made me sad! I hope that thing heals up quick like. You have quilts to make and cookies to eat! Take care of yourself and if you need someone to sweep the floor or something, I could come up and add it to my exercise log!

  3. dessawade

    My kids tell me that I’ve become more daring as I’ve gotten older so I’d say in some instances that I just go for it not worrying about the escape route, trying to live life to it’s fullest. In business I take the safe route. Cute bitty kitty story.

  4. Jen

    I am a planner, so I would probably have an escape route planned. I am glad your kitty found a nice home but she sure was cute, and I was hoping you would just keep her. Also don’t worry about the blender hair. I have the same problem in the morning, except mine gets all fuzzy and frizzy too. I hate my hair texture!!!

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Would you consider yourself a person who just climbs up a tree with no escape route or are you more of the planning the escape route before you climb type?

    I was always adventurous growing up…
    When I had kids, that changed and I found myself becoming a planner. I would plan my escape route and one for anyone else now too…lol


    • Louisa

      Adorable “bitty-kitty” by the way.
      Glad you found her a good home with lots of lovin’s.
      Kind of hoped you would have kept her though…

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