Weekend All-You-Can-Eat Smorgasbord!

Blugh… roll me on down the hill… it’s like I’m a blimp with all the hot air and no football game to hover over.  Maybe they’ll take my services at the Chuck-Up-A-Rama… hover over that for a few days and bring in bizness… that blimp up yonder sky ‘et the whole buffet… see how good our food is?  It would totes be a great advertising campaign… except then I’d have to sign up for the Witness Protection Program after witnessing all sorts of crimes against fashion… socks with sandals… BLASPHEMY!  White after Labor Day… oh no you just didn’t.  Then I’d have to change my name to something like Shmitney Shmade… you can see my dilemma.  Childhood flashbacks of my madre heading for the wooden spoon drawer with her teeth bared… You little Shmitney!   Note to all future parents out there… name your child Whitney or something that rhymes with cuss words… that way you have legitimate name calling rights when they are a brat.

What were we talking about?  Oh yes… my blimping services.  I LOVE weekends… LOVE ’em… but I also find I use them as license to join the Twinkie Fest… and it’s frustrating every Sunday night when I’m reflecting back on my craptastically not-in-control weekend of eating.  It’s not THAT bad… certainly not anywhere near the craptasticness that got me to 530 pounds… but I feel out of control when comparing it to my weekday eating regimen.  On the weekdays, every day is pretty much set in stone.  Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, work some more, exercise, make and eat dinner, watch TV, write my blog, sleep for 4 to 5 hours, and then get up the next day and do it all over again.  It’s easy to plan out my meals during the weekdays and when I do plan out my meals, I pretty much stick to the plan.  Then, the weekend comes… free for all… no plans set in stone… doing things willy nilly, and eating whenever and whatever I want.  Weekends also include approximately 75% more going out to eat time.  Par-TAY!!  I also have a hard time logging my food into my food diary because I can’t remember half the stuff I shoved down the ole gullet.  I told you I had brainitis disease!

I’ve been thinking tonight about how I’m going to solve that… get a better control on my weekend eating without being a killjoy and skipping the “get a life” portion of my journey.  No brilliant idears done popped into my head, so until one does, I’m going to wing it… write out my menu anyway for the weekends and then if plans change midjournaling, I’ll work the calorie angle.  Say, you are scheduled 800 calories for one meal on Saturday, pick that meal, and then adjust the remainder of my calories throughout the day around that number.  Sunday is only bad because we usually have family Sundee dinner, which I usually don’t have much control over since  I’m usually not the one preparing that because my family likes to enjoy the food they eat.  Sue me… I ain’t no chef!

I’ll put “professional blimp” on my resume until I figure a better way to conquer this weekend conundrum.  Until then… y’all come visit me at the Chuck-Up-A-Rama… I’ll be the bloated girl in the sky!

Question of the Day:  Do you find weekends are harder, eating wise, than the weekdays?  Any suggestions for how to get control over that? 



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15 responses to “Weekend All-You-Can-Eat Smorgasbord!

  1. Lisa

    Love your Blog! I’m in the same boat! It’s the “get a life” part that gets in the way for me! Maybe I should UP the exercise to balance out the free-for-all I somehow feel the weekends entitle me too!

    Keep writing and love those photos!

  2. Jen

    I think it is good to allow yourself to have a day to cheat a little and eat some extra calories, otherwise you would go crazy and lose all motivation to keep eating good on weekdays. Though I am not trying to lose weight, I also struggle with eating healthy on weekends. Forget fruit and vegetables! Yesterday I had a Cocoa Bean cupcake for lunch!

  3. cl2

    I “think” I’ve been absent for at least a few days–LONG week–and now I’m sick on top of everything else that has been going on.

    BUT I was going to say, “Don’t take weekends off.” You know me–I work most weekends. No Sunday dinner at my place. Doesn’t mean I eat well either. But this is one of the reasons I work most weekends is because it keeps me in a routine of some sort. This traveling back and forth from Colorado has thrown my time clock off worse than ever though–so much for “getting a life”–I get out of my routine and I lost track of time. Even doctor’s appts, oil change appts, (today I get to go have my new key programmed to work in my car–I love the new security devices on cars–NOT–only $150 to get a spare key. I lost one months ago).

