Motivation Shmotivation… That Is the Question!

I’ve been asked by a few people to say a few words about motivation.  Okay… here it goes:  A few words about motivation.  Phew… glad that’s over with.

In all seriousness… what is motivation?  Whitney’s Redneck Dictionary defines it as the mind’s constant desire to eat cupcakes, when the brain is eating spinach.  That totes made sense in the cupcake portion of my brain.  Don’t spend all day thinking about that definition… it don’t make a cripe of sense!

All my life long, motivation has been the hardest thing to conquer.  Do not get me wrong, there is no flim flamming way that I’ve conquered this whole motivation bizness… but I think I have a handle on it enough to fake my way through it when the going gets tough… add motivation to that mix and the tough get going!  So, how after 2 years of weight loss do I have the motivation to keep going everyday, especially when it seems I still have such a long way to go?  There are a couple of things I have to constantly shove through my head space to make them stick.

1.  One day at a time.  Forever and ever and ever and ever!  You can handle ANYTHING for one day… and then you have to wake up the next day and start the same thought process all over again.  None of this sitting around daydreaming your future wayyyyy down the road and then getting all depressed because it’s so far away and you’ll never be able to make it and blah, blah, blah, blah.  STOP THE INSANITY, Richard Simmons’ Fanny Pack!  Live in the moment… work on you today.  And if today’s a bust… go to bed and wake up the next morning… then, work on you today.  There will always be another day… so don’t beat yourself the heck up!

2.  Perspective.  I have to admit that a lot of the reason I failed at my past weight loss attempts was because it was just so overwhelming to think that I had 350 pounds to lose to even hit an acceptable weight range.  350 was a higher number than I knew how to count to!  That’s going to frigging take 8 billion years!  I’m already bored just thinking about it!  And then I went ahead and quit before I even started.  LAME SAUCE!  If you’re focusing on one day at a time, celebrating all the small victories and successes along the way (put the food away… booze is the way we calorizers celebrate… JOKES), the time will FLY by and before you know it you’ve lost 228 pounds and only have 122 pounds of those 350 pounds left to lose.  (Insert your weight numbers accordingly).

3.  Realize you will make mistakes.  My definition of the word “mistake” is the only way a person knows he/she is human!  I’d much rather be a human than say… an alien or one of those fruit flies whose first and only mistake means they’re dead.  Because I’m human, I’ll make mistakes, I’ll learn from those mistakes, and then I’ll try to do it differently the next time.  Don’t beat yourself up for the small stuff.  You don’t undo 2 years of hard work with a few bad months here and there.

4.  Habit.  They say if you do something 7 times in a row, it automatically becomes habit.  Firstly, who is “they” and why do they say so much?  There are no actual credentials for these “they” people.  Schedule exercising into your day… just like you’d schedule a shower or a nose picking session… and then do something you enjoy.  I would never schedule my exercising in the mornings because I hate mornings and that would mean I’d get 2 hours of sleep per night instead of 4.  Setting myself up for failure right there!  So, I schedule it in the evening and because I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s now a habit and because it’s now a habit, the times I don’t exercise I find I miss it.  Annoying, right!?  You don’t need much motivation if it’s an already engrained habit!

I don’t look back on the last few years as this grueling process of dungeon living and war battles and dinosaurs suffocating my brain… I look back at it as a proud achievement.  I did that.  No one may be able to tell a difference in the way I look, but I feel alive and free and like I could fly (whoops… too many mushrooms for dinner tonight).

Question of the Day:  What’s your biggest hold up when it comes to keeping motivated?


I drive by this little tractor dude on one of my bike routes and I finally just had to stop and take a picture of him.  He reminded me of eeyore from the tractor world!  Yes, I’m now talking about tractors as living objects… get used to it!


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12 responses to “Motivation Shmotivation… That Is the Question!

  1. Mandy

    First, I need to out myself as a blog stalker/terrible cousin who religiously reads your blog but has yet to comment. Sorry to be a slacker! Second, I want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog & how motivating & inspiring I find you. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing your experiences & that tractor picture. Before seeing it, I would have doubted a tractor could look like Eeyore. Now? Totally spot on.

    • How awesome are you, Mandy! Thanks for the sweet comment and for having the patience to read through these shenanigans! I hear you are quite the runner and the cook from Angie!

  2. Lisa

    I must have eaten some of the same mushrooms because that is the CUTEST tractor I’ve ever seen 🙂

  3. Deanna

    You are such a motivation to me. I love reading your blog and seeing your great pictures. You have such a clever way of sharing so many thoughts and feelings I have.

  4. Jen

    Your motivation is inspiring to everyone. I am not even trying to lose weight, but your passion motivates me to accomplish more in my life and become a better person.

  5. As always Whit you’re an inspiration! Have you ever considered donating brain cells, because I could use some of yours to fill the empty spots in my head. By the way, that tractor is totally an Eeyore

  6. Louisa

    Love the pics and Yes, that little blue-gray tractor does kinda look like an Eeyore.

    Question of the Day: What’s your biggest hold up when it comes to keeping motivated?

    I think the thing that I struggle with daily is time.
    I can make all kinds of excuses and not make the time. Been there…done that.
    I find that I have to make the time and conquer that hurdle every day.
    I do think that it does become easier to see the things that I do in a day as exercise and I have to log them all. I think it does become easier as a good habit ( exercise ) replaces a bad one ( making the excuses ) but it all takes making the effort and make it a priority.

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