    You’ve done SO well so far–so forgive yourself!!!

    • I can’t imagine how you keep everything straight with all the back and forth you have going on! I hope you can get into a groove where it gets easier because that would just be miserable losing track of so much time! Hang in, Colleen and take some time off!

  4. Avster

    I know where Whitney’s next home is! coughlighthousecough

    For me it depends on my schedule. This past weekend I worked on Saturday and thus ate like I usually do. Weekends generally constitute a bit more junk food eating.
    Sundays I usually don’t eat enough food, but that stems from in the past eating way too much food on Sunday.
    I found what helped me the most was telling myself “no seconds”. If you know you’ll want extra of something take a little extra now and no more after that. In most cases I’ve found that to help, but I still break that rule from time to time. Sometimes something just tastes a whole lot better than I thought it was going to taste and I just have to have more to see if it gets any better.

    • I can never fool you! I guess I should keep my lighthouse address unlisted so I don’t get any weird mailmen visitations!

      I hear you on the telling yourself no seconds but then having to try a little extra just to see if the food really did rock as much as the first time you tried it. I’m thinking Peeps are on that list of your must have seconds foods!

  5. dessawade

    Weekends are hard if you are out of your routine. I feel entitled to something different on weekends because I deserve it because I have worked hard all week, etc. So when that happens I’ll just try to do better the next time. That’s what lifes all about.

  6. I kind of dread Sundays – at least eating-wise. That’s the one day I usually take off from exercising, but it’s the one day that I usually make a really nice meal for my family too. It sucks, really. I’m usually OK on fast Sundays, but the other days are pretty much torture…. I sometimes wonder if I should fast every Sunday, just so I can eat dinner. I’m open for any ideas myself, I’m kind of in the same boat you are on this one 😦 Do you exercise on Sundays? Or do you take that day off from that too?

    I always wonder where you take all of these pictures! Some of them I recognize, some I don’t!

    • Taralee… it’s a conundrum ain’t it? I’d let yourself have a few extra calories on Sunday. Exercise calories can be positioned into one’s diet and weight loss not be effected. I’m a regular exercise calorie eater and it has not hindered my weight loss… bodies should be fueled!

      As for exercising on Sunday… it totally depends on the Sunday. If I have a bit of time in the evening, I’ll generally go for a walk or a bike ride, but if not, I just let it slide.

      That picture was taken in Bear Lake Saturday night! We had just been to see Juanito Bandito at the Pickleville. I LOVE me a lighthouse. Most of the rest of the pictures are just taken around the valley!

  7. Jenalee Berger

    I always eat more on weekends too. You would think I would have lost something after running 13 miles this weekend, but nope. I stepped on my scale this morning and I was up 2 pounds! I don’t know though, it’s just nice to have a little break from calorie counting though. I think it’s actually easier to be good during the week if you know you can give yourself a little more slack on weekends.

    • Well, that just proves that huge-mongous long exercising routines help your muscles retain water! No way you gained 2 pounds of fat… totes water! I agree with you about giving yourself a bit of slack on the weekends… this ain’t a prison!

  8. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you find weekends are harder, eating wise, than the weekdays? Any suggestions for how to get control over that?

    I do find that weekends are a bit harder just because we are all home or off work. There are projects & activities we are running to and we don’t eat regular sit-down meals like during the week.
    It’s a grab-it-up breakfast usually and a grab-it-up lunch and the only meal we all sit down at is supper. Even that gets interrupted most times or we are missing someone.
    Since being here at my parent’s house for the past 6wks ( Dad’s illness & passing ), we have had every meal a sit-down meal.
    I want to make sure we continue to do that at home.
    We tend to get too disconnected the other way. We need to take the time to stop, pray together, and enjoy eachother and our meal.
    The projects and the activities will still be there when we are done.
    I don’t worry about getting enough exercise on the weekends…we all get more than enough usually.

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